Chapter 1395 - Untitled

Chapter 1395 Untitled

Those words naturally reminded her of the scene in the bathroom the night before, especially when he was coaxing her to say those…Bo Jiu felt her ears turn red. She broke into an audacious smile, leaning towards his ears, prepared to leave a seal. However, she just thought of it. Before she moved, his breath splashed onto her.

His eyes sunk. “How many times have I told you not to tease me like this?”

Bo Jiu sensed the danger and was just about to retreat when he suddenly pressed her back onto the soft double bed. The clothes he had helped put on were pulled apart. The sound of the buttons falling onto the ground could be heard. Then came his deepening breath. In the end, he didn’t do much – but that made her feel worse.

He buried his face into his neck, his voice so sexy she trembled. “Are you trying to kill me, mmh?”

Bo Jiu didn’t move since the heat that radiated from him was a clear indication of his reaction.

“Did you think I would be restraining myself if I weren’t concerned about your body?” He opened his mouth and bit down on her neck.

Bo Jiu trembled as she hugged him as he pressed down on her. Her blurred memory was starting to clear; the Almighty had helped her apply ointment and even in that area…

With that thought in mind, Bo Jiu felt her face heating and she behaved. Deep inside, she decided to just take advantage of him in such a manner. There was a disadvantage when they became closer.

In the past, she had been able to easily arouse him but now, he wouldn’t allow her to just kiss him to tease him slightly. If she came on more aggressively, however, he would hug her and she would be the one enduring a sore waist and backache.

Gradually, as the frustration left, Bo Jiu realized that this was indeed a pleasing position since it wasn’t often to see the Almighty so dependent in anyone’s arms. She didn’t have a choice about being depended on though. After all, her boyfriend had a princess’s heart.

Bo Jiu lifted the corner of her lips and reached out, trying to touch his hair.

“Behave.” He said it lightly and tugged her hair over and carried her to the front of the wardrobe in that position.

Bo Jiu had long and fair legs and would often give off the look of a messy beauty. If you called her a good woman, she didn’t qualify as there wasn’t a hint of celestial air around her. Instead, she was vibrant and bursting with beauty. Even the depths of her eyes shined with a misty darkness.

It was completely at odds with Qin Mo’s aura. Someone had once said that Almighty Qin must like gentle, pure, and unpretentious girls. After all, they had a celestial aura around them.

These people would be dumbfounded if they saw this sight. After all, Almighty Qin liked long and narrow eyes with a tear mole and legs that were long and as white as now – simply put, someone with a natural charm. However, none of these descriptions could rival the word: her. Yes, he liked her.

With that in mind, Qin Mo lowered his head and kissed a certain someone.

Bo Jiu wasn’t bothered at all. She ran her fingers across the clothes hanging there as he carried her over probably for her to choose herself.

However, that hadn’t been his intention. He chose a sweater and stuffed it over her head with two words. “It’s warm.”

Bo Jiu had always prioritized her appearance. “Brother Mo, I won’t be handsome in this. Damn it, wait a minute, what are you doing to my hair?”

After about ten minutes, Bo Jiu finally regained her freedom. She was dressed looking like a bear. Before she had taken more than two steps, a certain someone arched his brow. “Little Bo Jiu.”

Bo Jiu tilted her head, dressed in a pure black down jacket and red checkered scarf. Only her face was handsome, carrying an anime-like aura.

“Since you have a boyfriend, shouldn’t there be some things you have to do?” Qin Mo was wearing a long windbreaker. He carried a natural aristocratic aura. Even his words had a certain indifferent quality.

Bo Jiu glanced over at the right hand he held out. Saying “Oh”, she walked over. “Brother Mo,” Bo Jiu called out very slowly. “You can be more direct the next time you want to hold hands.” Little Princess Qin was still as proud as ever.

Before waiting for Qin Mo to raise his brows, she tugged at his hand. “I’m starving and Madam Zhang isn’t around, it’s starting to affect my growth.”

“Is your boyfriend just an ornament?” Qin Mo glanced over.

Bo Jiu replied naturally, “Then cook for me.” She was expecting the Almighty to reject her so that she could flaunt her ability to cook instant noodles. If she didn’t flaunt such a dashing technique, it wouldn’t be in line with her life pursuit.

Qin Mo indeed rejected her but then he added, “We will eat in the canteen, they have your favorite beef buns with beans freshly made today.”

There was a canteen in the military Courtyard. Thus, they could eat in the canteen as they had stayed over at the Qin family’s main house yesterday.

Bo Jiu’s tummy grumbled when she heard about the beef bun with beans. It was a natural reaction. Those that hadn’t had it though, probably wouldn’t know how delicious the food was in the military Courtyard.

There were many old ministers living here. Hence, the cooking style was in accordance with the older generation.

The fermented flour must be left out overnight. The beef was the freshest and once it had been seasoned, it was topped with chopped green onion, ginger, garlic, and pepper oil, the fragrant and prickly aroma splashing out. Not to mention there would add freshly blanched long beans as an auxiliary ingredient. After mixing it well, the buns were put in a hot basket and steamed in a traditional basket for half an hour. Then they were served fresh out of the pot, with thin skin and thick stuffing.

