Chapter 1380 - Untitled

1380 Untitled

A man from the audience bolted upright. His physique and aura were so striking it instantly attracted the attention of many. “Almighty Xiao…”“Is he also here to watch the competition?”

“It’s impossible for Xiangnan to miss out on such a competition.”

“True, but from the look of it, is he leaving? Does he think Supreme Alliance is going to leave?”

“Honestly, it’s impossible for a comeback. It’s such a pity.”

There were more and more of such remarks but Xiao Jing remained oblivious, with his attention focused solely on Qin Mo. When he removed his earpiece to take a drink, he suddenly shouted, “Qin Mo, is Supreme Alliance going to compete in the Asian Cup in such a manner?”

This was the first time the public had heard Xiao Jing say something like that since he had always been a man of little words in both competitions and interviews. After he was done, even Watanabe from the Japanese team had turned to glance at him.

The shoutcasters and committee were also looking at him. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t interfere as long as it didn’t affect the competition. However, it was rather unexpected.

The director knew it was a selling point and immediately zoomed in on Qin Mo’s face. The audience only had one thought: The Almighty actually had the heart to drink water?

They were in the midst of an intense competition. Even the way he drank water was so mesmerizing as his long and slender fingers were so flawless they seemed to shine! The director turned the camera over to capture his response. Unexpectedly, Qin Mo arched his brow. He placed down his bottle and positioned his right hand back onto the mouse. With an indifferent expression, he replied, “Mmh.”

Mmh? Mmh?! What did that mean?

Zhao Sanpang wanted to howl just as the beast king had roared! In the past, he had always known how despicable Qin Mo is but he was the same even after losing his memory… Wait a minute! This guy, perhaps… perhaps…

Zhao Sanpang’s eyes shot open and he immediately sat up, his fingers caressing his chin. He asked in a low and deep tone, “Captain, Qin Mo seems to be suppressing himself, don’t you think so?”

Xiao Jing glanced over. He went straight to the point and took the words out of his mouth. “Qin Mo’s memory is back.”

“His memory is definitely back! That nonchalant ‘mmh’ was exactly how it was when he competed with us!” Zhao Sanpang bit down on his teeth.

Beauty Luo cupped her face with both hands, looking like a mesmerized fan girl with only Bo Jiu in her eyes. “My Almighty is the one suppressing herself.”

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t understand how superficial girls could be. Why didn’t they look at the build? Was there anyone as sturdy and well-built as me? Heh! They had such poor tastes!

None of the audience knew Qin Mo as well as the three of them.

To the audience, the outcome was obvious. Supreme Alliance was just making a pointless struggle. It was only a matter of time before they lost.

Mei Lin studied the atmosphere over at the audience. “We can see that the audience has started to feel bored. Of course, the Supreme Alliance fans are worried about them. It’s a pity but just as I have said at the start of the competition, Supreme Alliance can take the match as a learning experience.”