Chapter 140 - Someone Looks Down Upon Almighty?

Chapter 140: Someone Looks Down Upon Almighty?

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Feng Shang used to become super excited every time he saw the name Spade Z.

But today, after he had logged into the game, he’d rather circle around and avoid that name!

Perhaps because he had already seen Almighty Qin, Student Feng Shang now treated this in-game character wearing an extravagant fur cloak from ancient times as the real, in-person Almighty Qin. He looked like he was a cartoon character with a freezing power. His handsome and tall figure stood there with a straight back, looking like he could cool down the air around him.

Student Feng Shang swallowed with great difficulty and moved closer to Fu Jiu.

The team that had sent out the job order had no idea it was Almighty Qin himself, along with his new teammates, who picked up their invite.

Spade Z was no stranger to them, but Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure surprised them because he was also a famous player with loads of money.

At that moment, they very maturely wanted to shy away from those three players.

It had to be known that every single one of those three players was very famous in his own right.

Let’s put aside Almighty Qin and Spade Z for now.

That guy, Award You A Slap of Pleasure, was quite well-known in the game world, and he could be seen on the Wealthy List every day.

Weirdly enough, over time, whenever this man was in the game, he would certainly cause a barrage of comments to flash across the screen, and whenever he saw pretty girls, he would become even wilder.

Why was he this quiet now?

While the rest of the players were all confused, Fu Jiu had already started giving directions. Compared to her lower-ranking account, a god’s fully equipped big account was extremely easy to play with, killing everything in its way.

Spade Z was rather quiet.

He didn’t even release any skills. How useless.

That female player in the team wasn’t good either, but she at least released some shots. That Spade Z didn’t even know how to use poison.

If not for the fact that Almighty Qin brought him in, this kind of player would have already been kicked out.

The more that female player looked at the way Spade Z walked extremely slowly, the unhappier she became about him.

What did he get to be treated specially by Almighty Qin?

He was apparently incapable, and he only leeched off of the team’s experience, pretending to be some great master and making people disgusted!

At the beginning, the female player was still trying to contain her temper, but later, when she was attacked and lost half of her HP 1 , she completely lost it!

Sitting in front of her computer, she laughed and said in a cold, mocking tone, “What so-called ‘highly anticipated newcomer king of C section’ scouted by Qin Corporation for a huge amount of money, with great operations and techniques? He is just a soft-legged shrimp who follows Almighty around! He didn’t even know that the monster was coming; forget about getting FC’s, we can’t even beat the boss in this game because of him!”

People could use voice chat in Hero, that’s why it was so popular among professional teams.

It could professionalize the game, and moreover, they could attract more people with their voices once they became gods.

That female player was using voice chat. Her voice was cute, but that couldn’t make up for the discomfort that her mocking tone brought about.

She didn’t need to specify which player she was talking about. All the players in Hero knew that the only newcomer king that popped out in Zone C was Spade Z!