Chapter 1387 - Untitled

Chapter 1387 Untitled

If the previous match had been a test of technique and judgement, it was now a test of time. The manager of the Japanese Club, who had always been calm, couldn’t help but bolt upright – needless to say, all the fans who were watching this game.“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Everyone was chanting internally.

The Japanese’s archer’s return to the city sign was still churning. He wished he could immediately return to the crystal city!

“He finally reached! „Seeing the archer arrive in time, the shoutcaster started to feel excited as well.

But right at this moment, Spade Z had also arrived in the city center with a line of troops. It was obviously going to be difficult to destroy the city again as it would definitely be difficult for her to forcibly attack the city with less than half her HP.

After all, she was not a tank nor an archer, so she couldn’t handle such heavy damages nor could she carry out long-range attacks.

Moreover, You Sixin would resurrect in twelve seconds. Hence, it was best for Spade Z to retreat now and wait until Qin Mo resurrected before taking action. That was how everyone else thought but this did not include Bo Jiu!

Just when the Japanese had been prepared for her retreat, the audience saw that she took advantage of the line of soldiers to enter, picking up a long rifle. All the damage was smashing onto the archer. In that short instant, the archer’s HP fell by half.

“How can she have such a strong lethality!?”

It was a question everyone was wondering. According to logic, Spade Z had replaced the offensive equipment with the revival armor, which would reduce her attack power.

“Wait a minute, her equipment seems to be different from before!”

It was really different! But the main point was that no one knew when she switched equipment. The audience glanced over to the youngster involuntarily. Her wispy silver hair was moving slightly when she waved the mouse. It made her nose seem taller and even her side profile carried an unspeakable and sharp handsomeness.

Inexplicable, it had the power to make others believe that anything was possible with her!

“Damn it, look at her finances!”

Ever since the start of the team battle, the audience had neglected the comparison between the finances. It was at this moment when they realized that Spade Z’s finances were two thousand more than the Japanese’s archer!

With the temporary equipment change and the economic suppression, no wonder she could drain half his HP with just one move. However, that wasn’t even the end.

The audience watched as she was moved up sideways, probably too fast that she stirred up the wind around her.

The Japanese archer wasn’t that easy to deal with though. After that attack just now, she was severely injured. He just had to strike with a big move and Spade Z would definitely be dead!

However, at this moment, the audience saw the youngster’s mouse move. It seemed as if a Z-shape was drawn. The rifle was raised, aiming directly behind the archer.

The missile was shot but the target had disappeared. That wasn’t all though because Spade Z’s aim had never been to kill him because when the rifle was raised up, she took advantage of the remaining two tank soldiers and shot straight at the crystal!


The crystal that was originally lacking HP was now left with less than half of its HP.

At this moment, the Japanese archer realized he had been tricked again. Spade Z had deliberately distracted his attention to prevent him from clearing the troops. After he realized this, the Japanese archer hurriedly turned…