Chapter 1373 - Untitled

Chapter 1373 Untitled

“Report it well.”Mr. Smith’s instructions left Mei Lin feeling uncomfortable. She didn’t think she was being biased. The Japanese were undoubtedly more important in this competition.

She would follow his instructions only because she wanted to see what exactly was better about Supreme Alliance.

Mei Lin took the small-scale equipment in her hand and pointed it at Supreme Alliance. The picture was clear and defined, a quality that usually only reporters could bring in.

The competition had officially begun as the two teams had chosen their heroes. Qin Mo was a jungle assassin and Bo Jiu was a free roaming assault.

“Judging from Supreme Alliance’s lineup, it’s going to be difficult. Their formation seems rather weak.” The shoutcaster did an analysis on the heroes that were chosen. “A tank might have been a wiser choice.”

“Indeed, in a competition against the Japanese, they should have gone for a sturdier character. If we reference the previous competitions, that is the only way to resist Japanese.”

“Spade Z has started to roam!”

The audience were well aware of Bo Jiu’s motto, which was that the enemy’s jungle was her home.

“She’s going to steal their beasts right from the start?”

“She won’t be able to do it!”

Indeed, from the big screens, the audience watched as the Japanese’s middle lane and Hoshino trapped her. It seemed as though they were prepared for her steal. Hoshino didn’t show any mercy, smashing straight at her.

From the screen, Spade Z’s HP fell by a little. She slowed and was about to be held captive. At this moment, she lifted her long rifle and jumped out of the siege, leaping towards the side of the river. It was a close call indeed.

The fans heaved a sigh of relief while some viewers saw the shortcomings. “This game is too reckless. It seems like the first kill could easily be taken.”

“I’ve said this before, Z used to be a casual player and hasn’t undergone conventional training, which makes it impossible for her to play professional matches for such a long time where tacit understanding between the team members is essential. Just wait and see, her shortcomings will be magnified in this battle. The Japanese won’t allow her to steal any of their beasts and Hoshino will never allow her to act imprudently in his jungle.”

“That’s a little harsh, she hasn’t made any big mistakes after all.”

“She hasn’t made any mistakes yet but if you look at her current finances, you’d realize it’s the lowest in the entire match. Everyone that has watched her compete would know her finances have always been the highest in every game, which allows her to gain an edge in terms of the impact of her attacks. It has been more than a minute since the start and under normal circumstances, her finances should have grown. If it hasn’t, it just means she is being suppressed by Hoshino.”

The more experienced audience weren’t the only ones who caught on. Even the director had specifically directed the camera towards Bo Jiu’s face, which was clean and handsome, with silver hair shielding her eyes. From this angle, they could only see her jaw.

“It seems like Spade Z is rather passive,” the shoutcaster commented. “In the past, she has always been the one carrying the tempo but today, she is completely suppressed by Hoshino.”

“We can’t really see her expression from here but she must be feeling anxious.”

“Indeed, if she doesn’t catch up soon, it will be impossible to continue fighting when the game progresses.”

“On the other hand, the Japanese are as stable as ever.”

“They aren’t just stable. Look at Hoshino’s orb walk, it’s insanely fast!”

“If I were Spade Z, I would be building my finances since it’s way too difficult to take anything from Hoshino’s hands. It’s just a waste of time.”

They were four minutes into the game and even the ordinary audience seemed to have caught on. The first kill that had been anticipated hadn’t appeared. Instead, Spade Z kept getting suppressed.

Mei Lin stood outside with her equipment, commenting occasionally. She chuckled softly. “The newcomer king from Supreme Alliance doesn’t seem to understand the situation. She is good and is worthy of her fame in China but using her old playing styles in front of Hoshino isn’t going to work. Although the first kill has not appeared on the field yet, it is clear from the current situation that Supreme Alliance isn’t doing well. The Japanese are slowly gaining traction. When they realize what happens, it will be too late because the tempo will be controlled by the Japanese.”

The atmosphere turned heavy as Spade Z continued to be suppressed.

It was odd. Zhao Sanpang couldn’t seem to sit still when he saw the difficulty and effort in Little Spade. Once again, Bo Jiu lifted her long rifle and bolted into the jungles. She was as fast as ever – just like the wind.

“Why is she still heading over?”

Some people in the audience shook their heads. Xiao Jing was the only one who remained silent, with a tight frown on his face. The Japanese had been monitoring the maps and made their judgement based on Spade Z’s movements.

This time, the middle lane sorcerer was hiding behind the bushes, waiting to ambush Spade Z. The fans watched with bated breath while some of them couldn’t even watch the screens anymore.

One by one, the Japanese glided over. It seemed like a massive encirclement!

“I’m afraid Supreme Alliance is about to lose the first kill.”

There was a hint of regret in the shoutcaster’s voice. The first kill was especially important in a team battle. This was also the reason Spade Z, the FC King was so famous – but now, the FC King was about to become the first death!

Mei Lin shook her head. “I’ve said it since the start, the disparity between both teams is just too drastic.”

The international audience couldn’t explain their emotions. From the movie promo video, the youngster seemed like Z reincarnated. As expected, one couldn’t believe the things they saw in the movies. It was definitely edited to give off such an effect.

They turned an ordinary person into a master hacker. It didn’t seem like a difficult effect. It wasn’t disappointment but rather a sense of regret since they weren’t esports fans but just wanted to see the extent of the youngster’s talent.

However, a hacker may not necessarily game professionally. But they would be more sensitive to any bugs in the game and would be faster and more agile than others.

With that logic in mind, it would definitely be an interesting match.

The international audience started to lose interest and was about to close the livestream when the figure on the screens suddenly stopped moving and turned, jumping backwards.

