Chapter 1379 - Untitled

Chapter 1379 Untitled

Mei Lin wasn’t wrong because the danger was palpable. It was so thick the audience could sense it.The camera zoomed in on Qin Mo. On the screen, Qin Mo’s character paused in the jungles. Such a pause had never occurred in any of Qin Mo’s previous games. Thus, the audience was starting to worry.

One of the shoutcasters sighed. “The amnesia has its impacts but facing a player like You Sixin, it doesn’t matter whether or not he lost his memory – the odds aren’t in their favor.”

” Supreme Alliance’s jungle has been wiped out. The speed is similar to Spade Z’s style.”

“The Japanese have risen.”

” Supreme Alliance’s subsequent actions will be crucial.”

“Honestly, this is the first time I have analyzed such a competition. Both teams are constantly behaving unexpectedly. As a shoutcaster and a member of the audience, I can’t wait for the surprises they will bring. But right now, it’s obvious Supreme Alliance is in grave danger.”

“Indeed, it isn’t just because of Qin Mo’s suppression but also because Coco has died three times. One more and he will be disqualified from the match.”

“Coco doesn’t look too good right now.”

That was true. Coco was clearly in a bind and seemed more troubled than at the start.

The Japanese were determined to destroy the tower, with the five of them heading straight for the middle lane. Another of Supreme Alliance’s towers collapsed.

That wasn’t all though as the beast king was killed as well. The Japanese’s finances doubled. Hoshino held his dagger and passed through the wall. His finances were the highest in the entire game.

It was undoubtedly a tough fight for Supreme Alliance.

“Seems like the competition is about to end.” Mei Lin shook her head. “In the early stages, I thought Supreme Alliance would have a different style compared to the other teams. After all, there aren’t many teams that can rake up points from the Japanese. In hindsight, it seems that I was being idealistic. Now that Hoshino has fully awakened, Supreme Alliance will no longer be able to turn the tables. However, through this competition, we can also see that Supreme Alliance has two exceptional players. For example, Supreme Alliance’s double players are very good, much better than the players in the team battle.”

Right at this moment, another one of Supreme Alliance’s defense towers fell. This time, it was the one on the bottom lane. Those that played Hero would know what that meant. Sometimes, once the situation pulled apart, it would only be a matter of time before it collapsed entirely, unable to defend any of the lanes.

At this moment, even leaving the defense tower was dangerous because just a minor slip up would lead to extermination. But if they just stayed under the tower, they would lose all opportunities, including that of a comeback.

Even though it was difficult to admit, Supreme Alliance was forced into a corner. This sight had appeared last year as well but Xiangnan hadn’t been as fortunate as Supreme Alliance because they had met the Japanese the moment they had entered the Asian Cup. They had collapsed completely but that had been in the later stage of the competition.

If Supreme Alliance couldn’t even hold on until the later stage, were they even qualified for the Asian Cup?

Right at this moment, a piak could be heard.