Chapter 1383 - Untitled

Chapter 1383 Untitled

K.O!K.O?! Someone died? Supreme Alliance lost another member? Who was it?The audience’s first reaction was to turn towards Supreme Alliance’s position but they realized everyone had returned to the base of the defense tower and no one had died.

Wait a minute, the death wasn’t from Supreme Alliance but a member of the Japanese?! That was even more unbelievable! How was it possible?!

Mei Lin was so shocked she didn’t get her microphone. No one knew what had happened. The director hurriedly flashed a playback. That was when it became clearer.

The angle Qin Mo reflected back was right behind their assassin. Even if the sorcerer saw it, there was no time to react. After all, the sorcerer’s speed was inherently slower than that of the assassin. In addition, he had already used the flash before, and now, he couldn’t dodge Qin Mo’s big move.

Silvery sword sparks flew across the screens. After the kill, he moved with agility and landed at the base of the tower. The entire movement happened in an instant. Hence, even the audience at this angle didn’t manage to catch the movements because the majority of them had been focusing on Hoshino.

Even the members on the Japanese’s side were focused on the same area. It was as if the more you guarded against the opponent, the less predictable it was what the opponent would do.

You Sixin had realized it but was too far away. When he arrived, Qin Mo had already entered the defense tower.

The audience watched the entire killing process with their eyes opened wide. They had originally thought it had been an operational error. Later, however, when they heard that the Beast King was killed by Spade Z, they realized that Qin Mo did not make a mistake in his operation but was stalling for time. However, no one had told them that Qin Mo’s ultimate goal was to kill?!

If you have to describe it, he was like an assassin that came and went without a trace. They thought that he would be immediately caught in the crowd but instead, he took away the opponent’s life!

What kind of divine operation was this to have achieved this step?

But it was precisely because Qin Mo’s location was so coincidental. Some people couldn’t help but attribute a portion of the success to luck.

Mei Lin was one of them since she had been watching the competition. From her point of view, although the leader of Supreme Alliance was good, he paled drastically in comparison with Hoshino and You Sixin. How did he manage to take a life from the Japanese?!

Mei Lin was momentarily shocked before she picked up the microphone. “Everyone has seen the scene just now. I believe the Japanese will not give Supreme Alliance any more opportunities. After all, they must avoid such coincidences.”

Coincidence? Luck?

The international audience was confused but it was indeed too much of a coincidence. Let’s watch a little more.

However, whether it was Mei Lin or some people in the audiences who didn’t understand the situation, they all neglected a point. Qin Mo hadn’t just taken away a life.

The sorcerer from Supreme Alliance had died twice. He swept his long sword and killed the sorcerer from the Japanese twice as well.

The score jumped to 3:4. You Sixin paused and broke into a sudden chuckle. “Hoshino, seems like you have successfully made him jealous.”

“Mmh?” Hoshino was as gentle and soft as ever. “Indeed, but I neglected one point, a certain someone is harder to deal with after his jealousy has been ignited.”

They didn’t have to specify who that certain someone was.

The competition was almost an hour long but, on the scoreboard, there was only a difference of one life. Even Coco from the middle lane had somehow made improvements to his tactic. The Japanese had tried and failed to ambush him twice.

The next half of the competition, it seemed to have entered a tug of war of clearing troops and destroying towers.

Supreme Alliance had the flying dragons on their side, which could make up for the loss of their defense towers just now. It also interrupted the Japanese’s momentum as they were forced into clearing troops. After all, this was a tower destroying game and the final victory or defeat depended on destroying the city lake.

Of course, the situation would not go on like this. It would be too simple if killing a sorcerer could imprison the Japanese. When the Japanese killed someone again, it was on the bottom lane.

Lin Feng was still holding the sniper cannon and tumbling and hitting the tower, always guarding against someone stealing him from behind. But unexpectedly, they never intended to steal from him.

The tank came charging over while You Sixin struck with his signature move, not giving Yun Hu any chance to protect him.

As soon as Hoshino appeared, he used the crescent dagger with extremely sticky features. Once it hit the body, it was difficult to escape.


Very quickly, the scores on the scoreboard jumped again, changing from 3:4 to 3:5.

Moreover, You Sixin had no intentions of letting Yun Hu go. Leaping over the tower with the tank, the sorcerer threw a frozen skill over and Hoshino came in with an attack. Double-kill!


Supreme Alliance lost half the headcount as compared to the Japanese. They were lacking again. It seemed as though the death of the Beast King could only temporarily break the Japanese’s momentum. After all, whether it was Hoshino or You Sixin, they were both monster-level players.

