Chapter 138 - This Guy Is Flirting Again!

Chapter 138: This Guy Is Flirting Again!

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This guy really needed to be watched closely.

Otherwise, “he” would flirt at anytime, anywhere!

Qin Mo’s eyes cooled down, and the bottom of his eyes were cloudy and gloomy. Nobody could see through those thick clouds to know what he was hiding.

But the cold temperament surrounding him became more obvious.

Fu Jiu didn’t know that she was being watched by this god. She bit on the spoon with her snow white teeth and typed with her empty hands, “Baby Feng, what are you doing? Why aren’t you replying?”

Seeing that, even Feng Shang’s facial expression changed, and he immediately sent the screenshot to Spade Z. “Look, Almighty even called me Baby Feng. Idol, do you think…do you think Almighty might have a secret crush on me?!”

Qin Mo furrowed his eyebrows. The mouse in his right hand was almost crushed by his forceful grip!

But there was no trace of anger on his face. Rather, those eyes were immensely cold as the corner of his mouth curled up, but the expression was not warm at all.

People in the industry knew that when Qin Mo acted like this, something major was about to happen.

In the military compound, there were plenty of second-generation governors who had great and clean backgrounds. But nobody was like Qin Mo.

Ever since he was little, he was methodical and frighteningly vicious.

Qin Mo didn’t answer. Instead, he reached out to pick up the glass of water next to him. He crossed his long legs, and took a sip like he was enjoying a good show. His jawline created a beautiful arc, making him look like a son of a warlord back in the era of Republic of China—completely arrogant and regal.

Fu Jiu waited for a while. Feng Shang was obviously online, but he wasn’t replying, so she texted some more, “Baby Feng, it’s me, Fu Jiu. I’m using Almighty’s account.”

Feng Shang was currently thinking about how only his idol could turn him gay. Even if Almighty Qin proposed to him, he could directly blacklist him, but he didn’t expect to see this when he clicked open the message.

At this time, Feng Shang was in shock. “Who, who’s using your account then?

“Of course Almighty is using mine. I need to make things clear with you; Almighty reported and blacklisted you, not me!” Fu Jiu thought that she could finally set this god up for a change, so she typed away especially happily, “He was using my account from the very beginning!”

After Feng Shang had seen this, he looked at what he had sent Spade Z again, and he only wanted to cry; he wasn’t stuttering anymore. “Idol, why did you give your account to Almighty? I’m screwed.”

“Screwed?” Fu Jiu didn’t understand. “Why are you screwed?”

Feng Shang thought it would take too long to explain, so he simply sent her the screenshots of their conversations.

Before, Fu Jiu was still heartily eating her congee; after all, she was using this god’s account now. He was a bona fide rich player in the game, and that dazzling number with nine zeros behind wasn’t lying! Later, once Feng Shang joined her for a game to receive a big FC (First Clear) mission, she planned to increase the prize a little while adding some new blood, so she could make good use of this god’s account and all the virtual game coins in it!

However, all those fantastic plans turned into ashes in a split second when she opened that message and saw all the screenshots!

Fu Jiu almost looked towards that god at the very next second after she had seen the message. She saw that that god was already smiling at her with those deep, pool-like eyes. They were so frosty that they numbed her scalp…