Chapter 1399 - Untitled

Chapter 1399 Untitled

Weakness could be used to describe Bo Jiu’s current mood. On the other hand, the Almighty was as pristine and refined as ever as he held a pen with one hand, tapping her forehead. “Don’t tell me you can’t solve this question.”“Brother Mo, don’t you think it’s a waste of time to be studying physics during our alone time?” Bo Jiu tried to bring the mood back.

Qin Mo took a glance at her. “I don’t think so.”

Bo Jiu was stumped. She glanced down at the physics notes before her and couldn’t help but stretch out to grab her hair. She was the Young Lord of the Hacking world and yet, she couldn’t deal with this topic. To be defeated by this was really…

Qin Mo could probably see a certain someone’s depression. He really liked it when she looked like this. “If you still don’t work hard and end up doing badly for your final exam, how are you going to face your mother-in-law?”

It had originally been a simple exam but because of the Almighty’s words, there was suddenly a psychological burden. Wait a minute! Someone like Movie Queen An probably wouldn’t care too much about academic results.

Bo Jiu tilted her head. “Movie Queen An cares about academic results?”

“I have always come first, what do you think?” Qin Mo asked slowly.

That made her serious. Little did she know that although Qin Mo had been honest, there was one point he hadn’t mentioned. When Qin Mo had been in high school, Movie Queen An had always wanted to grab her son shopping. But every time, her cold son had used the excuse, “Mom, I have to study.”

To that, Movie Queen An had replied, “It’s alright to not do that well.”

With that in mind, Little Bo Jiu had been tricked.

Though this time, Qin Mo was the first to admit defeat. He just liked to see her little gloomy expression but that didn’t mean he wanted her to work so hard she neglected her wellbeing. Seeing that a certain someone didn’t even drink the water he fed, Qin Mo frowned and took the physics book away.

Bo Jiu glanced up. “I wasn’t done reading.”

“You don’t have to read,” Qin Mo replied faintly. “I was lying to you. My mother doesn’t care about grades at all. You are her little male Almighty. She likes everything that you do.”

After a pause, Bo Jiu stretched her neck with one hand. “Huh, Brother Mo, be honest. But why did you suddenly think of making me study?”

It couldn’t be because of that inhuman interest. Although the Almighty would use this to tease her before, this time, it had seemed as though there was an underlying meaning.

“Nothing much,” Qin Mo replied breezily.

Bo Jiu seemed to have thought of something. She glanced at the cell phone that had just rang. “Was it a call from the school just now?”

“Mmh.” Qin Mo didn’t hide it from her.

Bo Jiu was puzzled. “What was it about?”

“Filling in your aspirations.” Qin Mo placed the cup of water to her lips again.

Just then, Bo Jiu was enlightened. “Brother Mo, do you want me to apply to A University where you are studying?”

That explained why he asked her to revise physics. After all, the admission score for A University was exceptionally high.

Qin Mo didn’t deny his intentions. With that in mind, Bo Jiu grabbed the physics textbook and wanted to continue studying.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo reached out and blocked the page. “Don’t read anymore, your current grades are fine.”

“What if I can’t make it?” Bo Jiu bit down on the top of the pen. “It’s safer to read a little.”

Qin Mo picked her up and placed her onto his long legs. “It’s fine even if you don’t make it. I will transfer to whichever university you enter since it doesn’t matter where I’m studying.”

Bo Jiu paused and drank the water he fed her. Even the tip of her tongue was filled with sweetness. Her boyfriend was exceptionally handsome and lovable when he wasn’t trying to anger others.