Chapter 1394 - Untitled

Chapter 1394 Untitled

What was it like to have a boyfriend that was both a tease and had a sharp tongue? You could only kiss him until he couldn’t say anything else.Bo Jiu did just that. She stretched her hands and pressed them behind Qin Mo, the corner of her lips curved upwards.

The kiss caught him off guard since it was too sudden. But very quickly, he took initiative and pushed her away, his forehead pressed against her. “There is something else I want to give you.”

There was more?

When she was arching her brow, he tossed something over.

A dark red household registration book?

Before Bo Jiu could reply, he continued, “Didn’t I say I was going to give myself to you? This is the real thing.”

With that, Bo Jiu lifted her gaze. “How did you get a hold of your household registration book?” After all, it was complicated for those in the military to retrieve it.

“That can be handled by your mother-in-law. Is it that difficult?” Qin Mo kissed her eye casually.

Bo Jiu coughed uncomfortably, her ears turning a little red. What did he mean by mother-in-law? Why did it sound so natural coming from the Almighty?

However, with the Almighty’s household registration book, she could really tie him to her. Mmh, overbearing presidents always held the household registration books of their sweetheart, which in some way suited her very well.

Of course, it would have been better if he hadn’t said the next line. “So, isn’t it time we head home and have a detailed conversation on how you physically cheated on me during the competition? Mmh?”

Bo Jiu: … She seemed to have underestimated the Almighty’s ability to bear grudges.

The result of her teasing was that once they reached home, he carried her onto the sofa and coaxed her into muttering shameless words.

With a force like him, she could barely hold up and that included his heavy breathing and the handsome face covered with sweat. The innocence and abstinence made it difficult for anyone to refuse, regardless of their gender.

Bo Jiu didn’t even know when it ended. She just listened as his pulse and heartbeat gradually slowed while the numbness in her body was retracting. Just then, he carried her again.

The temperature in the room started to rise. She could hear the sound of water splashing on the ground. The mist and sound wafted from her well-shaped lips. Afraid of being overheard, Bo Jiu instinctively bit down to stop the sound.

He chuckled. “Did you think the servants are still around? We’re the only ones here.”

Bo Jiu trembled. “Slow, um, slow down.”

She didn’t know that such a sound made him even more out of control.

Qin Mo thought she probably would never know how beautiful she was – because her complexion was too white and delicate. So, every time, there would be a thin layer of pink all over her body. Moreover, she had a face that always looked luxurious, wispy strands of hair sticking to the back of her ear. The look of her soaked clothes in particular made her all the more desirable.

Suddenly, hot kisses showered over her body like flower petals. Bo Jiu shut her eyes and endured it.

“Good girl.” The man’s voice was low and deep. Beneath the night sky, he appeared even sexier and more mesmerizing…

Sometime near the wee hours of the morning, she realized that his hand had once again trailed into her pajamas. Bo Jiu said one word, “Tired.”

His kiss landed on her ear. “Good girl, apply some ointment, it’s good for your body.”

Ointment? Bo Jiu could barely think about that as she felt his gentle movements and the smell of medicine between his breath.

It was indeed ointment in his hands, specially prepared for her. Such prescriptions were rare and had to be created by an old Chinese doctor. It was made with precious medicinal materials collected from the Qinghai-Tibet area and was really good and nourishing for females.

It wasn’t easy to get hold of the prescription since the old Chinese doctor had an odd temper. He couldn’t even be swayed with money.

After arguing with a certain someone over medicine, Qin Mo had specifically gone down to seek it out. The old Chinese doctor originally thought that a young master like him should have done something wicked and wanted to use this to heal the injury in that area. After several visits, the old Chinese doctor realized that this man was deeply in love and wanted this ointment for fear of hurting his lover.

Qin Mo had said, “My lover is a little young.”

The old Chinese doctor had blown his beard at first. “A little young is how young?” More importantly, he wasn’t very old either.

Qin Mo had chuckled lightly. “She is of age, going to university this year.”

“That’s alright then.” The old Chinese doctor had finally agreed to give him the ointment. However, in the end, it had still been because of Qin Mo’s superb chess skills, winning him every single time.

There really wasn’t any excuse but the old Chinese doctor could tell that this man was really concerned about his little girlfriend. Many people claimed that money was most important to successful people like him. But in reality, time was the most important thing.

No matter what excuses he had used to procrastinate, the man had remained patient and had even inspected every medicinal material himself. This kind of sincerity was probably shown only when a person’s pain was extreme.

The old Chinese doctor thought, if this person brought his girlfriend next time, he would definitely tell the girl to cherish him. After all, there weren’t many good men now.

Indeed, there weren’t many anymore. Honestly, there weren’t even many boyfriends who would help their girlfriends dress.

Bo Jiu stretched lazily, her hair messy and her voice deep and slightly raspy from sleep. There was a natural arrogance but it wasn’t hateful because of her perfect voice. “Water.”

“Put on the clothes first and the water will come naturally.” Qin Mo only needed to bend over slightly when speaking while standing straight. His mouth was near Bo Jiu’s ear, his voice low and magnetic, like a feather scratching her heart.

Bo Jiu was thoroughly convinced. Alright, I’ll get dressed first.


In the end, the Almighty couldn’t take it any longer and took things in his own hands. Bo Jiu was very experienced in being served. She reached her wrist out the moment the Almighty spoke.

According to the Almighty’s dressing standards, regardless of how she dressed, she always seemed like a little ruffian to him.

It was the same when she had been young. The both of them had different styles. She was carefree and casual but he, on the other hand, was so spotless it made others suspect he didn’t have any joy from childhood. However, the Almighty really lived up to the description a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Bo Jiu looked at the man who was wearing a white shirt. His body was noble and indifferent, his fingers long and so beautiful they seemed to shine. Who knew a person with such a temperament could be more ferocious than anyone else in bed?

“Little ruffian, what bad thoughts are you thinking about now? Mmh?” Qin Mo raised the end of his eyes and the tip of his nose touched the tip of her nose, his voice casual. “It seems that last night, I left a deep impression…”