With a bite down, the mouth would be full of fragrance. It was just that the younger generation in the military district Courtyard had gone to the army and would rarely eat at the canteen.

After staying overnight at Qin Mo’s home, Bo Jiu couldn’t forget Madam Zhang’s meals and secondly, she missed the meat buns in the canteen. Now, however, she was finally back again!

In the face of such delicacies, Bo Jiu temporarily put aside the idea of ​​flaunting her skills. She just wanted the Almighty to hurry. If they were late, the buns might be sold out.

Bo Jiu didn’t know that long before she woke up, Qin Mo had called the chef at the canteen and requested for him to make an extra cage of meat. There was definitely a reason they were walking so slowly. It didn’t take long for Bo Jiu to detect the abnormality.

The old grandfathers she saw previously walked out with their deputies, their voice loud and clear. “Little Qin, you brought your little friend here for food again?”

“She isn’t a little friend today,” Qin Mo replied, pushing Bo Jiu’s head towards his shoulder with a warm smile. “She’s my girlfriend.”

Bo Jiu was caught off guard. It clearly showed on her face.

The old grandfathers inhaled sharply because previously, Qin Mo had addressed her as a younger brother. How did she end up as a girlfriend?!

Very slowly, Almighty Qin gave them a good explanation. “Back then she was shy and didn’t wish to acknowledge the relationship so quickly but now that we’re comfortable, it should be fine to tell Grandfathers about it.”

It was the first time the old grandfathers had an error in their judgement. They started to crowd around Bo Jiu. “This kid wasn’t honest.”

“The little friend became a girlfriend, that explains why you didn’t allow your brother to find a partner.”

“Jiu, tell us, when are we going to hear the wedding bells?”

“Listen to your boyfriend, understand? Even if Little Qin appears cold, he isn’t a bad person.”

“If Little Qin angers me next time, you should tell him off.”

“A girlfriend should keep a tight watch over her boyfriend.”

“That’s right.”

The direction the conversation was leading to didn’t seem right.

Qin Mo raised a brow. This was probably the only time Almighty Qin hadn’t predicted the outcome.

In contrast, Bo Jiu was pleased, she reached for her Little Princess Qin’s hand and replied aggressively, “Grandfathers, don’t worry, once we return home after our meal, I’ll teach him a good lesson. How could he go around infuriating others!”

Fitting nicknames were Grudgeful Qin or Teasing Qin – not that anyone would dare call him that. She couldn’t be blamed since the Almighty always had a sharp tongue, causing a love-hate relationship with others.

Bo Jiu smiled the entire journey. Qin Mo, on the other hand, harrumphed. He didn’t say anything but the corners of his lips turned up faintly. That idiot, hadn’t she noticed what she had said?

Those were words that were used after marriage. Perhaps, this was what dating was like. It was oddly strange. Including the times they ate, those were the same.

Bo Jiu had always been a fast eater. Even though she ate elegantly, her speed didn’t reduce.

Qin Mo sat across from her, wiping her mouth and passing her food multiple times, more often than for himself.

It was such a filling breakfast, Bo Jiu could barely walk. Qin Mo simply dragged her over and rubbed her stomach, his breath carrying a fresh mint smell. Bo Jiu smiled, thinking that it would be good if it was like this in the future.

It was probably because there weren’t many people like him. When they had been young, he had often rubbed her stomach, worried that she ate too much. Now that they were older, he did the same when she overate.

Honestly, even if the grandfathers hadn’t said anything, she would treat him well. There were many people in this world but there was only one Qin Mo. However, they couldn’t just stay in this manner the entire day.

As the Asian Cup had just ended, this was the time the media and fans wanted to know about them. As the captain of Supreme Alliance, it wouldn’t be acceptable if Qin Mo doesn’t turn up.

Feng Yi was a successful old fox but once again, Young Master Qin had hung up. Thus, he immediately called Bo Jiu.

Qin Mo had just finished washing the fruit and stood tall and straight as he reached for a paper towel, wiping his hands slowly while he was signaling for Bo Jiu to pass him the phone. Bo Jiu reached for the apples he passed over and used the other hand to press the phone to his face.

Feng Yi lowered his voice and explained the pros and cons of all the processes before he concluded, “You must participate in this interview. You can rest assured; you won’t have to say much and it will not eat into your time alone with Little Spade. The interview’s just five minutes.”

“Not going,” Qin Mo replied. Just three lazy words and he was back to the temperamental young master from the beginning.

Feng Yi inhaled deeply and told himself not to stoop to his level. It wasn’t for a day or two that this person disliked exposure. Of course, competitions were an exception. He had assumed that after the Asian Cup, the Almighty would be slightly more cooperative towards his job. But now it seemed that… No, he must be over thinking…

“You really can’t come? They also want to ask about your relationship with Little Spade. You guys…”