Chapter 1405 - Untitled

Chapter 1405 Untitled

The temperature continued to rise. All Bo Jiu could hear was probably the suppressed pants and her own heartbeat. There was confusion in her clear eyes.She placed a hand on Qin Mo’s waist. Her lips were slightly bitten, being a faint hint of red and like a flower in daybreak with dew on its petals.

The tingling sensation probably hadn’t faded because there was confusion in her eyes when she glanced up, seemingly wondering why he had stopped.

Looking at her, Qin Mo’s eyes sank. After taking a deep breath, he covered her with his coat and kissed her again.

But this time, it was just a kiss. Even if they had already reached a certain stage, Young Master Qin still hadn’t forgotten they weren’t in the right place. Even though the elevator was private, it was…

Qin Mo glanced up, his gaze chilling when he looked towards the left corner. That threatening gaze seemed to pierce through the screens.

Qin Mo’s assistant immediately switched off the surveillance camera. The next moment, he received Boss Qin’s call. “You saw it?”

His assistant immediately shook his head. “No.” It was just a kiss. Boss Qin, you should know better than anyone else.

“Heh.” Qin Mo continued, “Next time, don’t place a surveillance camera in my elevator.”

“Yes.” Qin Mo’s assistant was certain that in time to come, it was possible their Boss Qin would frequently flaunt his love in the office.

Bo Jiu heard Qin Mo hang up. She was smart enough to know how comprehensive the security system in the Qin Group was. There would definitely be surveillance cameras in an elevator like this.

Bo Jiu wasn’t embarrassed. She lifted her head and thought for a moment before turning her head to ask, “Do you want me to dismantle it?”

Qin Mo fastened her jacket. “Behave, mmh?”

“I was afraid it would affect you.” Bo Jiu laughed with a hint of mischief.

Qin Mo smiled. “Which girlfriend would dismantle all the surveillance cameras in their boyfriend’s company? Leave such things to the security guards. In addition, don’t climb the ceiling, it’s dirty.”

From his words, Bo Jiu was certain the Almighty found her disgusting but that didn’t seem accurate from the way he was pulling her zipper. He was probably worried she would feel cold when they headed out.

When Bo Jiu held out the scarf she just received, Qin Mo arched his brow. “You want to use it?”

“It looks pretty good with my uniform.” Bo Jiu held it against her top.

Qin Mo reached out to take the scarf away. “I will buy you a better looking one.”

Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “Brother Mo, are you perhaps jealous of such things?”

“Mmh, what’s there to be jealous about? Even if you add all the gifts up, they can’t compare to the things I gave you,” Qin Mo replied slowly. Once he was done zipping her top, he pulled out a mask and fastened it over her ears.

Young Master Qin gave off a feeling of extreme abstinence when he did these things. It was really hard to imagine him taking care of anyone in such a manner.

Bo Jiu tried her best to show her eyes. “When did you give me something?”

How did others express their love? They gave their girlfriend flowers or showered them with sweet nothings and would go along with anything they said. The Almighty did none of these. His only joy was to dig up her dark history and talk to her at night. The content of the conversation was basically the number of people she had confessed to…

Qin Mo looked at the slightly depressed handsome face in front of him and raised his eyebrows indifferently. His voice was faint as he said, “Am I not a gift?”

Bo Jiu choked and coughed lightly. How could she have forgotten that?

With that in mind, the Almighty had indeed gifted her something better than everything she had received.

“Idiot.” Qin Mo glanced at her and broke into a sudden smile. He pulled her up and left, taking all the gifts she received. “Like this lollipop, I can buy it if you crave it. Will you eat candy from your boyfriend or from other people, mmh?”

Bo Jiu didn’t need to think at all. Of course, she would pick her boyfriend’s candy. “What about the scarf and gloves?”

“This cute style doesn’t suit you.”

In short, Bo Jiu understood what the Almighty was saying; she couldn’t use anything other people gave her.

“It’s a pity to just throw it.” Bo Jiu didn’t want to throw gifts from her fans.

Qin Mo replied indifferently, “Who said anything about throwing them? Give it to Lin Feng, he suits this style.”

“Okay!” Bo Jiu broke into a smile.

