Chapter 1402 - Untitled

Chapter 1402 Untitled

The display of love floated on the internet for an entire day. Everyone thought that it was going to end. However, the more Bo Jiu looked at the household registration book the Almighty gave her, the more she felt that there should be something inside.She found some spare time and went down after placing a team jacket over her shoulders. After the interview, the people at the base had mostly gone back.

The official fans of Supreme Alliance were an orderly bunch of people. Thus, they were extremely eager during the visit but they also understood that it would be a bad influence if they continued staying here. Hence, after the event had ended, the fans kept their banners and scrolls and returned home to do their editing.

Just using the words and things Almighty Qin had said, they could make couple videos for an entire year. They didn’t know that in the evening, not long after they left, a youngster came down. She was wearing a hat and a mask but her eyes were special.

She opened the door of the Lamborghini and closed it casually. “Activate voice recognition.”

“Voice recognition has been activated.” After the intelligence system connected to the internet, it saw its master’s familiar face in the rearview mirror. The body of the car shuddered. There was an indescribable sense of familiarity. As expected!

Bo Jiu unzipped her jacket and raised her eyebrows. “I need your help to analyze something.”

“Master, if it’s regarding your boyfriend, there’s no need to look for me for analysis.” Little Blackie’s voice was very calm. However, the result of the system’s analysis was that its master was here to flaunt her love life again!

They had already left the military unit. Why was its master still pestering it? Didn’t she have a huge bunch of fans online? Go and look for them!

As a car that was single, it was very stressed!

Bo Jiu turned her body and gave an evil smile. “I’m the one who will decide whether you’re needed or not. Little Blackie, have I been treating you too well recently?”

“Do I have to listen to you? Can I play a song for you first? Master, humans are great. When I found this song that day, I felt that it was writing about me!”

Little Blackie started singing the lyrics of the song, “Three minutes and I’ll be waiting below for you. If your boyfriend isn’t good, I’ll throw him out. If you’re lonely, I’ll talk to you…”

Bo Jiu wanted to laugh. “Enough. You’re an intelligent system. Why are you learning how to sing?”

“Master, you have changed. You weren’t like this in the past. You loved me so much in the past.” Little Blackie changed into a loving tone.

Bo Jiu sniggered. “Don’t play too many idol dramas using the internet. Act normally. Look at what this is.”

Little Blackie scanned the item. Three words appeared in the data system: household registration book.

“The devil’s household registration book!?” Little Blackie’s tone was fixed so it was still calm. However, it still tried its best to express its fear. Why did the devil give its master his household registration book? Couldn’t he give other things?Also, what did that sweet smile on Master’s face mean?

“Yes, it’s Brother Mo’s household registration book. Do you think he’s trying to hint at something?” Bo Jiu tapped her chin with her fingers. She looked handsome.

Little Blackie didn’t feel like saying much. It knew that even if it didn’t speak, its master would give it the answer!

“Is it because he wanted to confirm our relationship but he’s too shy to say it? That’s why he gave me his household registration book.” Bo Jiu shook her head after she finished speaking. She pretended to feel helpless. “Brother Mo has always been shy from young.”

Little Blackie: … It really couldn’t imagine how the devil would be like when he was shy. Master, did you make a mistake in your position?