Chapter 1406 - Untitled

Chapter 1406 Untitled

Lin Feng didn’t wait for Yun Hu to return. He texted him a random excuse and went home.When Yun Hu received the message, his gaze dimmed and the boy beside him glanced over. “Is it him?”

Yun Hu kept his mobile phone away. His voice was weak as he said, “Your affairs have been prepared for. Find Director Xiao when you are there and don’t show yourself here again.”

Previously, the boy had wanted something more with Yun Hu. But thereafter, he had realized the man that had engaged him to put on a show was too difficult to approach. No, he wasn’t just difficult to approach. It was that he had never intended to have anything to do with any boy except that person.

The boy had found out after the show and was extremely obedient after accepting the money. This time, it had been planned before but the boy didn’t understand why he insisted on sending him overseas.

“Mr. Yun, is it convenient for me to ask, when can I come back?”

Yun Hu glanced at him. “I said for you to never show up here again.”

The boy stiffened and could sense his impatience. In fact, Yun Hu had never had a good temper, except to Lin Feng. Most of the time, as Lin Feng had previously said, as the only grandson of the Yun family, he never cared about how others felt. Even though he was well mannered, he was still naturally arrogant. That was probably how he was described.

The boy didn’t dare to say another word. He knew well that although this man was just a college student, with his family background, he could easily kick him out of the industry. Not to mention, his current bosses named him as a very important person.

After Yun Hu was done, he called his friend. The emotions were indecipherable from his voice. “Murong An, what are you up to?”

“Judging from your words, you must have met him? How was it? I saw you take him away the previous time and took it to heart. This time, I told him to contact you directly. Brother, you finally smartened up. Lin Feng is really good, but he is straight, isn’t he? He certainly won’t understand your mind, not to mention, even if someone like him understood, he might not…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Yun Hu interrupted him directly. “I seem to have warned you not to say things like ‘someone like him’ in front of me.”

“Yes, yes, I was wrong.” Murong An didn’t want to infuriate him. “You don’t like my arrangements?”

This time, Yun Hu chuckled, his voice chilling as he said, “If you make such nonsense arrangements again, you should know the consequences.”

Murong An felt a chill down his spine, and immediately started to watch his words. “Okay, I know that you are conservative. Now that the competition is over, what are your plans? Didn’t you say you weren’t going overseas anymore?”

“Mmh,” Yun Hu replied faintly. He knew Murong An wouldn’t mess around anymore. “I’ll stay in school.”

“Are you just going to stay in school?” Murong An always wanted to do something with this big guy. Other than him, there probably wouldn’t be anyone else who knew how powerful he was. The top student of A University had never been an empty title, the professors would take him along for international discussions. Ordinary people might not understand the magnitude of the discussions but those doing business understood; to be able to participate in such events wasn’t just about money or power but also top notched capabilities.

In addition, Yun Hu had a strong background, making it easier to obtain certain resources. It was a pity if some like him didn’t do something.

Yun Hu went up the stairs while talking on the phone. His tone remained unchanged. “For this period.”

“Don’t, don’t.” Murong An rolled his eyes abruptly. “Aren’t you aware of that thing?”

Yun Hu frowned. “Speak properly, what is that?”

“Lin Group.” Murong An grasped one of the most important points. “Hasn’t Lin Feng been running the Lin’s construction site project recently? They seem keen to cooperate with us, how about it? Are you interested?”

At this moment, Yun Hu opened the door of the dormitory. It was already empty. The person who had originally been sitting at the table had gone off somewhere. It was so empty it seemed as though the wind could come gushing in.

Yun Hu closed the door and lowered his gaze towards the luggage rack. It was empty as well. What exactly was Lin Feng up to?

“Hey, hey, did you hear me? Boss.” Murong An held his phone, unsure of the situation on the other side.

Just as he was about to raise his voice, a voice came from the other end. There seemed to be a chilling tone to his voice, perhaps due to the winter. “I’ll take the cooperation you mentioned.”

Murong An never expected it to be so easy. Even though he expected a certain someone’s name to be useful, according to his understanding, even if Yun Hu agreed, he couldn’t scout him over that easily.

But now, although Murong An didn’t know what was going on, from a certain point of view, it was a blessing from Heaven. “Great, I will immediately instruct my man to relax their conditions a little.”

“There isn’t a need.” Yun Hu glanced at the empty luggage rack again. “Retain the conditions but add one more line.”


“Let Lin Feng come to talk in person but don’t tell him I am in charge.”

Murong An understood his intentions. “Deal! Don’t worry, I’m arranging it!”

