Chapter 1376 - Untitled

Chapter 1376 Untitled

The audience held their breaths as the dagger was about to strike Bo Jiu on the big screens. Right at this moment, however, Bo Jiu lifted her long rifle and returned back to her original position. She moved so quickly the audience was stunned. For the first time ever, Hoshino’s attack missed!

That wasn’t the end though because after Bo Jiu had avoided the attack, she had no intention of leaving. She swept her long rifle and leaped over with an explosive impact.

Hoshino gripped the mouse and hid to the left, returning with a strike. Both his orb walk and his speed were stunning!

They moved incredibly quickly. All that was left for the audience were the silvery sparks that came from the strikes between both weapons! When they turned to glance at both players, they were faced with the handsomeness of their different styles.

When the camera zoomed in, Hoshino’s fingers flew across the keyboard so quickly they could barely see anything. The shoutcasters were stunned. After three seconds of silence, they remembered their task but still, it was difficult to comment because the moment an attack was flung over, another came landing. They needed the slow-motion playback to analyze.

It was less than twenty seconds. Their movements and technique made it much harder to comment than an ordinary battle! Moreover, a lot of the techniques and orb walk were too technical for most of the audience.

There was way too much happening. After watching the combat, they wanted to exclaim how cool it was and how innovative the techniques were.

The high skilled players were muttering to themselves as they watched, “They have been predicting and analyzing the entire time and it is of such high level. They are scary.”

Accurate positionings meant that they could accurately predict where their opponent was going to strike. That wasn’t all though. The audience had been anticipating a Spade Z with only half her HP left but unexpectedly, she had used a HP absorbing device and used the impact she caused on the beasts to replenish her HP. That meant that even though she didn’t strike Hoshino, she would have attacked the beasts.

“You are still as smart as always,” Hoshino commented gently. It didn’t look as though they were in the middle of a battle.

The female fans could form a story with their conversation and every single one was about love. They were simply stunning. Even the camera couldn’t bear to leave.

It was destined to be a short fight though as twenty-five seconds seemed to be the limit of the Almighty’s patience. Qin Mo’s eyes deepened and he glided over.

As Hoshino saw the figure heading over from the map, he kept his dagger and retreated, hiding in the bushes.

A spark flashed past Xiao Jing’s eyes. “It’s about to start.”

“What?” Zhao Sanpang was still in a daze.

Only those who could understand the true mechanics behind Hoshino and Bo Jiu’s attacks would be in a daze. The ordinary players could only understand the speed. Professional players such as Zhao Sanpang saw a lot more and even though it was just twenty seconds, his eyes were so tense he needed eye drops. How did they do it? Having one extraordinary player was enough. Why were they so many of them? More importantly, they were both better looking than him!

Zhao Sanpang caressed himself. Beside him, Xiao Jing spoke, “The true attack from the Japanese…”