Chapter 1384 - Three Kills!

Chapter 1384 Three Kills!

After speaking, she shook her head. At this time, however, no one really cared what she said because the player from the Japanese who had hit the tank had deliberately moved his mouse and his walking drift increased.“Here it comes!”

The audience watched with constricted hearts! At the screens, the Japanese’s tank started fighting directly, spinning his body as he leaped towards Qin Mo while the sorcerer from the Japanese unleashed a freeze spell. He wanted to control Qin Mo, rendering him helpless.

However, no one expected that while the tank spun around and headed towards him, Qin Mo would move. He lifted his sword but the attack did not hit the Japanese’s tank.

“It’s a pity.” After seeing this scene, the shoutcaster grew excited. “But Qin Mo’s maneuvering is really beautiful and he wasn’t trapped by the Japanese’s sorcerer. There is still a glimmer of hope.”

“It would be perfect if his attack had landed on the tank. In that case, the chance of escape would have been a little bit higher.”

From a professional point of view, the shoutcaster was right but there was one point he didn’t consider. Qin Mo had never intended to escape!

You Sixin seemed to have noticed it. Before he could press the retreat signal though, sword sparks flew across the screen.

The Beast King of the jungle was infuriated. All the tanks and sorcerers from the Japanese were blown into the air by his roar.

At this moment, the shoutcaster’s eyes shook. He could no longer say a word about his previous predictions. “Could it be that the target Qin Mo wanted to strike from the beginning was not Japanese’s tank but the Beast King?!”

The offense was only a matter of time. After hitting the Beast King, the Japanese weren’t the only ones who would be injured. Likewise, Qin Mo would also be injured.

Taking advantage of this opportunity as an assassin, of course, you had to jump in for a massacre. Right when Hoshino was about to attack, a long rifle lifted, which seemed to carry the sharp winds. It was Spade Z!

Hoshino dodged instinctively and managed to avoid the attack. Even though the rifle was lifted, it didn’t cause much damage. It was obvious he had lost the best chance to attack Qin Mo though. This attack wasn’t a 1v4 but rather a 2v4. Even so, the chances were slim, weren’t they?

It was clear Hoshino wasn’t an easy target. Although Bo Jiu could stop him, she couldn’t stop You Sixin at the same time. If You Sixin jumped in, it would be the end for Qin Mo because from the current situation, Qin Mo seemed to have been trapped in the corner.

Just when You Sixin wanted to move, a fan suddenly flew out of the bushes. This was Coco’s skill, a speed reducing attack! Why would Coco be here? When did he arrive? And wasn’t the skill too accurate?

“I always wanted to ask: Haven’t you guys been underestimating our Supreme Alliance?” Coco waved his mouse. The moment the skill was released, You Sixin’s movements were visibly delayed.

It took less than a second. When You Sixin returned to the battle grounds, the tanks from the Japanese suddenly realized Qin Mo had disappeared before his eyes!

He had used the first skill to move across the wall! In this way, all the damage from the Japanese smashed onto the master. With a full hatred value, the monster master raised his claws once again and patted it heavily while roaring.

Other than moving away, Qin Mo had lowered everyone’s HP.

When the archer on the top lane saw the situation, he wanted to come and support after he had cleared the soldiers. But right at this moment, Qin Mo, who was standing in the grass, drew close and didn’t head towards the Beast King!

Instead, he moved towards the Japanese’s long-range archer, who had rushed over to support. The long sword flicked but the Japanese archer was still in perfect position. Even the damage was very explosive, directly subtracting half of Qin Mo’s HP.

When he saw the electric formation, however, and wanted to flash away, it was too late. Before he could press his mouse, the sound of the sword boomed through the speakers. The flashing played three times. As he was severely injured, he didn’t stand a chance beneath the silvery sparks. Qin Mo took his last drop of HP with his long sword.


The Japanese’s tank quickly went to support. After all, from what he had predicted, Qin Mo shouldn’t have much HP left.

It was a pity his predictions were wrong. Before the Japanese’s tank could attack, Qin Mo disappeared before his eyes. He had retreated with a flash.

