Chapter 1398 - Untitled

Chapter 1398 Untitled

The tingling sensation lingered even after his hands left her. Bo Jiu didn’t think this could go on. Since the Almighty would always use the honey trap against her, she couldn’t continue to just sink right in.In reality, he hadn’t done much this time in consideration of her health. It was just that the more he restrained himself, the more she listened to the deep breaths in her ears and the stronger the tingling sensation prickling down her back was.All this had probably taken less than a quarter of an hour.

As the temperature in the room dipped, he pulled her up and took her to wash her hands.

Bo Jiu was always the one being taken care of. Seeing him with his eyebrows sideways, she couldn’t help ask, “Brother Mo, why did you tell the interviewer that you confessed first? I was obviously the one who confessed first. I wanted to buy you the first time I met you and you rejected me.”

“It isn’t good for a girl’s reputation if she’s so proactive in such matters,” Qin Mo replied nonchalantly. His attention clearly wasn’t on the question.

Bo Jiu paused. He had been worried about her reputation. Hence, he said those things? What should she do? Her love for the person in front of her seemed to increase with each passing day. He seemed to always be like this, looking out for her in areas she hadn’t considered. When it was just the two of them, he would act arrogantly, insisting for her to chase after him – but in front of outsiders, he would do everything.

“What are you doing, Little Bo Jiu…” Qin Mo helplessly allowed a certain someone in front of him to wrap her arms around his waist. There was still foam in his hand. He could only watch her with raised brows. “Do something bad and I’ll throw you out.”

Bo Jiu laughed like a ruffian, unbothered with his threat. Qin Mo watched her rich young master’s behavior with a hint of laughter in his eyes. Such moments between them weren’t common.

After that, seated in a room, he read his contracts while she played with Princess. After about ten minutes, he would often walk over to pinch her face or kiss her.

Bo Jiu felt that she was considered a qualified book boy. Although she didn’t need to make tea or pour water, she could effectively help fend away times of boredom.

If outsiders were to see this, they would definitely combust on the spot. How was it possible for their Boss Qin to have times of boredom?

But the best thing today was probably that Boss Qin hadn’t laughed coldly – not even once. Even the program department was in a daze. They had assumed their doom would arrive once the Asian Cup was over since that meant that Boss Qin would return his focus back on the company.

It was the end of the year and that meant a big sweep for every department. They really hadn’t expected that their boss would be so casual about it this year. As long as you didn’t go in too much to take up his time and had a bit of sense, you wouldn’t get criticized!Young Master Jiu, oh no, Young Miss Jiu was definitely their lucky star!

“Are you hungry?” Qin Mo glanced over to ask Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu bit down on the biscuit in her mouth. “I’m alright.”

“You must be bored from accompanying me.” Qin Mo placed his pen down and arched a brow as he suggested, “Shall we find something to do?”

Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up. That was a possibility. She just watched the Almighty, who had been seriously signing contracts next to her, and wanted to go over for a kiss. The sense of abstinence amidst the corporate mood made her heart tingle.

According to the general CEO novels, finding something to do must definitely refer to intimacy. But her boyfriend obviously would always steer away from the convention. “Your physics textbook is still with me, come over and revise.”

Bo Jiu: … Was it too late to break up?