Chapter 1403 - Untitled

Chapter 1403 Untitled

Bo Jiu couldn’t hear Little Blackie’s inner cry. “You have been abroad with me all year round. You definitely don’t know something. In China, there are rarely instances whereby someone would gift their household registration book.”

So? If a car could show his expression, Little Black would definitely be dumbfounded.

“It must be a hint for me to propose.” Bo Jiu laughed suddenly, looking like a mesmerizing beauty. “Brother Mo doesn’t speak his mind.”

Little Blackie felt a need to stop her. “Master, don’t forget what Grandfather Butler said, you must act like a lady.”

“What does proposing have to do with being a lady? Moreover, Brother Mo has already given himself to me. Isn’t it very despicable of me not to reciprocate? I’m not just a sugar daddy in name.” Bo Jiu glanced at Little Blackie carelessly.

Little Blackie: … Alright, alright, with your handsome good looks, everything you say is correct. I’m just a car, why am I arguing with you over such a topic!

Later on, it would have to ask its online friends about this. After its master had found a boyfriend, she no longer pampered her car. What should it do?

Bo Jiu had meant it when she said she was going to propose. Since she was going to propose, it had to be official. As Grandfather Butler specialized in this area, of course, she would have to seek him out.

Grandfather Butler was trimming the orchid he just raised when he received the call from his Young Lord. After he heard what she said, his eyes dimmed. “Young Lord, does Young Master Qin know about the proposal?”

“Of course, he doesn’t, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he finds out,” Bo Jiu replied like a ruffian.

Grandpa Butler thought, “This probably isn’t Young Master Qin’s intentions, it looks like something his Young Lord came up with.”

With that in mind, Grandfather Butler was once again convinced there had been something wrong with his teachings and he had to salvage it. “Young Lord, you are still young, it isn’t legal to get married in China.”

“That isn’t a problem, we can get engaged first.” Bo Jiu leaned against the back of the car lazily, her eyes bright.

Grandfather Butler: … When his Young Lord uses her intelligence, there is no stopping her!

“Alright.” Grandfather Butler removed his gloves. “You can get engaged first since this is China.”

As long as they didn’t get married, he could still bring his young lord back to the Fifth Avenue if Young Master Qin did anything to disappoint her. It wasn’t convenient to do anything here after all.

Over here, his young lord would have to redo her entire information system. Of course, even though it was a hassle, it could be easily done by the King of the Hacking World. Obviously, Grandfather Butler had never considered moving their base to China.

When his boss had still been alive, there had been many times he had wanted to return to his roots – but some things weren’t convenient.

Having Young Master Qin around wasn’t a bad thing. It was probably also the reason the crime squad no longer sent out reports of this area. Since Young Master Qin could control his young lord, there probably wouldn’t be any major disasters.

In reality, control went both ways. At the end of the day, they were both willing parties, both finding a balance between black and white. This balance wouldn’t be broken in the near future.

Grandfather Butler was worried about the future. Because of the Asian Cup and the movie his young lord had participated in, there seemed to be a vague exposure. He needed to settle it internally. At least, he couldn’t allow others to associate her to the real Z. He had to make it seem like his young lord had simply been acting well.

Concerning the proposal…

Grandfather Butler reached his hands out, pressing against his temples like a perfect gentleman. Since his young lord was serious, he couldn’t lose out.