Chapter 1410 - Untitled

Chapter 1410 Untitled

Just as the thought hit her, the phone in her hand started to ring. The caller ID was from her cold boy that hadn’t been answering her calls.Movie Queen An had brought him up and hence was familiar with his ways. Thus, she didn’t show her anxiety immediately. Instead, she was prepared to question him slowly. “What do you intend to do?”

“Ms. An, I don’t understand what you are saying.” Qin Mo looked through the car window, his gaze landing on a figure not far away beneath the light.

This sentence triggered the elegant Movie Queen An and she moved her shawl. “Don’t feign ignorance, your grandfather said that someone had offered you a marriage proposal and you accepted it.”

Qin Mo wasn’t the least bit affected by her words as he calculated the time a certain someone would need to come back. “Mmh.”

Whose son behaved in such a manner, answering with only one sound?

Movie Queen An really wanted to call her husband.

Qin Mo seemed to have predicted his mother’s intentions. “Before you complain to my father, you should ask Grandfather which family proposed the marriage.”

“How could I not have asked? He said that it is a Chinese descendant who went abroad before the opening of the nation and that they have ancient aristocratic blood from country Y.” Movie Queen An continued to craft her own stories. “You group of capitalists, marrying for the sake of profit.”

Qin Mo knew that his mother had added the resentment towards his dad to him. “You didn’t investigate it thoroughly. You can ask Grandfather if he knows the reason I agreed.”

Movie Queen An narrowed her eyes, and she cleverly changed the subject. “Why isn’t your household registration book at home?”

“I gave it to your Little Male Almighty,” Qin Mo replied casually.

After Movie Queen An thought for a moment, she went straight to the point. “What has giving your household registration book to do with the marriage proposal?”

“Your Little Male Almighty requires some hints in order to take action.” Qin Mo didn’t deny it and instead leaked out some information.

The more she listened, the stranger it seemed. “Are you trying to scheme against Jiu again?”

“Ms. An, pay attention to your words. We are both willing parties.” Qin Mo looked out of the car window and tapped his slender fingers on the steering wheel. “Okay, she will be back soon. Regarding the marriage proposal, you can ask about it again. Also, Ms. An, I don’t mind if you fan your Little Male Almighty but don’t be too ostentatious. For example, don’t turn up for those gift-giving activities. You should know about influence. There would be a lot of attention if you turn up.”

After Movie Queen An heard this, she wasn’t very satisfied. “You make it sound like I caused you a lot of trouble when in truth I was only trying to boost my Little Male Almighty’s popularity.”

“Going forward, the Qin Group will start creating marketing strategies appealing to auntie fans like yourself. You can invest your money in your Little Male Almighty,” Qin Mo said calmly.

Movie Queen An tilted her head to look at her manager standing next to her. “Your Boss Qin wants to earn his mother’s money!”

“Goddess, the media, the media…” The manager, who was listening at the side, broke into cold sweat. He had never seen anyone else with more personality than his Boss Qin!

Qin Mo returned to the original topic. “Don’t call again, it’s better not to let her know about this sort of thing. I’m still waiting for the proposer to marry your son home.”

Movie Queen An: …

The manager was at a loss for words as well. He wanted to cover his face. He had never expected Boss Qin to be this sort of person.

After Movie Queen An had hung up the call, she was overjoyed. When the corners of her mouth curved up, she was glamorous and beyond beautiful. “The ice boy in my family has finally smartened up. That’s what happened.”

“Ah?” The manager called out. He wanted to ask Movie Queen An to wait a moment. Didn’t she hear that Boss Qin was waiting for the proposer to marry him home?

With some simple translation, this meant he was going to marry her. The sole inheritor of the Qin Group, the man that was cherished by countless numbers of fans, the face with the most commercial value, the most profitable Almighty Qin – was going to marry? Marry?!

The manager needed a moment to calm down.

Seriously, in the future, Boss Qin was going to get married. Who was going to take over the Qin Group?

The corporate world, internet, and media…

The manager could predict how it would be when the news was leaked. It would be an explosive outcome.

He wanted to ask Boss Qin how he could say such things so naturally. But after listening to Movie Queen An, he realized Boss Qin had planned it. Despicable, he really was despicable!

