Chapter 1378 - Untitled

Chapter 1378 Untitled

It was the first real team battle since the start of the match. Supreme Alliance lost?The high-level players watched with bright eyes while some people touched their chins and commented, “That tactic looks familiar.”

“It’s one of Qin Mo’s best moves.” The shoutcaster pulled the microphone over, an unconcealable awe in his voice!

The other shoutcaster did an analysis. “This technique was used repeatedly amongst the three, striking the beast king to regenerate HP. The damage formed by the beast king was used to calculate the dizzying effect caused by the beast king’s roars. It was successful in a counter kill during the 1v3. I always thought Almighty Qin was the only one with the ability to execute that technique. Of course, there had been others who used the skill to turn the tables during competitions but those were mostly 1v1 situations. The rookie from Supreme Alliance, Xue Yaoyao can do this. It is a very advanced prediction. But if this is used in team battles, it is not just a matter of prediction as it requires very precise calculations. There were many who wanted to replicate Qin Mo’s tricks and use them in team battles. Unfortunately, when you compete in a real game, you will understand that isn’t that simple. At that time, if the calculations aren’t done properly, the beast king’s attacks might all end up striking the perpetrator. One can only imagine how miserable that end was. Till today, there hasn’t been anyone else that has mastered the trick in team battles of large-scale competitions.”

“Yes, even Qin Mo himself hadn’t been able to execute it after his hand injury. I never expected to see it again from You Sixin.” The shoutcaster was seemingly in a daze.

“In other words, You Sixin is using this method to tell Qin Mo that he can replicate 100% of his tricks.”

“If that’s the case, things aren’t looking good for Supreme Alliance.” The shoutcaster was speaking lightly since Qin Mo’s moves had constantly been broken by the Japanese. How was Supreme Alliance going to continue? This was a detrimental sign to Supreme Alliance!

The audience wasn’t dumb although everything played out to quickly for them to catch the exact operations and the intentions behind them. But after the explanation by the shoutcasters, they understood. The anxiety in their eyes revealed all their emotions.

It wasn’t just them, even Feng Yi, who was standing in the rest area, couldn’t help clenching his left hand over his phone. Xue Yaoyao was starting to look pale. She had specifically trained that skill and knew the ability required to reproduce it.

Zhao Sanpang was no longer commenting and instead showed a heavy expression on his face.

Mei Lin was oblivious to the new progressions, maintaining the same smile as before. “It seems that although most of China’s teams have watched Japanese’s games, they still don’t know You Sixin. You Sixin is invincible and extremely gifted in terms of prediction and calculation. In fact, it is nothing for him to have reproduced one of Qin Mo’s tricks. If he wants to, he can replicate the tricks of everyone on the field. This is the terror of You Sixin. Now that the game has progressed into the latter half Supreme Alliance will start to understand…”