Chapter 1375 - Untitled

Chapter 1375 Untitled

Mei Lin couldn’t seem to process the situation but the shoutcasters saw it clearly.“It seems like the highlight of the game is the cooperation between Qin Mo and Spade Z and not the cooperation between You Sixin and Hoshino.”

“You mean their cooperation is equally matched?”

“No, there is a difference. Take a look at the bottom lane and you’ll understand.”

With that mention, everyone glanced down to the bottom lane. When did Hoshino go over?! It wasn’t just Hoshino, You Sixin was there as well! They predicted that their jungle was emptied? Otherwise, they should be clearing soldiers at this moment.

They moved at lighting speed, heading towards the bottom lane! There wasn’t a hint of hesitation when the attack struck Lin Feng while he was clearing troops.

Yun Hu noticed it at the first instant and was prepared to give support but in the next second, You Sixin unleashed his signature move.

Lin Feng fell onto the ground without a chance to retaliate. His right hand held the keyboard and his left hand was lowered, trying to avoid the attack. Lin Feng succeeded and Yun Hu came forward to cushion the impact.

They originally assumed he would leave after entering the defense tower but the Japanese troops came charging over along with the far-range attacker. Without any hesitation, Hoshino leaped into the defense tower with his long crescent moon sword. With a blinding light, Lin Feng was struck with a massive injury. With another strike, he took his life and left the attacking range of the defense tower.

The silver rays shined bright. The sharp and agile attack was completely unlike Hoshino since it was a stark contrast to his persona. But fans who are familiar with him were not surprised by his movements. They knew the outcome even before the background music had come on.

His fans cheered loudly. “Almighty Hoshino, you are finally awake!”

There was actually a story behind the sentence. Hoshino loved to sleep and was always soft and gentle like jade and had been caught sleeping by fans before three competitions. However, he had changed the moment he had entered the arena. Of course, if his opponent was an ordinary team, Almighty Hoshino’s playing style would be similar to his temperament, gentle and soft – but if the opponent was formidable enough, he would undergo a change in style. He was just like a knight that was awakened from his slumber, his brilliance shining through.

It was just like the game character with the nickname Continuous strokes, Queen of the Moon!

The audience cheered and the score immediately jumped. It was two to one for the Japanese because Lin Feng’s character fell to the ground. The Japanese were once again in the led! More importantly, that wasn’t the end!

The audience watched as Supreme Alliance’s bottom lane was on the verge of destruction. Yun Hu couldn’t fight off the three of them!

“They can only retreat,” the shoutcaster spoke his mind.

Yun Hu retreated. If he stayed any longer, he might end up being taken as well.

When the defense towers came crashing, the two shoutcasters glanced at each other. “I thought the Japanese would persist in the middle lane but it seems like our predictions weren’t accurate.”

“Yes, they attack whichever route they spot a loophole. As expected, we can’t read the Japanese using the usual way of thinking.”

“It’s going to be hard for Supreme Alliance now that the bottom lane is about to collapse. It’s going to be hard for their troops.”

That was true. The Japanese troops and long-distance attackers were stationed on the bottom lane. It would drastically reduce the time taken to attack the defense towers!

“Through this competition, I’m starting to believe that victory isn’t dependent on just skills. The command and constant communication are also essential. There isn’t much issue in Qin Mo’s techniques but his commanding isn’t the best.”

“Moreover, it seems like there are cracks in Supreme Alliance’s mental state. The sorcerer in the middle lane doesn’t dare to advance, which means he is aware of the impending danger once he leaves the defense tower. Coco’s skills are superior domestically and such cautious playing style is reflective of his current mental state. The fear of being killed again is affecting his game, forcing him into a prudent approach. This isn’t good and increases the risk of being ambushed.”

The next moment, over at the Japanese’s side, the sorcerer and tank walked over. The severely injured moved through the bushes but could only be seen through the Japanese’s perspective.

This meant Coco probably hadn’t realized there were two of them. One of them was a tank with a confusion skill, meaning Coco could be in danger the moment he left the defense tower. But Coco seemed oblivious to his presence and seized the opportunity to attack the sorcerer ahead!


