Chapter 141 - Lord Jiu and Almighty’s Teamwork

Chapter 141: Lord Jiu and Almighty’s Teamwork

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Therefore, after she had sent out this voice message, the players of the game fell dead silent.

Fu Jiu still held that lollipop in her mouth, but her hand, which was attacking a monster, paused. She quickly followed up by releasing another big shot, however, and her finger techniques were amazing.

All the other players weren’t as fast.

But at this very moment, the boss monster showed up and sent out a special finisher of fireballs towards the team.

Even a master player like <Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> lost half of his HP with this attack. Luckily, he was good enough to retreat in the middle of it.

The rest of the players weren’t so lucky. They fell directly and died in nasty ways.

Usually, when a team only had three players left and one of them was dying, winning the game no longer possible.

But to everyone’s surprise, that silent Spade Z raised a sensational storm behind Fu Jiu by using <Whirling Sword Shadow>. That light was so bright that it covered the whole screen. The blinding silver glow caught people’s attention for a long time.

Fu Jiu, who was being protected by Almighty Qin, didn’t lose any of her killing ability and jumped out from under his cover. Even the black armor was shimmering with silver lights, and he sent out a slaughterous, explosive attack!

People witnessed this magnificent teamwork under those dazzling special effects!

Handsome, wild, unstoppable!

The whole team were stunned by this scene. From their eyes, which were fixed on the screen, to their arms filled with goosebumps, they all felt shock like they never had before.

That technique!

That technique… was clearly Almighty Qin’s specialty: <Three Thousand Blade Cuts>!

How come Spade Z could release Almighty Qin’s premium technique?!

Who on earth was it that was using <Spade Z’s> account?!

Everyone had the same question.

But aside from questioning, they were more in shock, and that shock spread out from deep within their blood.

Although they had heard so many legends about Almighty Qin, he was already a god. With the top account that he was using, no matter what kind of techniques he used, there would always be a small, tiny voice inside people’s hearts saying that Almighty Qin’s prowess was inseparable from his account.

But now, these techniques were released from a new account!

It was even capable of releasing the most difficult <Three Thousand Blade Cuts>!

Even though that new account held the shiny King of the Newcomers badge, only a player who had been playing since Hero came out could release this kind of attack!

That was obviously Almighty Qin himself!

Except Almighty Qin, no one among all the professional teams could do it!

He could attack and defend at the same time!

There was a saying “with three thousand blade cuts, the obliteration of ten thousand monsters.”

The computer screen was still blinking with a silver light, which was reflected in everyone’s eyes. Their pupils started to waver.

Right after that, all they could hear from their headphones was the deafening sound of a explosion!

The gigantic boss monster fell down, creating a thick layer of snow-like dust around it.

At the same time, <Spade Z>, <Qin Mo> and <Award You A Slap of Pleasure>—their names were hung high above on top of the server page. Three times in total, First Clear completed!

What was even more shocking was that their team also broke the records and became the team that completed a First Clear within the shortest time in history!