Chapter 1397 - Untitled

Chapter 1397 Untitled

“There is indeed something I want to remind him of.” Qin Mo raised his eyes carelessly. There was a smile on the corners of his lips but there wasn’t the slightest hint of warmth.Here it comes! Here it comes!

The interviewer was extremely excited. She had a hunch that this was the sort of problem the fans cared about since everyone had been watching that scene in the Asian Cup.

“What is it? Almighty Qin, could you elaborate?” The interviewer pushed the microphone over again, her eyes bright with curiosity.

Qin Mo smiled and said slowly, “Hoshino, You Sixin has been waiting for you long enough. When are you going to have a good talk with him?”

“Ah?” The interviewer was stunned. After all, she had expected thousands of results. but never this answer he had given. “Almighty Qin, you mean, Almighty Xin and Almighty Hoshino, they…”

Wait a minute, she had to calm down! She had to pay attention to the words she used! That way, she could dig out more information.

However, before she could process the situation, Qin Mo opened his mouth and stood up tall, with a strong abstinence temperament. “I don’t mean anything. It’s five minutes. My girlfriend and I are going to see the parents. Please, please.”

Even though the interviewer wanted to continue asking, she didn’t have the courage.

Next to Qin Mo was his secretary. After listening to his employer’s words, he smiled and directed all the interviewers out.

The Qin Club had always been polite to those that came for corporations – but who could understand the frustration of a media personnel, who had only heard half the gossip? The interviewer and cameraman had the same feeling.

Bo Jiu, who was sitting there holding Princess, waited until they left. Then she stood up. “Brother Mo, you did it on purpose.”

Qin Mo smiled after seeing her face. “What did I do on purpose?”

“You deliberately guided everyone to misunderstand the relationship between Hoshino and You Sixin.” After Bo Jiu finished speaking, she muttered softly, “This is too shameless.”

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes when he heard the words and pulled the person over again. “Am I shameless?”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth but she was interrupted before she could speak.

“Since I’m already this shameless.” Qin Mo held onto her waist. “Why don’t I behave more shamelessly?”

“Hey.” Bo Jiu sensed the hand that entered, her waist softening. “This is the office.”

Qin Mo had already leaned in and kissed her neck. Even his voice was a little heavy. “Don’t worry, no one will come in.”

Was this a question of whether anyone would enter? Bo Jiu was kissed until her hands turned weak.

Princess took the chance to escape and she lost her last cover.

Behind Qin Mo was the desk where he had sat and signed countless numbers of contracts. His back was pressed against it, with a sense of corporate coolness. There seemed to be documents on the table that were now scattered onto the floor.

The temperature started to rise. When the two of them were together, everything was addictive. That was probably the reason they constantly wanted to be close to each other – or it was because of the fatal attraction that existed from the beginning.

In the past, however, he had had his considerations. Now, there didn’t seem to be any considerations any longer.

A tingling sensation came from her tailbone, accompanied by a nice minty scent mixed with his unique aroma. It seemed to have shattered and spread onto her body.

“You are mine and can only be mine.”

Frustration ran through her back as she heard the strong possessiveness in his voice since the Almighty had never been like this, like a little wolf dog…