Chapter 1386 - Untitled

Chapter 1386 Untitled

Her hands moved at a speed that could confuse one’s eyes. No one could accurately see what she was doing.They assumed she was going to escape but that didn’t reflect on the screens. It was probably too late to leave even if Qin Mo turned sideways and slowed down Hoshino with a sword formation.

As You Sixin’s had replenished his big move, his long sword struck Bo Jiu with a signature move. When she fell down, the fans were momentarily silenced. Even Xue Yaoyao’s face was wiped off any emotion.

The situation couldn’t be clearer. It was a 3v2 and if even Bo Jiu had died, the severely injured Qin Mo wouldn’t be able to hold on. Supreme Alliance was really going to lose.

Even the shoutcasters felt regret and were just about to reach for their microphone to do the final conclusion when Mei Lin spoke bluntly, “There is no need to fight anymore, even Qin Mo wouldn’t be able to escape…”

At this moment, everyone had the same thoughts. However, the next second, the fans who had collapsed their shoulders suddenly seemed to have been shook alive, their backs straightening and a shock running through the eyes that focused on the screens. The originally collapsed figure was suddenly standing back up!

“Revival armor!”

“Almighty Z has been trying to use the revival armor!”

“Ah! As expected of my Big Spade, she’s so handsome!”

Mei Lin was stunned since Bo Jiu would have to cut through the equipment in order to use the revival armor. When did Spade Z use the revival armor?

Mei Lin wasn’t very familiar with Supreme Alliance. Even though Spade Z had been playing border support ever since the start of the competition, had she really thought that was all to her? FC King of Zone C wasn’t an empty title.

Qin Mo seemed to have expected her to be resurrected because instead of fleeing, he moved behind You Sixin.

“Wait a minute, Qin Mo is already severely injured. What else is he going to do?”

What else was he going to do? Start a fight, of course!

His actions caught everyone off guard. You Sixin stilled for a moment before turning back. But right when he turned, Qin Mo teleported. Once he had disappeared from You Sixin, he stood in the grass with his long body holding a long sword, his sleeves swaying violently by the sword wind.

When the audience saw the scene, they couldn’t keep it in anymore because of how familiar it was. It was so familiar that even if they saw the move at this moment, their eyes would tremble with agitation.

Even Hoshino realized something and was about to strike the person in the grass – but Qin Mo moved agile, waving his long sword. The sword formation was cast and the three silver blades fell. His whole body was showered in silver brilliance falling noisily.


You Sixin collapsed and even Hoshino was severely injured. Three Thousand Knife Cutting, a counterattack with meagre HP. It was Qin Mo’s skill.

Hoshino didn’t give him a chance to escape. The dagger pulled closer, going for the last drop of HP. At this moment, Spade Z’s long spear was lifted and this time it was no longer to help Qin Mo block the damage but to execute a big move.

The audience could clearly see the youngster sitting in front of the computer, waving the mouse with her right hand, and traversing with a long rifle. When the archer coming from the opponent wanted to stun her, she quickly retreated.

Just when everyone thought it was over, the youngster jumped over the wall and approached Hoshino again from the other direction. Before the silver brilliance dissipated from the screen, the rifle in her hand had hit Hoshino’s body, leaving a white dragon mark on the ground. It was so handsome!

Hoshino paused before he smiled lightly. He seemed to have expected the outcome. “I still underestimated you, Z. But I can’t go down by myself.” As he said that, he turned around and accurately fixed Qin Mo next to him with a dagger.

If he had been alone, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to drag Qin Mo with him. But from afar, the Japanese’s archer shot a stun missile. It exploded.


The two sound effects went off at the same time. Qin Mo arched his brow while on the other side, Hoshino smiled as he removed his earpiece.

Qin Mo didn’t remove his earpiece though. His face was as handsome as usual, his long and slender fingers tapping the microphone. He spoke to the only other surviving member of Supreme Alliance, “Avenge your boyfriend.”

Everyone: … They hadn’t expected Almighty Qin to have such a reaction after his death!

Zhao Sanpang pulled the corners of his mouth. “Damn it, he can flaunt his affections even in such a moment! I am defeated by that shameless person! This is an international broadcast. Does he want the whole world to know he is together with Little Spade?”

Hoshino paused slightly, seemingly caught off guard by his words.

The audience went crazy, as they held onto their faces, basking in the pink loving atmosphere. “Big Spade! Hurry! Avenge your boyfriend!”

The shoutcasters coughed lightly. Right now, they were stumped for words!

But the competition probably hadn’t ended because both Hoshino and You Sixin could still revive in twenty minutes time and there probably wouldn’t be anything in that time.

The excitement of this team battle attracted unanimous attention both domestically and abroad because no one had ever been able to fight back with such meagre HP just as Supreme Alliance had done!

This was enough to prove the strength of Supreme Alliance. However, how was this enough? As Spade Z, who had always been known for her speed, how could she not take this opportunity to execute a complete fight back?

The shoutcasters originally thought the game would end but just then, they saw Spade Z hit the blue beats, replenishing her HP to one-third. She then crossed the wall and hid in the grass. She was clearly telling everyone, “I’m going to avenge my boyfriend, mmh, an ambush and kill.”

The archer from the Japanese sensed that she was going to kill him. Without a moment of hesitation nor daring to stop, he ran away with a skill, avoiding the impending attack.

But what was weird was that no one came close. Was she perhaps waiting for an opportunity? Or was she waiting for a big move? There were all sorts of conjectures, forming drama in their heads.

Unexpectedly, the next time Spade Z appeared, she wasn’t beside the Japanese’s archer.

Instead, she was on the top lane! There were two lines of soldiers on the top lane. With the shift of perspective, the audience realized that just before the fight, the last Japanese’s defense tower had already been gone. Now, Spade Z was leading the two lines of soldiers towards their city center!

The Japanese’s archer was confused as he hurriedly pressed the button to return to the city. If there were subtitles for his inner emotions, they would definitely be like this, “Weren’t you going to avenge your boyfriend? It turns out that your momentary hiding was just used to confuse others. Trap, it’s all a trap!”