Yun Hu hung up and sat on a chair in the dormitory. It felt cold. He had asked Lin Feng to wait but he had left with his luggage. It was obvious he had wanted to move out. Indeed, they both could have moved out long ago, they just had to seek permission from the professor.

This way was easier for a year three student. After all, students of A University would have their own set of logics outside.

The professor wasn’t willing to release Yun Hu though. Otherwise, as Murong An had said, he would become the chief executive officer wherever he went. Not to mention, who didn’t know his face? More importantly, Yun Hu didn’t want to leave.

On this point, Murong An was clear as well. Firstly, it was because of the Supreme Alliance, and secondly, it was because he wanted to be with a certain someone as easily as possible.

Yun Hu had once said, “If it wasn’t for him, perhaps if he hadn’t continued to stay by my side, I really don’t know what sort of person I would end up as.”

When he had said that, Yun Hu had been in a bar with the wine bottles toppling around his feet. He was sober though.

Perhaps only those familiar with him would know that Yun Hu didn’t have a good temper and he wasn’t kind – especially when he had been young.

The Yun family had been worried his personality was too extreme and he would end up becoming a bad person when he grew up.

Indeed, Yun Hu might seem mature and stable, but he got along with all sorts of people.

Old Master Yun had once said that if this child was raised well, he would be suited for politics. If he wasn’t raised well, however, he was afraid Lin Feng would become the most troublesome existence for the Yun family.

If he hated someone, he would use the most vicious methods to deal with them. He treated others politely but would never really take them to heart. He hadn’t had an absolute view – at least, until Lin Feng’s appearance.

Back then, Lin Feng had been bigger than him. However, since he had been so exquisite when they had first met, Yun Hu had been very patient towards him. Yun Hu liked beauty, regardless of whether it was objects or humans.

Back then, he had thought he liked Lin Feng because of his beauty. Subsequently, he realized that wasn’t it. He hadn’t minded even if Lin Feng’s hands had been dirty from playing basketball. When Lin Feng had been disfigured from fighting, all Yun Hu had wanted to do had been to beat the person who had fought with him.

It had been good when the two of them had sat together and played Super Mario.

When they had been five, they had seemed clueless.

How could it be calm and peaceful when boys hung out together? There would naturally be kicks going around. But the next day, they would drink a cup of milk.

Yun Hu had found Lin Feng just pleasing to the eye. Lin Feng had grown increasingly more pleasing the more he had looked.

Lin Feng had been so pleasing to the eye that even Yun Hu’s mother had commented, “It would be nice if Lin Feng were a little girl. It’s so interesting how the both of you are always together; even your meals are synchronized.”

Or while she had woven gloves for Yun Hu. “Going to play with Lin Feng again? Child, you can solely reconcile with Lin Feng. The child from Old Li’s house has been crying for three years. All he did was break your gamepad and you stopped playing with him but Lin Feng damaged so many of yours and yet you haven’t behaved in such a manner.”

The child from Old Li’s house wasn’t ugly and looked like a real-life doll. But Yun Hu had found that yawning little boy the cutest, especially when Lin Feng had protected him. That had been memorable.

But now, Lin Feng no longer protected him and even wanted to move out.

Yun Hu sat there, not knowing whether he was smiling or if something was wrong. The corners of his mouth were pressed down while he was looking into the distance resolutely.

On the other side, Mother Lin was a little surprised when she saw Lin Feng returning home. “Why did you come back at this hour? And why are you carrying so many things?”

“Mmh, there aren’t any classes tomorrow,” Lin Feng muttered. “And there’s a project I’m working on. I came back since it’s closer to the office. I’ll let the professor know tomorrow.”

Mother Lin glanced at him. “Son, although I don’t see any issue with what you’re doing, you should take care of school as well.”

“I know,” Lin Feng replied as he kept his luggage.

Mother Lin glanced out of the window. “You’re alone?”

“Mmh. “Lin Feng removed his scarf.

Mother Lin arched a brow. “What about Yun Hu, isn’t he in the same dormitory as you? You aren’t young anymore; did you perhaps get into a fight?”

“No, Mom,” Lin Feng said helplessly. “Don’t think too much into it. How could we have a fight?”

Mother Lin nodded. “Indeed, Yun Hu has such a mild temper. If you continue to throw a tantrum, there wouldn’t be anyone willing to play with you next time.”

Lin Feng: … Who exactly was your biological son again?

Mother Lin continued, “Then tell me, since you guys aren’t fighting, why are you back home alone? If I remember correctly, Yun Hu should be in school right now.”

Lin Feng paused before answering, “He should be on a date. I’m not sure. Could you please move to the side? Your son is exhausted and wants to head upstairs to sleep.”