Chapter 1400 - Untitled

Chapter 1400 Untitled

However, his handsomeness lasted for only a second. The next second, he said, “Even if that’s the case, you still have to look at physics books.”Bo Jiu: …

While the two of them were in the office, the players from the Japanese team were walking around the city.

In China, Jiang City was the city with the longest history. Thus, there were many places worth visiting here.

As the competition had ended, they wouldn’t feel that pressured if they relaxed now. Of course, this only applied to the start. Someone wanted to eat candied hawthorns so he took off his mask. Then, the entire Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street was ignited.

The person with a doll face was speechless. “Hey, can’t you keep a low profile? You know that your face is very attention-seeking.”

“The vice-captain and captain are even more conspicuous. Why aren’t you talking about them?” Suddenly, his tone changed. He looked at the candied hawthorns in his hands. His eyes were wide and clear. “Good stuff!”

Was it really that delicious? He immediately snatched the candied hawthorns.

They evaded their fans at a very fast speed. One look and you knew that they were a bunch of experienced people.

You Sixin and Hoshino were extremely relaxed throughout the entire journey. This was especially for You Sixin. Before that idiot took off his mask, he had already entered the small shop beside him. He picked an oriental design paper fan as he felt that it would match well with his kimono at home.

After choosing the fan, he realized that he didn’t bring his wallet. He pursed his lips before he dialed someone’s number and said, “Come over to the paper fan shop on the right side.”

Hoshino was wearing a mask too. He was wearing a pure white down-filled coat. It was an oversized version. There was a circle of pure black fur around the collar. Not many men were able to pull off this look.

Hoshino was an exception to that though because his legs were extremely long. Along with his aura, he would be able to make anything he wore seem like branded goods.

He looked at You Sixin, who had called him over, and didn’t say anything. He just threw his wallet at him.

You Sixin caught the wallet and took out three pieces of notes to pass to the young lady at the cashier. This was just a normal action. However, the eyes of the other young ladies, who were looking through the paper fan shop, lit up. After all, in China, no men would buy paper fans, besides those cosplayers and gays.

These two people didn’t seem like cosplayers based on their aura. Were they a couple? They were both wearing masks too.

You Sixin noticed the gazes at the side. However, he didn’t say much and just gave an evil smile. It was hard to understand what he was thinking.

Most of the media that received the piece of news got their attention attracted by the other players from Japan. In other words, they didn’t notice that there were bigger fishes at the back in their attempt to chase after the other people.

Of course, there were lucky reporters too. An esports fan who just entered the field wanted to find a bittern flapjack place to eat because the camera he was carrying was too heavy and he didn’t have the energy to run after the players anymore. However, the moment he received his food, he got shocked by the two people walking over right in front of him!

Sir Xin? Almighty Hoshino?

Although the two of them were wearing masks, he, a fan of the Japanese team for five years now, could identify them with a flick of his fingers. He couldn’t bother about his food anymore. He took his camera and went over. Then he stopped in front of You Sixin and plucked up his courage.

“Are you Sir Xin? I’m a fan of your team as well as a reporter from Orange Entertainment. This is my identification.”

They came from different countries so the culture was different too. Thus, after he finished speaking, the reporter added a ‘please’ at the end.

You Sixin had thought that all the reporters had already been gone. He hadn’t expected there to be another one left. However, he didn’t mind. “What would you like to ask?”