Now that the competition was finally over, Lin Feng was lying in the dormitory, training officially. But in reality, he was asleep. He was slightly confused when the dorm’s security guard called him down. Pink and white glove? Checkered scarf? What were these?

More importantly, the uncle also told him, “Your friend said that you suit this style.”

What did he mean by that? He was a straight man; how did he suit pink and white gloves?

But he couldn’t throw it away either. He grabbed a wad of hair and when he brought it up, he couldn’t help wearing the gloves instinctively.

When Lin Feng wanted to remove the gloves, Yun Hu pushed the door and came in. He swept a glance at his dressing and his gaze landed on his hand.

Lin Feng was embarrassed. How was he supposed to explain the origins of the gloves?

After some thought, he decided that it was just a glove and not condoms after all. He decided not to explain since it was just the color that seemed a little feminine.

“Cough, a secret admirer gave it to me,” Lin Feng said with a serious expression. “I already told them to stop giving me things but since I’m so handsome, I would always be troubled in this area. They probably made a mistake when they sent out the things and ended up giving me their own gloves…”

Yun Hu listened to him silently while he placed the curry chicken he bought onto the table. After unfastening half his light-colored trench coat, he smiled. “The gloves are from Captain and Little Spade; they said the style suits you.”

Lin Feng: … Did you understand the embarrassment to tell a lie and be caught red handed? F*ck!

Suddenly, Yun Hu leaned forward and touched the glove Lin Feng hadn’t had time to take off. “Well, it’s really suitable.”

Lin Feng stiffened because Yun Hu was too close. Ever since the competition ended, they hadn’t been this close. The discomfort rose within him again.

Lin Feng tilted his head and removed the gloves.

Yun Hu took it in but didn’t comment. He just hung the trench coat on his arm and regained a safe distance. “Come and have dinner, the cafeteria was selling tonight.”

Lin Feng was hungry and there wasn’t any strange feeling that came from eating.

While Yun Hu washed his hands, Lin Feng opened the food packages and brought two cans of beer over. Boys had always been rougher. If there was no water during the meal, they would have beer.

After Lin Feng set up the meal, he lowered his head and started eating when he saw Yun Hu coming over.

Lin Feng had always eaten like a real man: with his head lowered, devouring huge mouthfuls.

Yun Hu first took a sip of beer before he glanced at him and frowned. “Why didn’t you order takeaway if you were so hungry?”

“I wasn’t very hungry just now.” Lin Feng’s cheeks were bulging when he spoke. He drank a beer before taking a long breath. “I feel alive again.”

Yun Hu laughed. This was probably how it was to like someone. As long as he was by your side, whatever he did, said or ate would feel pleasing to the eye.

“Why are you looking at me?” Lin Feng asked, feeling as though something was wrong.

Yun Hu retracted his gaze and replied breezily, “Nothing much but the professor called you out today.”

“F*ck! No way!” Lin Feng held the bamboo chopsticks. Was he that unlucky?

“Mmh,” Yun Hu replied and added, “I helped you with it.”

Lin Feng manually flashed a heart sign towards him. “Brother, what did you say? Did you give a particularly good excuse which the professor believed? I know that I can count on you.”

“I was honest,” Yun Hu replied slowly, taking a sip of beer. “I said your workload outside is too heavy. Hence, you continue to skip lessons. I asked him to discipline you when he has the time.”

“What?!” With a loud snap, the chopsticks in Lin Feng’s hand fell. “Brother, are you trying to kill me?”

Yun Hu took out another pair of chopsticks and passed it to him. “It is a good thing to inherit the Lin family but there are some people who you are not suited to interact with yet. You don’t have to go over to learn about company management, there is still a lot to learn from the professor. In addition, I will be responsible for your attendance in the future. The professor has some papers you can tidy up.”

Lin Feng had yet to catch his breath.

Everyone liked to attend university because of freedom. But what was the meaning of this? Attendance, thesis? Was he going back to his lifeless high school days? And this was all because of his good brother. Were they still brothers?

Lin Feng leaned his head against the wall. “My results are fine. I don’t have to go overseas anyway.”