Even Little Blackie, a top-notch smart sports car wanted to say that. It had heard the entire conversation. That explained why he had given its master his household registration book. It was all a scheme. And its master actually thought he was shy!

Little Blackie really didn’t know what to say. The most frightening thing was that this devil could even see through the thoughts of the car because his first words after ending the call were, “Seems like I’ll have to wipe out your data from just now.”

Little Blackie watched his slender finger begin tapping the screen and couldn’t help but hug its chubby self. “As far as my loyalty to the master goes, I won’t say anything if she doesn’t ask!”

“Oh?” Qin Mo arched his brow. “That’s sincere. It’s fine if you’re not going to tell her. She’s here.”

Little Blackie immediately shut his mouth.

The moment Bo Jiu entered the car, she sensed a strange atmosphere in the air. But soon, she was seduced by the Almighty’s next actions. His fingers touched her face and the corners of his mouth were lifted into a smile. The Almighty never seemed to have smiled so tenderly before.

“Are you cold?” Qin Mo was really trying to warm her face.

Bo Jiu wasn’t so arrogant. Half her face mask was removed and her handsome face was shown. “I’m not cold but the cold is still on me, don’t hug.”

“The colder you are, the more I want to hug you.” Once Qin Mo finished talking, he caressed her head.

At that moment, Bo Jiu completely forgot about the strange atmosphere from before. Moreover, Qin Mo didn’t immediately drive off, instead, he unwrapped one of the hamburgers, feeding her while getting her to hold one of the drinks. He laughed occasionally. His faint smile made the moon outside pale in comparison.

Little Blackie watched as its owner sunk completely into the honey trap and its screen flickered twice. He had the feeling that this was how its future would look like.

Little Blackie realized that the devil was outstanding at seeking attention! Qin Mo didn’t just do everything he wanted. He also behaved the way his master liked. Why else would its master think he was shy!

A moment ago, for example, its master had leaned over for a kiss. Qin Mo then had stuffed a drumstick into his mouth, then smiled and landed a kiss on his owner’s forehead. “Behave when you eat.”

The little seductress was just to lure her in! That explained why its intelligent master was defeated in his hands. That devil’s level…

Little Blackie hadn’t had the chance to insult him when Qin Mo already glanced at the rear mirror. It was frightening!

Once the car behaved, Qin Mo retracted his gaze and wiped a corner of Bo Jiu’s mouth with a tissue. Regardless of where he looked, his Bo Jiu was the most pleasing to the eyes.

Bo Jiu was completely unaware that she didn’t need to do anything to attract the Almighty. She received another kiss and was feeling sweet inside.

There was another thing worth feeling happy about.

Just now when she had been buying hamburgers, she had received a message from Grandfather Butler. The content had been simple, with just one line. “Everything is settled, I’m asking for Qin Mo’s hand at the An family now.”

Asking for Qin Mo’s hand?

Bo Jiu realized she especially enjoyed those words. Mmh, once Grandfather Butler was done with his end, she could start with her side.

Qin Mo wasn’t sure what she was smiling about but there was a hint of mischief in the corners of her lips.

On the other hand, Grandfather Butler proceeded with the formal route. A tuxedo was a must have along with the sincere proposal he brought along. As we all know, Old Master An wasn’t one to meet others casually.

The An and Qin family weren’t the same, all the An family’s businesses were abroad and they had been doing business for a very long time.

People often said that wealth wouldn’t last past three generations but this wasn’t the case for the An family.

Now, it has reached Movie Queen An. Old Master An had tried to stop her from entering the entertainment industry but later, Old Master An had only managed to heave a sigh of relief because of the kid from the Qin family. After all, that person had said that there would definitely be someone inheriting An family’s property. And he had managed to do that.

His grandson in particular had been accomplished since young. There were many who wanted to be acquainted, most of them celebrities, both domestically and internationally.

However, Old Master An knew best that there had always been a person hidden in that kid’s heart. Because of that person, Old Master An had never asked about his grandson’s marriage. After all, he knew better than anyone. When they had moved back from abroad, his little grandson had waited outside the house next door with the amulet for a very long time.

Honestly, that had been the first time he saw his grandson’s fragility.

