Chapter 1391 - Untitled

Chapter 1391 Untitled

Qin Mo asked, “Tonight, how do you intend to explain the physical cheating just now?”Bo Jiu choked. “Brother Mo, isn’t your definition of the word cheating too sloppy?”“You are not allowed to have an opinion.” Qin Mo tugged onto her again, his overbearing behavior a little childish.

As expected, he was jealous. Bo Jiu couldn’t help smiling.

After Qin Mo saw it, he held her hand and squeezed it, signaling for her to behave.

Their interactions were intricate and subtle but couldn’t be hidden from the fans’ eyes. Before they had watched enough though, the committee of the Asian Cup walked over. According to international practice, the winning team would stand on the highest podium. In reality, it wasn’t important. After all, the most important thing was that the national flag of China was flying in the sky at this moment. It was a fiery red color.

Eleven people lined up. At this time, they were more like teenagers who grew up on this land, singing the same song in their mouths.

Every man had a cherished wish in his heart: either to be a soldier to protect their country or to appear internationally so that people all over the world could see the national flag that was rising in their eyes. This was the only way to win more respect.

That was their original intention. It never changed even after all these years. Regardless of what they had experienced, this scene was amazing. When you see that national flag rise, your heart would grow warm and soft. No matter what you had encountered, at this moment you would only feel honor. Even if their profession wasn’t understood, it didn’t matter.

As mentioned in the introduction, they had once fallen into a bottomless abyss but now they had made a comeback, standing tall as the victor. The eleven of them appeared on 32 mainstream media, 64 live broadcast platforms, and even foreign magazines. Of course, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo had the most coverage.

No one else knew though that the group of people who were receiving the award at this moment did not have time to read Weibo, magazines, and the media.

Their initial plan was to celebrate. They arrived at Yin Wuyao’s internet cafe. Unknowingly, this group of people started to like to meet on the second floor, probably because the sound of the keyboards felt real.

“This is a speechless occupational disease.” Although Lin Feng’s self-evaluation was spot on, it did not affect the group.

Feng Yi knew that they needed breathing space and avoided everything except the interview from the national channel. He ordered a lot of food and drinks and carried everything with his assistant. When he reached the second floor, however, he found that none of them was awake. They didn’t drink alcohol but they fell asleep in their sitting position.

Everyone was seated close. Coco and Feng Shang had their heads leaned against each other while Coco’s bunny plush slouching on the floor.

It might be difficult for people outside the industry to understand but as the assistant who followed Feng Yi, she was not surprised by the sight – because she knew that this group was exhausted.

Any network-related industry was different from other ordinary industries. It was extremely stressful. As they were public figures, their every step was noticed. Even the most ordinary words would be misinterpreted into something different. The self-centered love from some made them breathless. Thus, insomnia was a norm.

Many times, Feng Yi had been afraid that anyone of them would develop psychological problems. Fortunately, everything was over. The victory in this Asian Cup was the best answer they could give.