Chapter 1392 - Untitled

Chapter 1392 Untitled

Feng Yi glanced at the few people again before he raised his chin toward the assistant. After comprehending his gesture, the little assistant immediately placed the things on the table, then raised her hand to adjust the air conditioner to the most optimum temperature. After all, the north is extremely cold at this time.Outside, it somehow started to snow.Feng Yi glanced at the calendar hanging on the wall. Unexpectedly, time had passed by so quickly and now New Year was approaching. Both Little Spades and Uncle Yin had been here for so long.

Since the competition had ended, it was time to find something for them to do. At the very least, they had to be used as an advertisement for Supreme Alliance, to entice newcomers into joining the club. After all, he was a businessman.

The corners of Feng Yi’s mouth twitched, and he was back to being the smiling foxy manager Feng. At this sight, the little assistant trembled slightly at the side. She could feel the start of yet another wave of overtime!

Even so, they closed the doors very carefully when they left.

Qin Mo had woken up when they just pushed the door open but he had been too lazy to get up since he was holding a person in his arms. As for who that person was, everyone would know without going into details.

However, soon, he woke the person in his arms, the breath by her ears calm. “Are you pretending to sleep because you are worried I will settle the scores with you?”

Bo Jiu shuddered from the kiss and then opened her eyes. “Brother Mo let’s not talk about such unfriendly topics when everyone else is asleep.”

“Oh? Then tell me, what kind of topic is considered friendly?” Qin Mo smiled and reached out to push her hair to the side.

Her long legs dangled on the sofa while the two of them were lying down horizontally. Since Qin Mo was so tall, he had to lean sideways. Bo Jiu’s hands were still around his waist. Others didn’t know that it was very comfortable to sleep with the Almighty, so she took advantage of him while no one was paying attention.

Now it seemed that this posture wasn’t favorable for her. But before long, she had already thought of a strategy. “Let’s talk about it, what is the other reward you promised me?”

The two of them seemed to always be dating in a manner unlike others.

Qin Mo looked at her and raised an eyebrow as he stretched out his hand and squeezed her face. “Retract that paw. If you are asking for a reward, don’t do other bad things.”

Bo Jiu watched with regret as he took her hand out of his uniform. The Almighty had always been so precious and as his girlfriend, she wasn’t even allowed to touch his abdominal muscles.

With nothing bad to do, Bo Jiu could only lie there lazily, like a listless rich young master.

“You look like you are not interested in the reward.” Qin Mo squeezed her face again.

Bo Jiu had a serious expression. “I call it a poker face.” She was afraid he would dig into her dark history.

“Not bad, you are remaining very calm,” Qin Mo said slowly.

Bo Jiu felt that the Almighty’s attitude was a bit strange. After all, he didn’t look like he was going to give her a reward but he seemed to be trying to do her again.

Qin Mo suddenly said again, “Wait a minute.”

Bo Jiu was puzzled. “What?”

Qin Mo got up from the sofa and stood sideways but he was very handsome just like that. “The things are not here; they are in the pockets of my coat.”

Bo Jiu paused. Her hair was half-curled when she stood up behind him. Her handsome face was dazed and somewhat cute. Was there really a reward? This wasn’t about her dark history? What could it be?