Chapter 1407 - Untitled

Chapter 1407 Untitled

Mother Lin was certain there was something wrong with Lin Feng. She thought that perhaps he was exhausted from having to run things between school and the company. Moreover, the competition had just ended. Her son probably needed to rest. Hence, she didn’t probe any further.Lin Feng carried the luggage upstairs. Without tidying his clothes, he tossed himself onto the bed.

The Lin family had moved out of the military courtyard a while ago. Thus, they were no longer neighbors with the Yun family. This was probably the reason behind the gap that existed, which, in turn, resulted in this state.

Fortunately, the competition had ended. There was another layer of meaning to the end of the competition though. It meant that their interactions were coming to an end.

In the past, they could still be connected because of the competition. What were they going to depend on in the future?

In the adult world, some things had to be said. If they had known each other afterwards, perhaps, the gap wouldn’t have been as big – but they had grown up together.

Lin Feng shut his eyes. It was too late to think about all those. He could only keep an appropriate distance. Perhaps in the future, they would only meet each other in the clubhouse.

Mother Lin glanced into the room from the door. He was asleep so quickly? It was probably because he was rarely causing trouble that most of the time, no one would associate him with the word sensitive.

After the competition had ended, everyone lived a different life.

Xue Yaoyao was the same. She was standing under the shower, trying to flush the breath away from her body. But she found that once some things had been branded on, they were difficult to get rid of.

Fortunately, it wasn’t very dark outside.

She had gotten used to it. After spending some time in a certain lifestyle, anyone would be accustomed to it. For example, right now – she could stand in front of him calmly and put her clothes back on one by one.

In the past, this had been something she wouldn’t dream about.

Their agreement was about to end.

When she entered university, everything would stop. When the time came, they wouldn’t be in such a mess anymore.

Xue Yaoyao wore the long down jacket. She wasn’t very striking but anyone could tell that the down jacket appeared much bigger than before.

Jiang Zuo’s upper body was naked, his back leaning on the head of the bed lazily, with a cigarette between his slender fingers. His expression couldn’t be seen from this angle. But he could see her clearly.

She had changed so much since he had known her. At that time, he had never thought that one day, she could become so thin.

Strangely, Jiang Zuo was frustrated, especially when he saw the emptiness when she wore the down jacket. He was reminded that she only had an apple for lunch. Was there a need for such things?

When he saw her back view, Jiang Zuo pressed his cigarette butt into the ashtray, a hint of laughter in his voice. “You intend to carry on like this?”

Xue Yaoyao paused and turned to look at him, a puzzled expression on her face.

“Viewing slenderness as beauty.” Jiang Zuo was an indecipherable person.

In the past and right now, Xue Yaoyao remained indifferent and unaffected. This was probably how they were.

They couldn’t quarrel. Instead, their meetings were sexual and intimate. Once the intimacy ended, they would return to their own homes. The next day at the dinner table, they would act the roles of polite ‘siblings’.

These days, even her mother had cheered up quite a bit. The atmosphere in the Jiang family was better than ever. But that was only if she listened to him…