“Don’t think of using the same trick to win against us.” It was the sorcerer from the Japanese. He raised his arm and executed a freezing spell, tossing it at Qin Mo, who had retreated to the bushes.

The audience watched as Qin Mo was about to be touched.

Qin Mo moved the mouse with another hand and slithered to the side abruptly. The speed was so fast that after a moment, everyone exclaimed unbelievably that he managed to escape. It was amazing!

An old fan watching this scene asked the person next to him, “Don’t you think that Almighty Qin seems inexplicably familiar?”

“Almighty Qin is Almighty Qin, what is there to be familiar or unfamiliar?

“I mean, I haven’t seen him play in such a manner in a long time. Since he started to do team commanding, he has always been very stable. Of course, it is not that he is unstable today, but… Hey, let me think about how to describe this. Oh yes! Three years ago! This was how he played when he first debuted!” He had been fearless regardless of how the opponent had been and regardless of how many people he had been against. As long as the sword had still been in his hand, he had been able create unimaginable miracles.

As if agreeing to this thought, the audience could see it on the screens.

After Qin Mo was on one side, he swept towards the Japanese’s sorcerer like the wind. The Japanese’s tank couldn’t give support in time. Thus, the Japanese sorcerer bit down on his teeth and tossed a skill out, retreating.

Hoshino wanted to head over but was controlled by Bo Jiu.

Fortunately, Qin Mo no longer had his big move. That was the Japanese’s sorcerer’s only thought. The next second though, he realized he was wrong. He couldn’t retreat because Qin Mo’s had once again struck the Beast King across the wall.The instant he was sent flying, the Japanese sorcerer heard the sound of swords.

Qin Mo didn’t just attack the Beast King to send him flying. There was another reason: his big move. Qin Mo was trying to replenish his big move!

What!? No!

“He’s also replenishing HP!” The shoutcasters widened their eyes because they had never seen such a technique before.

The seemingly random three swords swept across and before the silver light behind him dissipated, Qin Mo had once again approached the sorcerer. Such accurate time calculation.

The Japanese’s sorcerer fell from midair and hadn’t had the chance to press his skill before the silver sword sparks smashed onto him. The explosive cry boomed through the speakers once more. Double kill!

He managed to execute a double kill in such a situation?

From the video of the interview, the international viewers could clearly see Mei Lin, the reporter based in China, in a frozen state with the microphone in her hand. Even the corners of her lips were frozen.

She could no longer say a word. Of course, she couldn’t speak since all her drafts were compliments on the Japanese. She hadn’t expected Qin Mo to show such an outstanding performance.

Moreover, it wasn’t as simple as a double kill. Adding on the previous deaths, the sorcerer had died three times, which meant the Japanese would be down by one member.

If the Japanese were a team that waited for their death, they would not be called the Japanese though. Thus, soon, You Sixin returned the favor. He moved his mouse and took Coco’s life. With that, the scores were once again pulled to a draw.

The Japanese sorcerer could not compete anymore. Likewise, Coco would not be able to compete. A 5v5 turned into a 4v4 – but it was undeniable that the Japanese were still in the lead in terms of the number of kills.

Mei Lin looked at the head count of 5:7 and broke into a laugh again. “It seems that Supreme Alliance has performed extraordinarily this time but we can also see from the score that Supreme Alliance is still lacking if they intend to win.”

The next instant, a sound effect came from behind. No one expected to hear that music but like a whirlwind, it set off the whole craze. Three kills! Three kills!

Some fans bolted up in excitement! How was it possible for someone to execute three kills in such a moment?!

But that had indeed happened. Even the director hadn’t expected it and hurriedly cut to a playback.

At the instance You Sixin went to get Coco, Qin Mo shifted and jumped back to the Beast King. After the sword sounded twice, he slid over to the tank with less than half his HP.

The tank’s reaction was quick. He wanted to use the rotation of his body to hold Qin Mo in place but he seemingly forgot the Beast King at the side. All the attacks unleashed smashed onto the Beast King.

