Chapter 1388 - Untitled

Chapter 1388 Untitled

He wanted to clear the troops, but, unexpectedly, Spade Z didn’t give him the chance. When she lifted her rifle, beneath the dragon mark two words appeared on the screen.K.O!

They were using different weapons but had the same playing style. It was a counterattack with meagre HP and with three thousand silver sparks falling. Bo Jiu’s hand on the mouse didn’t stop.

Three seconds. Two seconds. One second!

Just when the audience was wondering why she jumped in front of the Japanese’s lake, You Sixin was resurrected and dashed straight out. But right at this moment, Bo Jiu blocked him with her rifle!

“What is Spade Z doing?”

“She will definitely die.”

As expected, You Sixin used his big move and killed her instantly. The moment his blade fell though, there was a huge crumbling sound coming from the screen.

The crystal shattered and fell like glass pieces with their own silver brilliance. Vaguely and repeatedly, the white dragon’s singing could still be heard.

The screens went still, including the actions of the hero that You Sixin was operating. In the game, Bo Jiu was still stepping on the silvery white, faint dragon shadow that fell from her rifle.

She was just like an isolated youngster.


Countless 3D stereo sound screens that surrounded the arena were covered by one word: Victory!

In that second, the whole arena went quiet and their breaths seemed to pass through the chest quickly. The suppressed formations were still fresh in their minds. You could almost hear the sharp light bursting from the youngster, sweeping across the thousands of armies.

All the heartache and laughter that accompanied them through the path silenced in that moment. It wasn’t until Bo Jiu reached out and took off the earphones, the corners of her mouth slightly upturned that the deafening cheers resounded in every corner of the arena!

“W-we won?” Feng Shang asked in disbelief.

Lin Feng was the first to stand. He ran towards Bo Jiu, who was still sitting in her seat. This time, however, he didn’t control his hand even though he knew that his captain was by his side. Together with Coco, they lifted Bo Jiu and tossed her!

The bright and radiant laughter were accompanied by their unforgettable emotions. Everyone’s reaction was heartfelt and real.

In addition to the applause, the fans covered their mouths, their eyes turning red. They were moved by the emotional moment.

Only those that followed them through their journey would understand that it hadn’t been easy. It was great that they had been able to win!

Some of the fans whispered, “Sister Turtle, I want to cry.”

“Idiot, what’s there to cry about? You should be smiling.” However, when she replied, the voice of this steely corporate woman turned hoarse.

One day, we let our tears run free. Not because of grief, but because we are touched. Can you understand this feeling?

In this moment, everyone standing in front of the screen was witnessing their glory and brilliance. There were many who could still remember how the youngster serving as the vice-captain of Supreme Alliance had once stood in front of the camera and said, “I want the people who like me to be able to confidently say that esports is not just a game, it is a kind of feeling, a kind of youth, a kind of competitive spirit. No matter when it is, where you are, or how much injustice you encounter, don’t give up. Don’t give up on the light just because you are used to the darkness. There is always a group of people standing with you. As long as you hold your original intention firm, you will meet this group and you will feel the haze fade away and the galaxy brightening.”