Chapter 1385 - Untitled

Chapter 1385 Untitled

Moreover, You Sixin was behind Qin Mo. As Qin Mo had used up all his techniques, it would be impossible to escape.

But right at this moment, a flash of silver lights flashed past. It was the long rifle in Spade Z’s hand.

The weapons intersected and the fireworks fell. Since the operations were too late, she used her back to block Qin Mo. Anyway, she had a lot of HP. At this moment, the resurrected Lin Feng and Yun Hu rushed over.

Hoshino stilled, knowing that it was not suitable to go in for an attack. He raised his eyes to look at the opposite side. Then, together with You Sixin, they withdrew back to the tower.

The speed was so fast that Supreme Alliance had no way to form a siege. But if Supreme Alliance retreated, they would not be called Supreme Alliance.

While the tank and archer from the Japanese had not resurrected, like two air currents, Qin Mo and Bo Jiu swept toward the Japanese’s jungle side by side. Bo Jiu, in particular, leaped over in two strokes, picked the red buff, and then swept toward the line of pawns on the road. Surprisingly, she did not kill the little beasts on the edge of the bush.

“This really doesn’t look like Spade Z who values the jungles so heavily. What’s the situation?”

Although some couldn’t understand, the shoutcaster guessed, “Spade Z most probably reserved the little beasts for Qin Mo. First, it was for Almighty Qin to quickly recover his HP and secondly, it would be more convenient for Qin Mo to execute his big move. It never occurred to the two of them to return to the city to replenish their HP?”

His words made Mei Lin realize a point. Spade Z and Qin Mo from Supreme Alliance really hadn’t gone back to the city?

At this moment, she no longer dared to make any analysis.

That aside, the international viewers were adorable. At the start, they were filled with hope and now, they were more eager to watch the match through Supreme Alliance’s lenses.

That was when the audience noticed something! The reason Spade Z didn’t kill the little beasts was not that simple: She was clearing the road for the troops on the top lane!

You Sixin and Hoshino were aware before anyone else. They had rushed up to the top lane with the fastest speed but with the Beast King with them, Supreme Alliance had the support of the flying dragons, making destroying towers very easy.

Even though You Sixin was with Hoshino, the Japanese’s defense tower on the top lane was left with a third of its HP.

At the same time, the middle and bottom lane were both being attacked. The middle lane, in particular, seemed as though they drew the map.

Yun Hu and Lin Feng were there and behind them, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo gathered from two separate jungles, sending the flying dragons smashing into the last tower outside the city.

There was a fact worth paying attention to: The archer and tank from the Japanese had resurrected. You Sixin and Hoshino were there as well.

The flying dragon assisting Supreme Alliance was cleared. The speed was so fast that people had to admire the Japanese. Even at this point, they could still bring the situation back to a tie.

What!? No! It wasn’t just a tie! They had a huge advantage because Supreme Alliance had been focusing on the top lane and had forgotten what the bottom lane looked like.

It was also at this time that people discovered that two batches of super soldiers from the Japanese had already reached the bottom as the striking red lines were hard to ignore. When did this happen?!

The playback was flashed. That was when there was a clear view. Hoshino and You Sixin had led the troops together. Soon, the news appeared on the screens: Supreme Alliance’s defense tower was destroyed. A large number of super soldiers began to walk towards Supreme Alliance’s city center.

“Damn it!” Zhao Sanpang was so frightened he forgot they were wearing earphones and shouted directly, “Little Spade, what are you doing? If you don’t go back to the city soon, it will be gone!”

Those that played Hero understood that in terms of the rules, the number of deaths didn’t matter. The final victory or defeat was determined by the destruction of the city. This game was a test on the tacit understanding and combat strategy between teammates. Even the tiniest negligence could turn the tables.

Mei Lin found an explanation this time. “Supreme Alliance is too careless. Sometimes Hoshino and You Sixin will deliberately create illusions in order to let the enemy team lower their guard. It seems that the outcome is set.”

“Lin Feng has started to return to the city!” The sound came from the audience.

But the next second, his return to the city was interrupted because as soon as Hoshino swept over, the dagger was within inches from him. Lin Feng avoided his attack with a flexible maneuver.

At the same time, Yun Hu skimmed over, using his stun skills to trap Hoshino in place.

“This is probably the first time Supreme Alliance can kill Hoshino,” the shoutcaster said. “But they can’t do it because once they take action, it would be too late. Hoshino must have expected this point before rushing in. This can lead to two outcomes. If the group battle starts, he dies but Supreme Alliance will be delayed and their city will be destroyed. And if the group battle doesn’t start, his interruption will lead to a harassment effect. Either Spade Z or Qin Mo will have to return because their city can’t wait any longer. This way, their powers will be left behind.”

