Chapter 139 - A Jealous CEO Qin

Chapter 139: A Jealous CEO Qin

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“Baby Feng?” Qin Mo cracked the ice and spoke up in a low voice. It was so deep that whoever heard it would instantly know that he was pissed.

Fu Jiu explained with a smile, “That was a friendly nickname, so people won’t feel too distant.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo curled his thin lips up very coldly. “So friendly that it would make people think I have a secret crush on him?”

“This is definitely Baby Feng’s problem! He always overthinks!” Fu Jiu said seriously.

That cold curve of his mouth showed that he was not at all satisfied with that explanation. He pinched on the young man’s jaw and put more strength into his fingertips. He then inched closer to “his” handsome face and warned the young man in a deep voice, “If I see you flirt with people using my account ever again, you can forget about sleeping tonight.”

Fu Jiu could sense the vivid danger radiating from this man. It was different even from the instances before.

But Qin Mo didn’t continue to give her a hard time. It was only that, after warning her, he reported Feng Shang again.

Every time players got reported by a user, they couldn’t send a message for ten minutes.

Today, Baby Feng was reported so many times that it was practically no different from being imprisoned in a little black room.

As Fu Jiu was absorbed in her thoughts, Qin Mo said again, “You should consider yourself lucky that he is your future teammate. Otherwise, I would have closed his account for good.”

Fu Jiu absolutely believed in the mighty power of this god in the world of games, and she started to silently pray for Baby Feng.

Feng Shang received the notification that he was being reported. He was very loquacious in games, so for him, not letting him babble was the ultimate torture!

The biggest problem was that he didn’t know what the situation of his idol was now.

What if Young Master Qin killed “him” right then and there after he found out…?

But Feng Shang also noticed something else—Young Master Qin gave his private account to another person!

His account was valued at over hundreds of thousands of yuan!

That year, before he became a professional player, someone had wanted to buy his account for half a million!

That person had no idea that the person who owned this account was the young master of the Qin family that lorded over the whole Jiang City, so not only did he become Young Master Qin’s enemy, he was also unable to ever show his face in game anymore.

Following Young Master Qin’s own words, he would rather throw his possessions away or close them down than give them to other people.

But now, Young Master Qin gave his account to his idol, and they exchanged accounts for so long!

If his big brother got wind of this, there would be an unimaginable stir!

As Feng Shang was thinking about this, he decided that he would exchange accounts with his idol later too, so he wouldn’t fall behind!

Fu Jiu didn’t overthink things too much. This time, she simply wanted to play a game with Feng Shang.

She had never seen Feng Shang’s operations with her own eyes, so she thought that after playing a round in the game, she would understand everything. By then, she would know how to adjust her team with the information she got.

“Brother Mo, wanna play a game with me?” Fu Jiu tilted her head as she looked at Qin Mo. Her short hair looked extra soft in the light.

But from Almighty Qin’s perspective, this was a sign of the young man’s apology, and the coldness in his eyes finally receded a little. Nodding slightly, he casually moved his mouse, and his character was sent directly next to Fu Jiu’s due to their intimacy level.

Fu Jiu quickly got a gig to kill a monster. She brought along “Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure” as well…