Chapter 1382 - Untitled

Chapter 1382 Untitled

That was right, how did it happen?

The gamers who had been in discussion were stunned. They weren’t sure if they should look at the big screen or the kid who made the godly predictions. Basically, their emotions were a mess!

Those familiar with the game Hero would know that the team which killed the Beast King would be awarded with the support of the flying dragon. That would bring massive benefits to both destroying towers and opening team battles. The battle they thought had ended suddenly made a decisive turn!

It was a slap to the face for Mei Lin, who had just said Supreme Alliance wouldn’t be able to turn the tables.

The international viewers exclaimed along with the audience watching in the arena, flooding the comments section. “Cool!”

Their enthusiasm was difficult to resist.

“That was amazing, I never expected such a turn of events.”

“What do you know? This is what the Chinese call strategy. Pang pang da!” The comment was written in English, with the last exclamation ‘bang bang da’ in Chinese. It was misspelled, making the international students watch while laughing.

The international students were laughing without malice. “Bro, your Chinese isn’t bad but the correct romanization of the word is ‘bang bang da’ and there is also ‘me me da’.”

Supreme Alliance’s fans couldn’t embarrass themselves in such a moment.

Honestly, Mei Lin had underestimated Supreme Alliance’s abilities.

Some of the international students had been following the team because Supreme Alliance wasn’t the same as the other teams.

It might be simple to like a team but there wouldn’t be any team that would tell others it didn’t matter even when the sky was dark because eventually, it would light up. And there wouldn’t be any team that had walked to this point with the same trust and support for their members. They weren’t even afraid of being defamed and had gotten involved in an infringement case.

Through them, you would gain an understanding of the undeniable passion of youth!

The international students calmly translated some information on Supreme Alliance and sent it to the international viewers.

“Hey, brothers, take a look at these. This is the real Supreme Alliance.”

Yes, this was the real Supreme Alliance. Just as everyone was convinced they were about to lose, they burned through the ashes and gave it another shot! They never admitted defeat. Born as humans, any hard work was worth it.

Even though there were many people who claimed they would lose, they had to fight until the end.

Now whether it was abroad or domestically, there would always be some criticisms about Chinese people. Perhaps, the situations they spoke of might exist but that wasn’t all there was to Chinese people. If you didn’t believe this, take a look at Supreme Alliance.

The shoutcasters were also excited by the progression. “That explains Qin Mo’s actions from before.”

Qin Mo? Shouldn’t he be explaining Spade Z’s maneuvering?

Mei Lin frowned in confusion while the shoutcaster continued, “He has been hovering about in the bottom lane to attract the Japanese’s powers over. Hoshino must have sensed it a while ago and wanted to head over to the beast king’s lair but Qin Mo executed the electric formation, which ended up striking back. There wasn’t any mistake with his technique, he has been trying to buy time.”

Zhao Sanpang slapped the back of his head and muttered, “That was way too sinister. He pretended to be losing and has even taken a sip of water but in reality, he had already thought of a plan. Qin Mo is really…”

Just as everyone thought that was the end of it, suddenly, an unexpected music started playing!