“He’s tricked!”

“I can understand Coco. He saw their mistake and wanted to take the chance to even out the score but it was a deliberate mistake. Besides, it wasn’t likely for the Japanese to make such a lowly judgement error. It was just a ruse to trick Coco.”

At that moment, the seemingly anxious sorcerer stabilized and struck Coco with an ice spell. The tank leaped out from the bushes and struck Coco with his confusion spell!

Just then, a figure appeared from the bushes the moment he appeared from the bushes. Dressed in a snowy white robe, he wielded a longsword, leaving traces of silvery light wherever it struck. With a stroke of the long sword, the sword formation rose.

Both the Japanese’s tank and sorcerer were slowed down in the sword formation. They tried to defend but were unable to avoid the attack because it happened too quickly. It was so fast they could barely react!

But that wasn’t the end of the Japanese. When they realized there was an intruder, the sorcerer dodged swiftly to avoid Qin Mo’s attack. He hadn’t been Qin Mo’s target though. With a twist of his arm and three swipes, the silvery light rays smashed onto the tank.

The attack was completely unexpected. But that wasn’t all because with Coco’s cooperation, they managed to take away another of the Japanese’s life!

2:2! The scores were once again in a tie as the background music boomed through the speakers. The Japanese’s top lane defense tower was destroyed. It was broken down by Spade Z, the unpredictable assassin!

Mei Lin watched the match. Should she say the ignorant were fearless? It seemed like an acceptable explanation. After the Japanese took a life, the Supreme Alliance returned with another. Even the tower was the same.

But that also meant that the Japanese were always a step away.

Mei Lin shook her head, her words moderately sincere. “They are always walking behind the Japanese, at the back and calling out their rhythm. Hopefully, Supreme Alliance will wake up soon. This game is proving to be rather unexpected but according to the progression, it will be hard for Supreme Alliance to return this one. Those that know the game should know, even though the number of lives is the same, Supreme Alliance is weak in their troops and their far-range attacker has already lost a life. The attackers from the Japanese are still on top of the game and are faster than Supreme Alliance in terms of destroying towers and clearing troops.”

That was true. Mei Lin’s analysis of this point was similar to the shoutcaster’s next point. But since Spade Z was at the top, Hoshino, who was lying in ambush at the bottom lane, would have to head back to his own jungle.

Based on his understanding of Z, if she didn’t clear troops after destroying their defense tower, she must definitely be clearing their jungle.

He knew how well Z embodied the phrase, ‘Your jungle, my home’.

There were some viewers who weren’t sure why Hoshino didn’t clear the troops and was instead heading to the jungles but when the map for the jungle was enlarged, the reason for his actions became clear.

Spade Z was clearing the second wave of beasts in the Japanese’s jungles.

The director pulled the screen over towards Hoshino’s perspective. Hoshino moved at lighting speed with a dagger in hand. It was so bright it seemed to overflow with moonlight.

He could make it! He wouldn’t just make it; he could also trap Spade Z in his jungle! Judging from the time that elapsed, Spade Z’s HP should be halved! However, in the next second, the crowd was silenced because even though the red beasts were still in the jungles, the figure wasn’t around.

Hoshino held onto the dagger and moved cautiously, the sharp blade cutting the bushes beside the red beasts. This was their first individual encounter since the start of the match.

Everyone watched with bated breath and tried to predict the outcome for the duel! It seemed as though time had slowed even though it was just two seconds.

Suddenly, Hoshino shifted. His blade didn’t brush the bushes beside the beasts. Instead, he went towards the lake.

“You actually managed to find me.” Bo Jiu broke into a smile, leaping to the left. “It seems like going against someone that knows me well isn’t that easy.”

Hoshino chuckled, his indulgent smile a stark contrast to the sharp dagger he held. “I didn’t notice you initially but because it’s you, I had to put more thought into it.”

The audience had never seen such a face off. They managed to chat so leisurely in such a crucial and tense moment? Besides, weren’t they enemies? Why did it seem so warm and harmonious? That seemed a little contradictory.

In the next second, he lifted his dagger, which reflected off the light, as he charged at the figure ahead filled with murderous intent…