“You can tell that to the professor.” Yun Hu looked at his reluctant expression and his fingers tightened. “Do you still think it’s better to run to those construction sites than to be in school?”

Lin Feng hesitated. “That isn’t it.”

Yun Hu arched his brow. “Is it because of the people?”

“Ah?” What people?

Before Lin Feng could reply, the phone Yun Hu had placed on the table rang. Lin Feng was no stranger to the name flashing on the screen. This number had appeared before Yun Hu had gone overseas. Now, it appeared again.

That boy.

Lin Feng watched Yun Hu pick up the phone. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong.

“What is it?”

Lin Feng didn’t hear the voice from the other side. As he couldn’t stand such situations, he stood up and walked away under the pretext of taking another can of beer. His head was heavy and he didn’t know what he was thinking. Even though he wanted to take a can of beer, he ended up with a pack of spicy strips. What was up with him?

Lin Feng looked at the things in his hand, once he decided that it had been enough time. He walked back. Sure enough, when he sat back on the chair and picked up the chopsticks, Yun Hu had hung up.

“Eat first, I’ll be out for a while.”

“Mmh,” Lin Feng replied. He lowered his head and stuffed another mouthful of rice before adding, “Take the keys with you, I might be going out in a while.”

Yun Hu glanced at him. “Where are you going?”

Internally, Lin Feng thought, “Why do you care when you are going on a date?”

“My report, I should have handed it in a while ago.”

As soon as Yun Hu heard that it was about the Lin Group, he knew very well who was in charge of Lin Feng. “Didn’t you say you were staying on campus?”

Lin Feng placed his can of beer down. “I think it’s nice outside. I’ll tell the professor when it’s time.”

Yun Hu’s hand tightened around his phone. “You think it’s nice outside. Heh, I was being nosy.”

Lin Feng was frustrated by the sound of the phone. “No, everyone thinks differently, right? You are smart and suitable to be in school – but I am different. You should know, I have always been slow in this aspect. I can only grow faster if I have direct experience. Moreover, the company can’t wait for me that long.”

“You don’t think I can bring you along?” Yun Hu tilted his head and laughed.

Lin Feng didn’t want to make the atmosphere too stiff. Firstly, it was just after the competition, and secondly, it hadn’t been long since Yun Hu had come back. He took another glance at the phone screen that lit up, “Okay, okay, don’t you have to go out? I can handle my problem, besides, I’m not a kid anymore.”

Basically, such an excuse was to reject him entirely. Yun Hu dropped his hand to one side and looked at the person standing in front of him.

Sometimes, he really wanted to ask him whether he couldn’t accept men or just not him. But he couldn’t ask such things because the moment he asked the question, it was akin to pushing him into a corner.

Since he had already told himself this before, this time, he wouldn’t act like before. He was determined to turn him gay. Hence, regardless of what happened, he wouldn’t just back off that easily.

“We can talk about it when I’m back.” Before Yun Hu left, he reached out and caressed Lin Feng’s head.

Lin Feng was a little shocked.

When the room door was closed, he completely lost his appetite. What did that mean? Didn’t Yun Hu know how to maintain a distance? Or perhaps, was it because he now treated him as a brother again? Was that the reason he didn’t pay attention to his actions?

Lin Feng tossed himself onto the bed and glanced out at the darkening sky. He didn’t turn on the lights, the string of numbers coming to mind once again.

It seemed like it was best to move out. If he didn’t move out, things would start to seem wrong.

Perhaps it wasn’t Yun Hu that was wrong. Maybe he was the issue. What exactly was this frustrating feeling?

Lin Feng lifted his hand and placed it over his forehead. He told himself that the situation had already reached this point. Regret was useless now.

Besides, the competition was over. It was the second half of his third year. Thus, there wasn’t anything wrong with moving out of campus. He would receive approval if he explained it to the professor seriously. There wouldn’t be a problem.

He was still lusting for the gentleness that used to belong to him – but not long ago, he had no longer qualified to have that tenderness.

They were both good. All he could say was that they probably had no fate in this lifetime. They were destined to be brothers. Either the opportunity or the time was wrong.

The most regrettable thing in this world was probably when you finally decided to turn gay but the person that made you gay already belonged to someone else. Heh…