His mother had been worried he didn’t wish to return back home. In reality, he hadn’t been against the idea – but his little partner had suddenly disappeared.

That time had been the first time he had heard his grandson ask an extremely naive question. Back then, he had still been very young.

Qin Mo had only been at most around Old Master An’s waist area and thus had lifted his exquisite little face to ask, “Grandfather, do you think she will come back?”

Old Master An had been in the corporate world for many years and known at a glance that the family next door would not come back again. Everything had been moved away. It had been as if they hadn’t lived there before. As they had just suddenly cut off contact, something must have happened.

Old Master An had known it but he had told the similarly logical grandson a white lie. “Yes, since she likes you so much, she will definitely come back.”

“But we had an argument.” His little grandson had just been like a little prince, standing under the moonlight with his little suit. When he had curled his lips, his eyes had turned a little red. “She is so stupid that she doesn’t know how to cover herself with a blanket at night and will always climb walls. She doesn’t care about anything when she starts to play games and doesn’t know how to roll up her sleeves when she brushes her teeth…”

In that moment, Old Master An had realized something. It was what the child next door meant to his grandson.

His grandson had always been cold and had never been chatty. But at this moment, he had said so much in one seating. With every word, the emotion in his heart had intensified. Old Master An couldn’t bear it but the Bo family had a special identity and many things couldn’t be controlled.

At the beginning, everyone thinks that children would forget about such things after a month. But when his grandson had become reluctant to eat, Old Master An had grown extremely anxious.

As he hadn’t been able to get in touch with the Bo family, he had brought his grandson back to China. He had thought that leaving the place filled with memories would make his grandson feel better. But it hadn’t.

At that time, his grandson had seemed to be covered by something. Although he had become more normal, the gap between him and the other kids his age had grown wider and wider. There weren’t many people who had seen him smile again. He had grown increasingly indifferent. Even the tiniest willfulness had been gone.

Because of that, Old Master An had felt guilty. If he hadn’t brought his grandson overseas, such a situation wouldn’t have arisen.

And just like that, one year and the next had passed.

Old Master An had thought that time was enough. There were some cute kids around his age that had come forward to befriend him.

Perhaps, his grandson would get better. But soon, he had realized it didn’t matter how cute the little children had been. His grandson had been indifferent and none of them had caught his eyes, besides his few good brothers. When little girls had come, he hadn’t even glanced at them.

Back then, there had been other kids that liked climbing walls. The girls raised in the military courtyard were generally more rigid after all.

But his grandson had remained unfaltered. Perhaps he had just assumed he hadn’t faltered.

Old Master An clearly remembered what his grandson had said before going to bed that day. “Grandpa, don’t worry, she would never climb over the wall like that. I always worry that she will fall off the wall but she was never worried about it and wouldn’t look at anyone else. You said that she likes me a lot and will definitely come back. I’m still waiting.”

Old Master An had never expected to hear those words coming from a little boy who wasn’t even ten years old. He hadn’t slept the entire night.

The next day at breakfast, he had treated his grandson in the same way he treated adults because Old Master An had known that there wasn’t a need to treat his grandson, whose intelligence was way off the charts, like a child. “Mo, some things are complicated and sometimes, wishes might not come true. Both you and Jiu are still young. If she doesn’t come back, you can’t be waiting forever, right?”

Qin Mo had looked up from the dining table. Although there hadn’t been any sharpness on his face yet, there had been a faint manly aura around him. “If she doesn’t come back, I will find her. This is not a big deal. If I can’t find her in a year, I will look for her for two years. If I can’t find her in two years, I will look for her for three years. After a long time, I will be able to find her. If I really can’t find her, I will stand in the most dazzling place for her to see. She won’t have forgotten the Chinese words I taught her.”

Old Master An had remained silent, thinking of what would happen if she forgot about him.

What had happened later was something he hadn’t expected at all. She hadn’t forgotten him but his grandson had been the one who had forgotten about the person he had been trying to find.

Old Master An would feel a heartache every time he thought of this. It wasn’t possible not to feel bad. After all, he had forgotten a person he loved so much. How would his grandson feel? For a while, the thought gave him sleepless nights.

Now, he was actually seeing that symbol again – and a familiar face…