When he was done, a figure disappeared from the screens. It was Spade Z. She seemed to press the back to town button the moment Hoshino rushed in. At this moment, she had appeared in the center of Supreme Alliance’s city and the audience heaved a sigh of relief.

“That scared me to death.”

“A little later and the crystal city would have been destroyed.”


Some of them patted themselves with lingering fears.

Even so, Supreme Alliance was at a disadvantage because the moment Bo Jiu left, the scores jumped to 3:4.

In that instant, the tank from the Japanese spun and started a group battle. Hoshino, who was about to retreat, suddenly changed route and once again glided towards Lin Feng.

As a viewer, Zhao Sanpang’s expression changed. It wasn’t just Zhao Sanpang, even Xiao Jing, who was always expressionless, frowned at this moment.

The shoutcaster pointed out the pros and cons in one sentence. “This is bad, the Imperial League is likely to be annihilated this time.”

Before he could finish his sentence, You Sixin’s figure was like an enlightened sword, with his signature damage, even if Lin Feng’s position was accurate, it would still be difficult to avoid this catastrophe.

But just as Coco had said previously, they underestimated Supreme Alliance.

Seconds before Lin Feng’s death, he executed a last attack, hitting hard on the archer that was walking towards him.

This caused Qin Mo to lay down an electric formation when he was approaching, which not only delayed everyone’s movements but also took away a person’s head. It was a one for one exchange.

Lin Feng’s positioning just now was really beautiful. He directly trapped the Japanese archer, who only realized he had underestimated his enemy after he died. But that didn’t stop the Japanese’s attack.

Another point to note was that the Japanese’s archer had another chance to resurrect but Lin Feng was disqualified. Everyone was aware of that.

But in contrast, the team annihilation was much more frightening because everyone knew that compared to the Japanese’s archer, You Sixin and Hoshino were much harder to deal with.

It wasn’t easy to catch Qin Mo. Hence, they directed all the damage onto Yun Hu’s body.

Yun Hu did not escape because he knew very well that at this time, the more he tried to escape, the more likely he was going to end up with nothing. Since he couldn’t escape, he would bring someone else down with him.

With that in mind, he jumped with a big move and unexpectedly, the tank facing him was hurt. Next, he leaned forward and hooked You Sixin and Hoshino to his side, the innate stun skill effect around him.

In that instant, Qin Mo used a skill to move and returned to the center of the battlefield, aiming his long sword at the tank with less than one-third of its HP.


Two sounds boomed at the same time. Both Yun Hu and the Japanese’s tank would no longer be able to compete.

This meant in this battleground, there were only five of them left. On the Japanese’s side were You Sixin, Hoshino, and the archer, who was about to be resurrected and on Supreme Alliance’s side were Bo Jiu and Qin Mo.

More importantly, after Qin Mo had killed the Japanese’s tank, his HP was cut half by Hoshino’s dagger. In addition, You Sixin’s skills were marked, meaning Qin Mo wouldn’t be able to avoid his big move when he entered the bushes.

“I’m afraid Qin Mo is not going to make it.”

After all, Spade Z was too far away and the soldiers had just been cleared. At this time, he wouldn’t be able to make it even if he crossed the wall.

Qin Mo, who had less than one-third of his HP, had to face two opponents: You Sixin and Hoshino.

For a moment, Xue Yaoyao didn’t dare to look. Her fingers trembled as she closed her eyes. Just when everyone thought the game was about to end, Qin Mo suddenly disappeared!

Teleportation! It was as though the ashes had burst into flames. The crowd straightened, watching in agitation! Even the shoutcasters couldn’t help complimenting, “Beautiful!”

You Sixin wouldn’t allow Qin Mo escape though. Thus, he turned around and approached quickly. However, Qin Mo wasn’t prepared to fight with him. His long and willowy figure glided towards the bottom lane.

Hoshino seemed to have predicted this. Before Qin Mo took a step, he waited there and was about to hit him with the dagger.

Just then, another figure suddenly appeared with a raised rifle, sending him flying. It was Spade Z!

The audience had never heard such a fierce and intense typing sound. Both their hand speeds were comparable.

The dagger meets the rifle, igniting countless silver sparks. Right at this moment, the Japanese’s archer resurrected and unleashed a far-range missile. The missile had a stunning effect.

The victim wouldn’t just lose HP, they would also be confused for a few seconds. Even Bo Jiu couldn’t avoid the attack. You Sixin took the opportunity to use his big move, rendering Spade Z severely injured!

Two severely injured were against two with half of their HP and an archer. Supreme Alliance might really be annihilated since Spade Z wasn’t like Qin Mo and couldn’t teleport about.

At this point, it seemed like the outcome was set. However, unexpectedly, right at this moment, Bo Jiu started to cut through the map…