Chapter 1377 - Untitled

Chapter 1377 Untitled

Xiao Jing’s words seemed to materialize the next moment because the screens exploded. It wasn’t clear whose big move it was as the silver sparks erupted into the air.The Japanese’s tank spun and went straight towards Bo Jiu, who, in turn, lifted her long rifle and avoided his confusion attack.

The sorcerer followed behind, casting a freezing spell. However, it was clear he wasn’t as fast as Bo Jiu. The moment he lifted his arm, Bo Jiu had positioned her long rifle and sent him flying.

Right at this moment, Hoshino flew over. He swiped his dagger and struck her to the ground. Along with the sorcerer’s attack, Bo Jiu was left with half her HP. Bo Jiu didn’t panic. She held onto the mouse and dodged to the left, leaving some space.

Yun Hu advanced as a flesh-clad warrior. He carried a stun technique that encircled two members from the Japanese team. Lin Feng followed behind, striking Hoshino.

But right at this moment, Hoshino moved in the opposite direction. He didn’t chase Bo Jiu. Instead, he turned and trapped Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was a far-range attacker and was most vulnerable to a close combat attack with an assassin. Before he could curse, Hoshino struck him! Lin Feng moved his fingers, escaping narrowly. But even then, he was severely injured.

Without the far-range attacker, it was impossible for the team to win. This was common knowledge.

“Seems like Supreme Alliance is about to be in trouble.”

Zhao Sanpang watched with a heavy expression. If Lin Feng didn’t retreat, he would be killed but if he returned, it would be over for Yun Hu.

Even though Coco was around, he had the lowest finances in the entire game, which meant his attacks wouldn’t be enough. Lin Feng was stuck in a dilemma when he heard a voice from beside him. “Go.”

Without hesitation, Lin Feng retreated back to the defense tower. With that, the Japanese unleashed their full force onto Yun Hu. He was about to be killed but a figure fully clad in white appeared and cast an electric formation, causing the Japanese to slow down. Yun Hu was saved.

It wasn’t that easy though – at least, that was what everyone thought. As expected, You Sixin appeared the next second. He waved his mouse and went straight for the severely injured Yun Hu. The background music boomed through the speakers and when the crowd managed to process the situation, Yun Hu was already lying in the bushes.

But that wasn’t the end of You Sixin. He didn’t stop there and bolted towards Lin Feng without hesitation.

At this moment, Qin Mo used a second skill movement, accurately blocking You Sixin’s attack. Was it a prediction or coincidence? The audience couldn’t tell. But they did understand something else.

You Sixin broke into a smile as though he had expected the move. He didn’t continue chasing Lin Feng and instead, struck the Beast King. Fighting the Beast King now? It was impossible.

The next second, his intentions were clear. You Sixin seemed to have eyes behind his head and knew Bo Jiu was aiming at him. He made use of the beast king, provoking him to lead him out to cause an earthquake-like attack.

The attack was spread amongst the three of them: You Sixin, Bo Jiu, and Qin Mo. The damage wasn’t high but it successfully broke Bo Jiu and Qin Mo’s cooperation! It was a profitable exchange.

The beast king howled amidst the silvery light rays. It was a threatening sight.

Mei Lin had a look of pleasant surprise. “As expected of You Sixin, Supreme Alliance probably hadn’t been prepared for such an opponent, using statistics to play the game.”

That was right, You Sixin was someone with accurate analysis and gifted at predictions. His long black hair spilled forward, framing the devilish smile. It was a sign that the audience read clearly. This was the true beginning of their attack.

Hoshino was right behind him. He slipped over in a timely fashion before he raised his dagger and struck Bo Jiu.

Just at this moment, Coco followed behind. His control skills focused on the target but Hoshino dodged effortlessly and avoided Coco’s attack – but not the strike from Qin Mo.

When he came over, the electric formation splashed down. His speed reduced instantly and next was three swipes of the sword!

You Sixin turned and retreated while Hoshino stilled. He expected the attack but hadn’t avoided it. Fortunately, the damage wasn’t enough. Hoshino used the troops to reposition, disappearing from Qin Mo’s attack range. He didn’t stop moving the mouse, his attacks smashing onto the beasts to replenish his HP. With a half-smile, he commented, “That was a little terrifying. Is he that fierce?”

“Yes, we are extremely fierce.” Bo Jiu lifted her long rifle.

At that moment, everyone assumed she would strike Hoshino. However, she changed gears and directed her attack at You Sixin. The Japanese sorcerer had been lying in ambush, his attempts in vain when she changed direction.

You Sixin had practically full HP and hence, the attack wouldn’t be fatal but Bo Jiu wouldn’t just leave it at that.

You Sixin predicted it and once again, he struck the beast king, successfully stunning Coco, who had been following behind.

Coco was paralyzed. As he played a character with little HP, he was immediately left with only half of them. When he was finally able to move, You Sixin struck the beast king once more, successfully triggering him.

Coco hid to the right but the next second, he knew it was a wrong move because Hoshino came over. He had used his skill and could only be sucked in.

The next moment, You Sixin struck with his signature move. Qin Mo leaped over and cast an electric spell but Coco had too little HP and couldn’t survive the attack.

The team battle seemed to have gone on for a while but in reality, this part of the fight had only been a few seconds.

The heart palpating music boomed once more.


The score jumped to 2:4. The Japanese were in an obvious lead!

Bo Jiu paused and stopped heading forward. The audience watched her and could understand. It was obvious Supreme Alliance had lost their advantage in this battle. Another team battle would be a death’s wish since the Japanese’s sorcerer and tank were about to arrive.