Chapter 1408 - Untitled

Chapter 1408 Untitled

“I didn’t.” Xue Yaoyao fastened the hood of the down jacket over her head. “I’m leaving first. You can wait half an hour before setting off. It’s safer and Uncle Jiang won’t think too much.”Jiang Zuo smiled when he heard the words but there was no warmth in his eyes. “You have changed. You are much more thoughtful when you think through things.”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t try to figure out what his smile meant. She took her things and said, “It’s better to be careful.”

The Jiang family needed the siblings to be harmonious. This way, her mother’s life would be much easier. In reality, she didn’t wish this situation to continue. After all, in the eyes of some people, they would always be taking advantage of the Jiang family.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t deny this. But that didn’t apply when she played esports.

Xue Yaoyao had heard of the comments from the people in his circle. “Playing esports? Even at this age, girls actually play esports? Is it similar to female anchors?” That last line would always be said in a suggestive tone. In the entertainment industry, Jiang’s business gatherings had always been numerous.

Jiang Zuo hadn’t known what was going on but he suddenly figured it out.

Xue Yaoyao, on the other hand, had always understood that Uncle Jiang had married her mother not because of nostalgia. The person he had kept in his heart had always been the woman who looked and sounded similar to Jiang Zuo.

Uncle Jiang was cheery every day now that Jiang Zuo had a better temper. Even commercial gatherings were mostly controlled by Jiang Zuo.

Those who came seemed to know the status of both her and her mother. It wasn’t that they didn’t show respect but they didn’t really show that much respect either.

Of course, there was gossip. The rich young ladies he knew and her classmates would always say a few words after seeing her. Most of those were for her to wake up, to forget about her wishful thinking, and not to think much about her close ties with the Jiang family.

Xue Yaoyao had never said anything. If she had a choice, she wouldn’t want to return to the Jiang family. Compared to such events, she would much rather be in Uncle Yin’s internet cafe. Coco and Feng Shang were there and there was a variety of different flavored instant noodles that Uncle Yin would make them. This internet cafe possessed a warmth that wasn’t present in the Jiang family.

There weren’t many people who were concerned about her education.

Other than Coco, who would tap her head and say, “Geez, why is it so difficult? Are the problems from our country all so difficult? My head is about to explode.”

As a young master who had grown up abroad, he was really not used to domestic courses. For this reason, Coco specifically called their captain and asked pitifully if he could give him tuition.

Their captain was the student representative of A University and had no problems with science.

“I only give tuition to my girlfriend.”

Coco had stiffened from his words.

Even until this day, Xue Yaoyao still found it funny when she thought back to that scene because it wasn’t common for Almighty Qin not to hang up directly.

However, Qin Mo even added, “Also, stop calling to disturb my dates, can’t you guys solve such a trivial problem by yourself?”

After he hung up on Coco, Coco sent out a post on Weibo. “Captain is flaunting his relationship uniquely. Have you ever considered how us single dogs feel? Why is this question so difficult?”

There were many comments comforting him. What was even more heartbreaking, however, was that most of the fans were asking, “How did he flaunt? Share it with us.”

Coco finally caught their attention and started to rant about what his captain did.

Since it was Weibo, Bo Jiu would also be scrolling through. She clicked into Coco’s profile and saw his post. “I asked Captain to give me lessons and do you know what he said?”