Chapter 1404 - Untitled

Chapter 1404 Untitled

On the other side, after his discussion, Qin Mo walked back to the office and glanced at the empty black leather business sofa. He turned his face. His slender fingers were pulling his tie, his voice emotionless. “Where is she?”Internally, Qin Mo’s assistant knew this was bad since Young Master Jiu had told him to watch after Young Master Jiu – no scratch that, it was Young Mistress Jiu.

“She was here a while ago,” the secretary who had been bringing in tea and snacks the entire afternoon spoke meekly, holding her breath.

The temperature in the office started to drop. Just then, Bo Jiu pushed open the door and arched her brow. “Brother Mo, you’re done with work?”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied faintly before he tossed the tie he had removed onto his table and walked forward to hold her hand. “Settle everything else later.”

With that, he brought her downstairs.

During the distance from the office to the elevator, a countless number of employees wanted to stand and take a look. Although they knew Boss Qin’s girlfriend wasn’t a simple girl and had seen her online, it wasn’t common to see her in person even though she was a member of the club under their company.

This was a portion of the employees. The other portions had always been mesmerized by Z and now that they saw her in person, it felt as though they were floating. How could Boss Qin keep their handsome Almighty in the office and not let her out? But now, they finally saw her!

The female employees were in a daze.

There was a drastic change in the atmosphere. The smell of their perfume wasn’t as strong as before because they had seemed to have heard someone say the smell of perfume made Spade Z feel uncomfortable. Thus, everyone had gone into action. Their makeup had never been as pure as today.

That was right, it was pure.

Of course, other than the difference in their makeup, there was even more boldness. When they finally saw Boss Qin bringing Spade Z out of the office, a female employee summoned up her courage and asked, “Mr. Qin, I am a fan of Almighty Z. Can I give her something?”

Qin Mo arched a corner of his eye, his lips seemingly spitting a ‘Heh’.

“What is it?” Bo Jiu spoke before him, her front tooth exposed into a beautiful smile.

When the female employee saw her smile, she braced her small heart and lifted the bag in her hand. “Gloves; it’s getting cold and since you use the computer so often, wearing gloves could keep your hands warm.”

Bo Jiu glanced at her flushed face and her smile thickened. She reached for the bag and took a look, wearing one of the gloves. “Thank you, I like it a lot.”

Qin Mo took a glance over and asked slowly, “Don’t you find the pink and white knit too feminine?”

Bo Jiu instantly knew the Almighty was jealous again. She tilted her head over. “I don’t think so. Brother Mo, I am a girl after all, there isn’t anything wrong with being feminine.”

That was right. The female employee nodded her head at the side. If Big Spade wore those gloves with a red checkered scarf, her tall and slender figure standing in a snow field, just a soft laughter of hers could warm their hearts. She wasn’t just beautiful.

They wanted to bring her home and pinch her face. It was a pity they didn’t have the ability and could only allow Boss Qin the honors. More importantly, no one dared to compete with Boss Qin.

With a formidable love rival, who was also their boss, what could they do? It was hopeless even if they sought advice from the netizens. Since they couldn’t carry her back, they could pamper her. With that in mind, everyone couldn’t help taking action.

Other than the gloves, she also received mugs, lollipops, and an arm guard. Having started, they didn’t seem to care that their boss was also present.

“You must use this mug, drink plenty of water in winter.”

“The arm guard is new, it’s your favorite brand.”

“And the lollipop…”

The assistant listened to their chatter, and then looked back at his Boss Qin’s increasingly darkening face. He turned his head silently.

What should he do if his boss decided to fire them? There were so many of them. During New Year, talented employees were sparse and additionally, the company was also very strict with their hiring.

Why did Young Master Jiu – oh no, Young Mistress Jiu – attract so many of these big sisters?!

These people were fast and efficient at work, their decisions quick and resolute. Those that didn’t act sharp and vigorously were not able to enter this level. But all of them changed after seeing Young Mistress Jiu.

They had a shy expression and seemed as though they wanted to hug and kiss her. Was this really the elite and strong female team from Qin Group?

During their interview, they hadn’t even reacted in such a manner when they had seen President Qin. The capable assistant couldn’t understand this point. Bo Jiu belonged to a type that was both a male and female killer, regardless of their age. She was especially well liked by older sisters and middle-aged female fans.

There were so many gifts she couldn’t hold it all with her two hands.

Qin Mo had probably reached the limits of his patience. He turned his head and glanced at the assistant behind him. It was a chilling glance!

Qin Mo’s assistant dabbed at his cold sweat and immediately took a step forward. “Young Mistress Jiu is busy, you can pass me the gifts first, I will pass it on to her. I also want to remind everyone that it is still office hours.”

Even though that was what he said, he was screaming internally, “Didn’t you guys see how dark Boss Qin’s expression is?!”

With Qin Mo’s assistant attending to the backend, Qin Mo tugged the back of Bo Jiu’s shirt, pulling her into the elevator. He didn’t allow anyone else in.

After pressing the button for the first floor, he turned his hand and held onto her shoulders, pressing her in the elevator. He placed the other hand on the top of her head and leaned forward. Even though there was a smile on his face, he didn’t look happy. “Is the candy tasty?”

“I’m not sure if this is considered tasty.” Bo Jiu smiled briefly as she lifted her chin. “Do you want to try it?”

Qin Mo watched the pale lips in close proximity. There was a faint sheen glazed over it. He reached out and pinched her face. “You accepted someone else’s gift and still want a kiss. Little Bo Jiu, you can go on dreaming.”

Bo Jiu: … Her boyfriend rejected her kiss every day. Who else dated like this? But she didn’t have a choice, she liked Princess Qin just like that. She was going to kiss him even if he didn’t allow it.

This time, Qin Mo didn’t dodge. Instead, he leaned his head down and emptied his right arm to hold her waist, changing the force of his kiss entirely. He didn’t give the elevator doors the chance to open.

This entire building belonged to the Qin Group. Not to mention the elevator password, this whole elevator was exclusive to the president. Unless there was something special, Qin Mo was the only one allowed to use it.

Such elevators were available in some companies. They were to save time for the senior management. Today, Qin Mo seemed to have developed a new function for it.

His fingers trailed into Bo Jiu’s battle uniform as he listened to her irregular breaths. He retracted his hand slightly but his fingertips were still on her smooth back, moving past her waist and increasing the tingling sensation…