Chapter 1396 - Untitled

Chapter 1396 Untitled

Before Feng Yi could finish his sentence, Qin Mo interrupted in an indifferent tone. “Ask the organizer if I need to bring my family.”“Little Spade?” Feng Yi chuckled lightly. “They definitely requested for it.”

Bo Jiu: …

Qin Mo glanced at a certain someone who was holding the phone, the corners of his lips lifted knowing she had heard him. “What time?”

“Around 1 pm, it’s going to take place on the top floor of the clubhouse.” There had always been reporters who wanted an exclusive interview with them. This time, they finally got what they wanted.

Qin Mo tilted his head. “You heard it; the organizer requested for my family to be present.”

Bo Jiu: …

With that, the Almighty brought her to the office. Don’t assume, however, she was really a family member. Anyway, she played the role of a driver when they came.

When they reached the bottom of the club, it was flooded with fans. This was probably the effect caused by the Asian Cup.

However, because of this, it would be too striking if they entered together. When Qin Mo was still thinking about calling the security guards over to control the situation, Bo Jiu had already opened the car door and walked out, with one hand in her trouser pocket and a scarf on her face, causing a frenzy.

Qin Mo raised a brow. Bo Jiu, in turn, looked at him cluelessly from outside. She had already opened the car doors for him, so why wasn’t the Almighty alighting?

Their eyes met and Qin Mo suddenly laughed from the fans’ screams. “Ahhhh, Big Spade, my husband, I want to give birth to your babies.”

“Great popularity.” That chilling voice was definitely not a compliment.

Bo Jiu had a dazed expression. What was wrong with Princess Qin this time? It must be because she didn’t hold his hand. Mmh.

With that thought in mind, she leaned forward and held onto the door frame with one hand. First, she planted a kiss on Qin Mo’s steely face before she tugged onto his hand, walking forward happily.

Qin Mo listened to the screams that exploded and glanced at the certain someone, who was dragging him forward, a faint smile appearing in his eyes.

The fans watched with mixed feelings – especially the Qin fans. Did Big Spade just coax their Almighty down the car?

That position itself seemed as though Big Spade was the dominant one in the relationship. They glanced over at the Spade fans, who were also in a daze, and coughed lightly. “Apologies, haha, our Almighty Qin isn’t usually like this.”

He actually made his girlfriend coax him! It was so shameless!

But somehow, it still looked handsome. Even though he had a cold and indifferent personality, he would break into a mesmerizing smile when he looked at Spade Z. Not to mention, when Big Spade held out her hand, he had also sent a bonus to the fans.

Sent a bonus? Wait a minute! Almighty Qin had never given his fans a bonus! What was happening? He had actually stopped in front of everyone.

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure what he was up to, arching her brow at him. Unexpectedly, Qin Mo didn’t look at her but turned towards the girls at the side. “You want an autograph?”

All of them nodded their heads. Of course, they wanted his autograph. The fans were going to explode!

Qin Mo reached out with one hand and took one of their carbon pens. He then lowered his eyes. While writing slowly, he said, “There is something, you need to pay attention to.”

“Mmh mmh! Almighty Qin, please tell us what it is! What do you need us to pay attention to?” This was such a close contact! Her roommate had laughed at her before she had come, sure that she wouldn’t be able to get Almighty Qin’s autograph. Almighty Qin was the sort that didn’t show himself in a hundred years, not to mention give out his autograph. And now, she felt as if it was a dream.

Qin Mo had finished signing. It took a long time to sign because he had added a prefix. He had written, “Z’s boyfriend, Qin Mo.”

This… signature…

The expression Bo Jiu showed was indescribable.

The Qin fans coughed again, trying to keep the image of their Almighty intact. “People in love are all like this, really.”

The Spade fans nodded instinctively. In their hearts, however, they thought that there wasn’t anyone else in a relationship who signed in such a manner. Almighty Qin was really unprecedented!

The Qin fans knew that deep down as well. Their Almighty’s actions would definitely go down in the annals of history but fortunately nobody revealed it.

That aside, Qin Mo’s next action proved that even if others did not reveal it, Young Master Qin would persist to the end. For instance, he could have left after signing his autograph. But unexpectedly, instead of leaving, he stood there and seemed to smile. “It’s not a big deal but,” he started as he dragged Bo Jiu forward, “this person can only have children with me. As for the ‘husband’ you were calling for, it’s impossible.”

The fans that had been disqualified stiffened. Did that mean Almighty Qin had stopped to give out his autograph just to tell them this?

