Chapter 1381 - Untitled

Chapter 1381 Untitled

The audience seemed to be losing confidence. All of them were looking restless. Some people in the audience who liked to play games were disappointed. “I can only say that Supreme Alliance isn’t very lucky. They are always missing that little bit. Previously, Almighty Qin wasn’t around but now that Almighty Qin is back, he isn’t able to fully unleash his potential. Honestly, You Sixin isn’t an easy opponent, so it is understandable if Supreme Alliance doesn’t win.”“That’s right, it’s unavoidable. Moreover, they have Hoshino, the god-level jungle assassin.

“Now that Hoshino has risen and the finances have been pulled apart, it will be easier to kill Coco.”

“Indeed, they could kill him easily. He won’t be able to leave the defense tower now. But they wouldn’t be losing empty handed. Even if they don’t win the match, they would still be the first runner up of the Asian Cup.”

“Mmh, it’s a relatively decent result.”

They seemed to have already predicted the result and that result was definitely not in Supreme Alliance’s favor.

But at this moment, suddenly, a crisp child-like sound asked out from somewhere. “Why do you all think Supreme Alliance will lose?”

At the start, there were some that searched for the source. Although they couldn’t see him, they could hear the child-like quality in the voice. When they saw the child wearing a hat seated in front of them, they halted. What was with this situation! A little kid was also here to watch the competition?

She was undoubtedly a little kid as she seemed to be around ten years old. Her features hadn’t fully developed and her round eyes were extremely bright and big. There weren’t many emotions on her face and they couldn’t really tell her gender. The most surprising thing was the little kid beside her who looked exactly the same!

F*ck, were they twins?

“Mo Bei, I’m begging you, if Mom and Dad find out I brought you to such a place, they won’t give me pocket money anymore. You should know how important pocket money is to someone of my age, I’ll need it to find a wife next time!”

The two little kids were hilarious, thinking about their wives at such a young age. However, the elder brother couldn’t seem to control her.

“Haven’t any of you noticed?” The kid wearing the hat glanced up. She was still young but had a maturity that didn’t belong to her age group. “Almighty Z disappeared from the Japanese’s view for far too long. Do you know what that means for a trump card assassin?”

Her words managed to pique their interest. One of them found her interesting and teased. “What does it mean?”

“Beast King.” The child smiled, looking handsome. “Almighty Z has never wasted time in the jungle.”

They chuckled. “How can she fight the beast king now? The Japanese’s finances are too high. If she goes by herself, she would definitely be killed, it’s too dangerous…”

He couldn’t finish his sentence before the familiar music blast through the speakers along with a beast roar. “The Beast King is killed by Spade Z.”


The audience was startled. The next second, they broke into an enthusiastic cheer!

Even Mei Lin had been caught off guard. She paused mid broadcast and glanced up at the big screens behind her. Spade Z killed it? Not the Japanese?

“How did it happen?”