Disrupt the rhythm of this momentum and they brought yet another wave out again. It was easily for one to mentally collapse in the face of such competitors.

More importantly, Yun Hu had actually died twice. On Supreme Alliance’s side, other than Bo Jiu and Qin Mo, every other member was left with only their last life. This was the greatest danger.

Lin Chentao couldn’t seem to sit still, his fingers pressing down tightly. Every member of Supreme Alliance had the same expression.

The camera also stayed on them for less than a second. When the shoutcaster saw this, he said suddenly, “In fact, this is not Supreme Alliance’s best team battle lineup. Everyone should understand this. Supreme Alliance now lacks a group commander. If Rao Rong were guarding the middle lane, perhaps the outcome would be different. Whether it is experience or prejudgment, he can play a key role when necessary. But if he hadn’t competed in the doubles, perhaps the Supreme Alliance would have already lost and there wouldn’t be a team battle. Hence, the lineup of Supreme Alliance can only be built in such a manner.”

“In this situation, it’s best to avoid team fights as much as possible.”

“It’s the only way.”

Supreme Alliance was once again in a deadlock. Mei Lin seemed to have expected this a long time ago, having an expression that seemed to say, “This is the same as I expected. As long as Japanese are a little more careful, it’s hopeless for the Supreme Alliance.”

As for the previous hiccup, it was just a small accident and could not affect the overall situation. It was about time Supreme Alliance understood this.

But the moment that thought landed, the audience burst into a resounding cheer! Mei Lin’s first reaction was to look at the score but it was still the same and the beast king was still there as well. What happened?

Mei Lin wasn’t the only one perplexed. The international viewers who had no way to obtain first-hand information had the same feeling. The difference, however, was that they liked to see that Chinese team continuously turning the once impossible into possible.

“Wait a minute, Qin Mo sent out an attacking signal. Is he really planning to fight at this time?”

“It doesn’t seem like a suitable time for a team battle.”

“I understand Almighty Qin. If they don’t consolidate their powers to stop the wave from the Japanese at this time, there is really no way they can turn the tables.”

“Am I the only one concerned that Almighty Qin and Big Spade have yet to appear on the bottom lane?”

“No, Almighty Hoshino is concerned about it as well. You saw the screens. He enlarged the tiny map seemingly trying to find Big Spade and Almighty Qin.”

“That was after they crossed the tower. I meant what Almighty Qin and Big Spade were doing before.”


No one had an answer because their attention had been focused on the bottom lane. The feeling of Deja vu seemed to be coming again! It was this kind of feeling where something major happened when no one was paying attention!

This situation was similar to a high-levelled magician performing his magic. The closer you got, the easier you would ignore some things. When you came back to your senses, the miracle had already happened.

Just like right now!

Who could tell them? There was only half the number of crystal towers left on the Japanese’s top lane! That lane was basically worn. That wasn’t all, the Japanese’s super armies were attacking the towers!

“Damn! Qin Mo and Little Spade are really cunning.” Zhao Sanpang started again, “Insidious, so insidious, they still know this is a game of destroying towers.”

Two members from Japanese had already returned to the city because they couldn’t even fail to keep the last defense tower. If that was the case, it would be really dangerous. Fortunately, they were there in time. That was the moment when Qin Mo sounded the attacking signal.

“There is no line of troops anymore, are they going to attack?”

“That’s not right, that doesn’t seem to be their intentions.”

Indeed, that wasn’t their intention because the spot he was in was hidden. He was in the bushes beside the Beast King. They were too far from the Japanese’s tower.

“Is he going for an ambush?” the shoutcaster guessed.

Similarly, You Sixin and Hoshino predicted it vaguely and didn’t pass by. Instead, they gathered their team, the four of them gliding over together. One of them had to stay under the tower to clear the soldiers, just to prevent Spade Z from stealing the tower at this time.

The four people came over from four directions but they did not rush up directly. Instead, they formed a circle, a faintly sense of tension from before a battle.

Qin Mo was hidden in the middle of the four members. From the map, it looked as though he was trapped. No matter how powerful his techniques were, it would be difficult to escape under such circumstances.

The fans watched with heavy hearts as the tank on the top lane got closer and closer. Their frustrations and anxiety intensified. They wanted Qin Mo to hurry and escape.

It was a pity their warnings wouldn’t reach his ears.

Mei Lin watched the scene and said, “The captain of Supreme Alliance is really reckless. Perhaps, in his previous games, such a trick was useful but he is facing the Japanese. With You Sixin’s command and Hoshino’s experience, they have already predicted his location. He probably didn’t think too deeply…”