Qin Mo made use of this time and swept his long sword. Several silver lights fell from behind him.

The man operating the tank for the Japanese seemed to be shaken; his right hand froze. This man was really… too fast. No, not just fast, his judgement and calculation were so accurate it made his heart tremble. According to logic, his damage should have landed on him. How did it end up at the King Beast?

He wasn’t the only one with this question. Even the shoutcaster was clueless. “This should be a bug in the game.”

“It should be. Previously there was a god-level analysis about bugs in the game but after the revision, these things rarely occur. Wait a minute!”


“That analysis post seemed to be written by Qin Mo himself!”


The shoutcasters were shocked!

Zhao Sanpang opened his mouth wide. After hesitating for a while, he looked at Xiao Jing, who was sitting beside him. “Captain, do you think Qin Mo would even use the small bugs that come with this game?”

Xiao Jing didn’t speak but reached out and pushed the glasses on his face as if he had already acquiesced.

“F*ck, this is too shameless!” Zhao Sanpang exclaimed with a sullen face. “Sure enough, there is no end to Qin Mo’s shamelessness!”

“No, it’s not over yet.” Xiao Jing, who was about to remain silent, suddenly spoke.

Zhao Sanpang was still confused. “It’s not over yet?” It was already like this and yet this wasn’t over?What else did Qin Mo want?

Just when Zhao Sanpang was thinking about it, another sound effect boomed through the speakers. Did he perhaps take another life?

Of course, it wasn’t possible. But other than taking lives, his sword had other uses. As familiar dubbing and stereo sound effects echoed throughout the arena, a line of gold words on a black background appeared. It appeared in the middle of the big screen.

“Beast King is killed by Qin Mo.”


This time it wasn’t just the fans even Zhao Sanpang had bolted upright. “F*ck, how did he do it?!”

Beauty Luo held her face sideways at this moment and smiled suddenly. “You shouldn’t be surprised; wasn’t it like this in the past?”

“At the very least, he was not so perverted that he even killed the Beast King!” This made Zhao Sanpang especially concerned.

Xiao Jing opened his mouth again and said in a very low voice, “This is no surprise. Back then, it was his first year playing this game. Now he has already been playing this game for three years. In other words, the attacks that You Sixin executed previously were just tricks that he did three years ago and Qin Mo probably wanted to tell everyone this.”

“So, he used this method to return the favor?” Zhao Sanpang stared for a while before he said, “This is indeed in line with his petty personality. F*ck, doesn’t it make him much stronger now?”

Xiao Jing lowered his head and looked at his hand. “It’s a pity.”

Beauty Luo glanced over. “There is always another chance to fight him again at his peak.”

Many people said that Qin Mo’s peak had been three years ago while there were others that claimed he was too old and no longer deserved the title of the most valuable player. But the reality wasn’t that. Now he had three years of time and accumulation, in addition to helpless failure again and again.

The famous sword that was hidden for three years; finally, when there came a day when it was bright again – it was bound to amaze beyond the past years.

Mei Lin was rendered emotionless. Half her face so red it seemed as though she had been beaten. The words she had said before really seemed like a slap to her face.

The shoutcasters were also confused. After killing three people, he actually managed to take down the Beast King? How incredible is he?

“That doesn’t seem possible for an ordinary person.”

“Of course, even a group may not be successful in their attempts to catch the Beast King. Moreover, it was with such a method.”

“Brother, we are still explaining.”

“Ah, yes! I mean that to be able to do this, we must first have accurate predictions. Of course, hand speed is also very important. But the most important thing is the calculation between the steps, ah! Who knows how Qin Mo did it!”


“Ah, I just made a mistake again. Let me explain this again. Qin Mo’s tactic made my eyes confused; I need to clear my mind.”

“Forget about clearing your mind, Hoshino seems to have gotten rid of Spade Z. His goal is… Qin Mo!”

After fighting the Beast King, even Qin Mo, who had HP-sucking equipment, did not have sufficient HP. Now that Hoshino came over, he was undoubtedly going to die…