This time, the Qin fans were at a loss for words and could only cover their faces to express their inner emotions. Their Almighty Qin… was both extremely arrogant and jealous.

Soon, this scene became one of the top searches. It collided with Zhao Sanpang, who happened to do a livestream this day.

Brother Zhao had a substantial number of fans, most of which would tease him jokingly. “Hey, Brother Zhao, your fat has risen to greater heights.”

Though the mood had been entirely different just a while ago because the fans were asking a completely different question now. “Brother Zhao, when are you getting a girlfriend?”

Zhao Sanpang looked at the screen while playing the game. He had his headphones on and waved. “No, I’m not finding one. What are my female fans going to do if I find one? I have to be responsible towards my female fans!”

“Brother Zhao, wake up.”

“Damn it, Brother Zhao, how could you have female fans? You must be dreaming again.”

“We are all male avatars! Look at the signs, man!”

“Honestly, Brother Zhao, even your arch enemy Qin Mo has started to date. The only person I want to turn gay for is actually in love! Why aren’t there any signs from your side?”

Zhao Sanpang’s fans knew Qin Mo’s name was a sensitive topic and any mention would cause an eruption. As expected, Zhao Sanpang stopped playing his game. “Management, Management, lock the channel, block the person who said that he is going to turn gay for Qin Mo. I only need straight men here! F*ck, that fellow Qin Mo, he’s living dog food.”

The fans started to cheer. “He must be triggered.”

“Old Zhao, don’t cry, it’s okay not to have a girlfriend, you can hug your chubby self!”

Zhao Sanpang was infuriated. “F*ck the hugs, I’m going to challenge Qin Mo tonight, f*ck his dog food!”

Unexpectedly, the moment the words were muttered, the chat exploded. All of the viewers wrote the same sentence. “It’s better you don’t go, I’m afraid you will be trashed so badly you would call him daddy.”

Zhao Sanpang was furious. Other people had little cuties for fans but his fans were all a bunch of rowdy guys who only told the truth!

This couldn’t do. He must post Qin Mo’s shameless show of affection to the WeChat group!

The most Handsome Man in the World, Your Fat Master: “Are you there? Come out, all of you come out!”

Lin Chen Taotao: “Damn, it’s admirable how you change your name every day.”

The most Handsome Man in the World, Your Fat Master: “Thank you. You guys must have watched Weibo today; don’t you think a certain someone is particularly shameless?”

“I’ve watched it, utterly shameless.”

“I had to suppress myself while watching it and wanted to bash someone up after I was done.”

“I don’t wish to say anything else; I just want to call 110[1] and report it to the police. Someone abused this kind-hearted single dog!”

“That autograph was too much, what did you think?”

“I think I should tag Qin Mo. @Qin Mo.”

“I think a certain someone should give out red packets since he is already dating. @Qin Mo.”

“Send out two sets since there are two of them, they should give out a pair. Little Spade won’t have to, the boyfriend should do it on her behalf. @Qin Mo.”

It was probably due to the continuous ringing from the phone that Bo Jiu happened to glance over. Surprisingly, the Almighty had actually sent out a WeChat message.

She wanted to look but he didn’t allow it, using his hand to block her view. Lifting his chin, he said, “Sit there.”

Honestly, he was guarding against her as though she was a wolf. Bo Jiu lifted a brow. While he had his eyes lowered, she held down his wrists, taking the opportunity to peak over.

Qin Mo laughed. “What is it? Mrs. Qin is checking the station?”

Bo Jiu hadn’t expected that analogy and was momentarily embarrassed, grabbing a mineral water bottle to drink. When she glanced over, she saw his hands moving. “Are you really going to send it?”

The Almighty wasn’t the sort to give out red packets when others asked. There had to be something up. Bo Jiu took another look at the phone screen. As expected, he had indeed sent out the red packet but had given it a triggering name, “Dog food”.

Bo Jiu could foresee that the three words Shameless Qin Mo would definitely explode in the chat.

Qin Mo was very calm though. After sending out the red envelope, he kept his phone – as if he hadn’t been the one who had lit the fire.

Bo Jiu couldn’t help taking out her mobile phone and entering into WeChat to take a look.

“Qin Mo! If you have the ability, come online and don’t hide!” The message was from Zhao Sanpang. Mmh, even though his message was sent across the screen of his mobile phone, Bo Jiu could feel the palpable resentment.

To be honest, the hatred value the Almighty had garnered today was enough to single-handedly dominate the Beast King. What was it like to have a boyfriend like him? It was probably funny.

When the interviewer came in, she saw the youngster with a faint smile.