She didn’t just go straight! Instead, she retreated back into her own jungle?

The three Japanese members waiting in ambush stilled.

At this moment, a string of words appeared on the screen: The Tyrant King was killed by Supreme Alliance.

The entire team’s finances doubled. Tyrant King?!

The audience glanced up with wide eyes. When did they fight the Tyrant King? Why didn’t anyone notice anything?

It wasn’t their negligence. Spade Z had simply been doing way too much. Not only had been the cameras focusing on her, even the Japanese had somehow been sucked in and directed all their attention towards her.

Unlike You Sixin, when Hoshino sensed something amiss, he had immediately scanned the map and was prepared to rush over to the Tyrant King but it had been too late. Qin Mo had already killed the Tyrant King and with a leap back, he took a few other smaller beasts.

The audience was at a loss while the director immediately moved the screen towards Qin Mo.

“Wait a minute, look at their finances!”

“There isn’t much change, she’s still the lowest in the entire game.”

“Not Big Spade, I’m referring to Almighty Qin!”

“F*ck, that much?!”

“That isn’t all, there is definitely something else up their sleeves!”

The more experienced fans of Supreme Alliance narrowed their eyes, searching for anything they had missed out.

Hoshino commented in the public chat, “You have been manipulating me for the start so that Qin Mo can grow. Indeed, I can never lower my guard against you.”

Spade Z had been manipulating Hoshino? How was that possible?! Fans of the Japanese couldn’t believe their eyes. Even Mei Lin was watching with widened eyes.

When the cameras came close, they could see a smile on the youngster’s face. She maneuvered her mouse with her right hand while moving the screens with her left hand. “I’m flattered.”

When the audience glanced back to the screens, they realized she was still fighting beasts. Her HP was not a drop less. How did she manage to type the words?!

From her reply and the series of actions before, it meant that she hadn’t gone into their jungle to snatch their beasts. Instead, she was manipulating the Japanese members in the middle lane and jungle so that Qin Mo could continue to grow in peace?! But this didn’t seem worth it. Supreme Alliance might have taken the Tyrant King but her finances…

“Finances doubled?! F*ck, that’s it!”

Once the finances had doubled, Spade Z’s finances would no longer be the lowest in the game. That wasn’t even all! Where did all her money come from?! It was increasing rapidly!

“There’s actually such a tactic.” The shoutcaster was in disbelief. “She didn’t grow at the start, catching up in the later stage?”

Another shoutcaster added, “Strictly speaking, they haven’t reached the later stage, it is still considered the early stage of the game since it has only been five minutes since the start. We probably misunderstood and assumed their strengths were too drastic. It won’t be long before we find out the victor. The biggest difference between Supreme Alliance’s play and other regular play is that they don’t link the middle lane and jungle players. Instead, the roaming assault and jungle assassin are cooperating at a long distance. They don’t seem to have any support but were leading the enemies along. For instance, Spade Z could have taken the bushes but instead, she covered her tracks. As the FC King, this is definitely something she understands. I believe we had the same viewpoint and were wondering why she made such movements since the Japanese would’ve been able to see through it easily. After Qin Mo had killed the Tyrant King, I finally understood the reason behind her actions. It was to attract the Japanese. It’s definitely a stunning move!”

Mei Lin didn’t agree with him. After all, how could the both of them support each other from different parts of the map?

“It’s probably a coincidence.” Mei Lin held up her microphone and smiled at the camera lens. “It seems like Supreme Alliance is in luck since they are after all in their homeland but I believe the same trick won’t work twice.”

That was true. Even the shoutcasters had noticed the issue. “It is worth mentioning that the moment Spade was about to pause, Hoshino and You Sixin were already heading towards the Tyrant King. This means that the ruse did not confuse the Japanese completely. There was definitely a luck element in play for Qin Mo to have killed the Tyrant King. I’m afraid the Japanese are about to retaliate.”

The next moment, the audience watched as the two heading towards the Tyrant King went straight towards Supreme Alliance’s jungle. They easily took their blue beasts.

Coco saw the map and immediately headed over. However, the moment he took a step, another figure appeared. You Sixin had called for reinforcements and Coco was trapped. He was far from everyone else.

“Supreme Alliance’s middle lane is in danger!”

It was blatantly obvious.

The heart palpating music boomed through the speakers. K.O! The first kill!

Landing straight onto You Sixin!

Coco fell onto the ground and was back to the base of the tower. Hoshino’s last strike was timely. He caused a retardation in Coco’s movements. Hence, even though he reached the base of the tower, he was still killed by You Sixin’s sword.

“First kill! First kill!” The audience cheered!

“That was amazing!”

“F*ck, that orb walk! How did he manage to strike at the base of the tower?”

“My Almighty Hoshino has awakened – he is no longer asleep!”

“That’s outstanding cooperation! No one would have been able to avoid that!”

“It’s going to be hard for Supreme Alliance.”

They had taken the Tyrant King but ended up losing a life. It didn’t seem like a profitable exchange. Bo Jiu deleted the ‘stop’ she was about to send and instead, went down to the bottom lane to collect troops.

Coco wanted to blame himself but Qin Mo was a step ahead. “You probably don’t need me to console you.”

Coco stiffened.

“Help me guard the middle lane.” Qin Mo glided over with his long sword. “Remember, the competition has just begun.”

Coco didn’t speak.

The shoutcasters made a professional analysis. “The Japanese found Supreme Alliance’s loophole.”

“You mean the middle lane, Coco?”

“That’s right, Coco is considered a good sorcerer and aid domestically but he has a fatal weakness: He isn’t a good team control. If that’s the case, the Japanese will strike this loophole since the middle lane is the most important route on the map…”