Chapter 1411 - Untitled

Chapter 1411 Untitled

Three years after the Bo family had moved away, they had met.As a qualified butler, his etiquette was first-class. The old man of foreign descent took off the gentleman’s hat on his head. He was dressed in a straight suit and perfectly fitted for a butler, greeted, “Mr. An, it’s been many years since we last met and you are still the same as before.”

“Eri.” Old Master An called his name the instant he saw him.

The assistant standing next to him had never seen his chairman like this before. It was obvious that Mr. An was very excited as his hands shook a little while holding his dragon head cane. “You… are still alive.”

“It’s not just me, Young Lord is still alive as well.” He broke into a sincere but faint smile, enough to show the emotions within. It was like a meeting between good friends.

The assistant watched as the butler, who seemed to have come out of the 19th century, approached the chairman.

“Mr. An, I’m here today to help my Young Lord with a task.” Although Grandfather Butler was not of Chinese descent, he spoke Mandarin with a rounded accent and clear articulation, albeit a little exotic. “When Young Lord was still a child, she was taken care of by Mr. An’s family and especially Young Master Qin. He treated the Young Lord very well and the Young Lord has always remembered that. I haven’t seen it with my own eyes but ever since the Young Lord moved out, almost everything she said was about Young Master Qin. Now that they have grown up, they have found each other again. I don’t know if what Mr. An would still consider the marriage from back then between both of them valid?”

“You are the one with the marriage proposal?” Earlier, Old Master An had only received a letter mentioning a visit and hadn’t known the other party. He had originally wanted to ignore it since it didn’t make sense. After all, which family would come to the An family with a marriage proposal? And they were even looking for his grandson. The person must have enough guts for that.

Old Master An hadn’t expected, however, what had happened afterward. His grandson had actually agreed after listening to what had happened! He agreed?

It wasn’t like him. In the past when he had mentioned such things, Qin Mo had always reacted indifferently – let alone agreeing to it.

The clever Old Master An had immediately thought of one thing: His grandson must have recognized the person who had sent the greeting. Otherwise, when he had received the call and asked him to explain the matter, there wouldn’t have been a smile in his voice.

He still remembered his grandson’s reaction when he had heard the news. “Is that so? He’s here with a marriage proposal?”

Next, he had kept laughing. In fact, he had laughed so much Old Master An had been intrigued. “Hey, boy, are you that happy?”

At that time, there had been business partners standing next to him, watching him.

Old Master An had been both helpless and happy. It had been long since he had seen his grandson behave in such a manner. At that moment, Qin Mo had been just like a little kid.

“Yes, very happy. Grandfather, accept it for me, I’ll be over soon.”

That had been during the afternoon.

Now, it was already nighttime. The proposer had arrived, showing his true colors. Old Master An hadn’t expected it to be an old acquaintance.

In that moment, he finally understood. It also explained the joy from his grandson and the obvious faint smile in his voice when he had picked up the call.

It turned out to be her. This meant…

Old Master An suddenly realized something and his eyes turned red. His grandson’s memories were back, right?Even his childhood memories were back.

Old Master An had always been a person who could control his emotions but at this time he couldn’t handle it at all. He couldn’t describe how it felt like. His throat was choked and constricted.

Old Master An could only relieve himself with a light cough. “It’s really great.”

Yes, it was great. Perhaps only those who knew what the two children had experienced would sigh in such a manner.

The Old Butler smiled and said, “Our Young Lord values ​​Young Master Qin too much. When Young Master Qin went to perform his operations, she insisted on following him. When she returned, she brought the injured Young Master Qin along and hid him at home. You know, she has always cherished Young Master Qin like a treasure and made an unknown agreement with this side in order to keep Young Master Qin.”

When Grandfather An heard this, many thoughts ran through him. “So it was that kid who brought him back.”

His grandson’s missions had always been confidential. Even his powerful grandfather might not have news. But the higher his rank was, the greater the danger he would face.

He had business partners in the Golden Triangle, who had told him briefly what had happened.

Grandfather An had spent many nights lying awake. He had been afraid that his grandson might have died in flames from the river explosion. Thereafter, he hadn’t been able to contact his grandson at all. Further news had come from that side, saying that Mo was mentally unstable.

The hypnosis had been activated and he could potentially become wanted by Interpol.

He was as dangerous as his intelligence.

Old Master An had felt a pain in his heart when he had heard the news.

His outstanding and established grandson had actually ended up in such a state. Wasn’t there anyone who would believe him?

Back then, Old Master An had gone over to the Qin family’s house. He had realized that it wasn’t about believing him but rather there was substantial danger involved. Other than his biological parents, who else would dare stay by his side?

The soldiers Qin Mo had brought up had insisted on meeting their Boss. But it had been to no avail.

Old Master An had heard that the only person who had been able to find and protect him in such a moment and who had chosen to stay by his side had been the youngster from the Fu family. How had it become…

Old Master An frowned. “The youngster from the Fu family…”

For this, the Old Butler had thought about his explanation long before he had come. “After Master’s death, there were some organizations that wanted to disrupt the balance in the hacker world or make use of hackers to do something. We decided that Young Lord would be able to conceal herself better if she disguised as a high school student. She came to this city knowing that Young Master Qin lives here.”

Mr. An had seen the photos of the youngster that were circulated on the internet. The more he had looked at it, the closer and more intimate she had seemed with his grandson. In hindsight, it all made sense.

“If that’s the case, there isn’t reason for me to object.” Old Master An laughed lightly. “But, Eri, you seem to have misunderstood something. Over here, the man’s side is the one asking for the woman’s hand. It isn’t the other way around.”

At this moment, the both of them were seated. The assistant had brought over some tea.

Grandfather Butler accepted the tea gracefully and took a sip before saying, “Mr. An, I didn’t misunderstand, Young Lord said that she had used all her pocket money to buy Little Princess Qin and that Grandfather An had agreed to it. You can’t back out now.”

Old Master An paused. He had never expected to hear that sentence again after so many years. He was immediately reminded of the scene back then when they just went abroad…