It was probably because Bo Jiu was sitting lazily on a chair with her long legs and holding a bottle of mineral water in her hand but the interviewer couldn’t help associating her with the words handsome even though she knew that Bo Jiu was a girl.

Seeing someone walk in, Bo Jiu lowered her eyes slightly and fixed her gaze on that person’s work pass before she stood up. She stuffed a hand into her pants pocket as if she was about to leave.

When Qin Mo reached out a hand and held onto her sleeve, Bo Jiu asked, “Mmh?” Wasn’t he going to do an interview? She could go out and take a walk.

Qin Mo replied indifferently, “The organizer arranged a seat for the family.”

After the interviewer heard those words, she immediately said, “Yes. Almighty Z, although this is a single person interview, we all hope that the family can be around…”

The interviewer spoke through her embarrassment. After all, this kind of situation wasn’t common but with Almighty Qin’s gaze, she probably wouldn’t be able to remain in the industry if she didn’t understand his words.

Anyway, she would have to thank Almighty Spade for this. She had been prepared for the worst case, which was for Almighty Qin to not come. Unexpectedly, not only did Almighty Qin come, he had also brought Spade Z along with him. Their show was already a hot topic before it had started!

Bo Jiu had always been cooperative with their work. It was probably because of her upbringing as she had been like this since she was young. Although she might be cold, she wasn’t emotionless.

Her father had told her since young to respect everyone’s occupation. Hence, even until this moment, Bo Jiu wouldn’t cause trouble for anyone’s job.

She sat there decisively, her back to the floor-to-ceiling window. Qin Mo had instructed an aide-de-camp[2] to bring Princess over.

When Bo Jiu reached over to hug him because she wanted to play with him, Princess was infuriated. He kept purring to express his anger. However, Bo Jiu wasn’t the least bit threatened.

Princess could also tell that his master pampered a certain someone to no end and would never speak up for him. It was best to know the current situation and be an obedient cat. After all, it wasn’t that bad being hugged by her.

The interviewer was pleased with the set. Even though Spade Z didn’t show her face, her back was showing and everyone would know who she was by the look of her back.

Moreover, the cold youngster in a black sweater, carrying a cat, was dashing. She could feel her mature womanly self turning gay.

Qin Mo probably noticed her gaze because his slender fingers tapped on the table. His voice was slow as he asked, “Not interviewing?”

“Ah, apologies, Almighty Qin,” the female interviewer replied as she signaled the cameraman at the side.

When some questions were asked, Qin Mo seemed to answer but internally, he thought that in the future, he should not only guard against men but also against women.

“The fans are most interested about Almighty Qin’s relationship issues.” The interviewer seemed to be chatting casually but in reality, she was shocked by Almighty Qin, who had unknowingly started to exude coldness. Somehow, Almighty Qin felt scary.

“Almighty Qin and Almighty Z, is it convenient to share who of you two confessed first?”

Bo Jiu heard this question as well and paused midway while caressing Princess’s back. Did you have to ask such an obvious question? Of course, it had been her. She had wanted to buy Princess Qin ever since she had been young. But he had always frowned while seeing her. He clearly hadn’t thought much of her.

Before Bo Jiu’s thought had settled, however, she heard a clear and definite reply. “Me”.

The interviewer was a little surprised. “Almighty Qin doesn’t seem like the sort of person who would confess to others.”

“She wouldn’t be able to because she isn’t as smart. She didn’t notice anything even after I gave myself to her. Hence, I had to confess.” When Qin Mo said this, it was obviously different from before.

The interviewer laughed. “Judging from the way Almighty Z games, she doesn’t look dumb. Almighty Qin, did you give yourself too implicitly and, hence, Almighty Z didn’t catch it?”

“That could be possible since she was quite young back then and barely knew how to write.” Qin Mo didn’t just reply to the question, he had also tossed out another piece of information for the interviewer.

As expected, the interviewer followed suit and asked, “She was still young back then? Gosh, have you and Almighty Z known each other since young?” She seemed to have uncovered a gem.

Qin Mo glanced over nonchalantly. “Is that strange?”

“No, it’s just that during the Asian Cup, the fans all saw the interaction between Almighty Z and Almighty Hoshino and had thought they were the ones who have known each other since young.”

Qin Mo smiled when he heard the words. “Everyone should know the truth now.”

“Yes, yes, we definitely know.” After the interviewer finished speaking, she added boldly, “Then do you have anything to say to Almighty Hoshino?”

[1] China’s 911, the number to call the police in China

[2] a subordinate military or naval officer acting as a confidential assistant to a superior, usually to a general officer or admiral