Chapter 1393 - You are the Youngster“s Joy

Chapter 1393 You are the Youngster“s Joy

As Qin Mo knew that a certain someone would be curious, the corner of his mouth curved upwards, allowing her to follow inadvertently.Bo Jiu followed behind outrightly. Since it wasn’t about her black history, there was nothing to be feared!Qin Mo glanced at her strangely proud side profile and the smile on his face deepened. He took the coat sharply, leaning with his long legs as he hooked his fingers in her direction.

Bo Jiu walked over. “What?”

Qin Mo lifted her chin and motioned to her to reach for the coat pocket. He wanted her to take it out herself?

Bo Jiu was intrigued and stretched her hands in. When she saw what it was, her ears drooped. It was the photo that had previously been placed in the villa.

She knew having a boyfriend like the Almighty meant that she shouldn’t expect him to give her a diamond ring or anything. After all, the Almighty’s favorite activity was exposing her dark history. In the future, she would have to find time to ask the fans: My boyfriend has a special interest, what should I do? Waiting online very anxiously for a reply.

Although it was fun watching the Almighty being jealous and badmouthing his younger self, excessive indulgence wasn’t good in case he recovered his memory. This would turn into yet another dark history. Bo Jiu decided to explain this matter clearly before the Almighty remembered everything.

Qin Mo watched as she hesitated with a helpless expression on her face. Suddenly, he tugged her over and gently pressed a fist onto her face. “Are you an idiot? Take it and turn it around.”

What could there be with a photo? You couldn’t turn it into a ring…

Bo Jiu’s fingers paused, her gaze landing on the row of beautiful black italics on the back of the photo. It wasn’t long, just four words: You are the youngster I like.

“Read it again, you should be clear.” Qin Mo lowered his eyes and as the light fell, it seemed as if even the night sky outside the window had turned into his background. Momentarily, Bo Jiu’s ear seemed to only hear his slowly flowing voice, not high or low, but rich and deep. “You are the youngster I like.”

This was no ordinary confession. Otherwise, this sentence would not appear on the back of this photo. Bo Jiu’s fingers tightened. She grabbed Qin Mo’s sleeve while her thoughts whizzed.

Qin Mo smiled and dropped a kiss on her forehead. “It’s me.

Two words explained everything. The Almighty… remembered everything! All of his memories!

Bo Jiu didn’t know how to describe the feeling now; her mind was a blank space. She reached an arm out and without a word, they embraced each other.

This time, he was really hers – entirely, from inside out. Entirely.

After rejoicing, she said in a somber voice, “You never returned any of the letters I wrote you.”

Qin Mo pushed her hair behind her ears. “I was wrong.”

“Back then, I mailed every day. There were so many wrong spellings, Grandfather Butler laughed at me for a very long time.”

Qin Mo sighed. “So why did you have to write letters?”

Why was a little hacker writing letters?

Bo Jiu also felt like she was being an idiot back then. “Television dramas were to blame, they insisted that letters were more sincere but in hindsight, emails are more reliable. At least I would be notified if you read it. I would also know if you didn’t receive it.”

“Well, it’s not that dumb.” Qin Mo couldn’t help smiling as she heard her soft complaint.

Bo Jiu paused. Wait a minute, this topic was going in the wrong direction. She was clearly complaining about the Almighty. How did her intelligence end up as the final topic?