Chapter 1412 - Untitled

Chapter 1412 Untitled

Los Angeles, located in southwestern California, is the second largest city in the United States and often called the “City of Angels”. The city is located in a Mediterranean zone with a mild climate. It is generally dry and drier all year round but it rains slightly more in winter. The sun shines throughout the year and the temperature rarely falls below the freezing point. Thus, the chance of seeing snow is very low.But on this day, it actually snowed. The snow at night was especially beautiful when it fell onto the trees like silver decoration. Especially the pumpkin-colored lights in the fence matched the atmosphere. European-style ancient buildings, warm lights, and Christmas trees could be seen everywhere.

Some people dressed in fur collar coats hurried past another. They rarely had black hair. Instead hair of different colors, white skin, and high noses could be seen. They looked similar to the magicians described in Harry Potter.

When the scenery looked like a background from a fairytale, the people in the dark became more mysterious.

Under the streetlights, a Red Flag car manufactured in China stopped outside the fence. Such car brands weren’t common in this area. The car had an old-fashioned look.

Those with car knowledge would understand that the older the Red Flag car, the more valuable it was.

No, it wasn’t just valuable, it was also a symbol of status. After all, in that era, there was only one person who was able to drive the Red Flag car in Los Angeles.

A professional butler opened the car door. The butler wore white gloves of exceptional quality. He was a young man with blond hair. He spoke in English, “Sir, we have arrived.

The person in the car took his time to come down. He turned his head and pointed out the car window to show the little boy next to him. “This is where we will live from now on. How is it? Do you like it?”

The little boy was wearing a white down jacket with a hood. There was a circle of silver-white plush on the collar and a black mask on his face. His appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, only his voice could be heard. It was childlike and a little cold. “Mmh.”

Just one word. This was obviously too quiet for a boy of only four or five years old. But the old gentleman in the car seemed to be used to it. He reached out and rubbed the little boy’s head. “Then shall we get off?”

“Okay.” The little boy followed him. He did not ask the butler to help him with his luggage, instead, he held the lever of the small suitcase with one hand.

This was the first time this foreign housekeeper saw such a polite and mysterious child. He moved his gaze down. “Wow, this luggage is really cute.”

The little boy followed his gaze. It was a panda suitcase, which seemed to be at odds with his overall temperament. Though things like his luggage weren’t things the little boy could control. After all, he had a mother, who was young at heart.

At this time, the old gentleman laughed. He didn’t look like a grandfather at all since only his temples were slightly white.

“There is also an Asian child living next door. Young Master won’t be bored here, the two of you will definitely get along.” The foreign butler thought the little boy was being cautious. But when he turned his eyes to see the boy standing under the light, he suddenly felt that he was thinking too much.

He had never seen a boy like this. He didn’t have beautiful blond hair but yet, he looked like a little prince.

Standing there, it suddenly reminded him of a Chinese poem that he had learned. It went like this: A jade-like gentleman.

His hair is like fine silk and the black is unforgettable.

Although his face is hidden, his eyes are so deep. They seem as though they could sway the snow.

Not to mention his long, dense, slightly curled eyelashes; they are giving off a scholarly elegance.

Ah! The foreign butler sighed once more. The children of the East were really beautiful!

In reality, the foreign butler didn’t know that he wasn’t the only one mesmerized by his beauty. There was someone else working on her little keyboard.

She wanted to go out and play on this day – but on a last thought, she realized there wasn’t anything to play with outside. Dismantling things was more fun.

After all, the children around here had all been beaten by her. It was really not easy to find someone willing to play with her.

For that, she was punished to stand. She had agreed to the punishment but it was boring to stand without anything in her hands. Thus, she hugged her little keyboard and stood obediently while admiring the rare snowfall outside, with a tiger tail being visible from her behind.

She didn’t expect that there would be a presence more beautiful than the snow scene outside. Was that person snow white?

She searched through her brain for the only fairytale knowledge she had and looked at her own face. She looked back at the little figure outside. It was snowy and white. He looked more beautiful than her, just like a doll. His little suitcase was also very cute. It was a panda. According to her father, this was an animal that only lived in China.

It was adorable. Even the luggage that the little princess used was cuter than hers. With that in mind, she looked at the small four boxes beside her with disgust. Well, it wasn’t comparable.

The little boy standing in the snow didn’t know that, at this time, he was being watched and the other party had thought he was a princess. If the word princess was further analyzed, it meant that she thought of him as a girl.

The old gentleman was probably afraid that the little boy would be uncomfortable, so he took a step forward and patted him on the shoulder. “Mo, your parents will pick you up soon. Ander mentioned, there is an Asian kid next door. The child belongs to a friend of Grandfather. You don’t have to be afraid, that child will definitely treat you well.”

“Mmh.” The child lowered his head. As his lashes were lowered, they were casting a shadow on his face.

The old gentleman was not sure about the emotions of his grandson. After all, this child had been like this since young, which didn’t cause much worry.

“Let’s go in.”

He was still young and still allowed others to hold his hand. It was just that the little boy’s eyes were still dark and quiet as one hand was being held by his grandfather while the other was pulling his luggage. They walked into the yard where he was about to start a new life.

A strong American style could be seen everywhere here.

Ordinary children might like it but as usual, the little boy did not show any sign of surprise or joy. Even the pumpkin lantern and cakes in the yard didn’t attract his interest.

The old gentleman decided to wait for tomorrow. He had heard that the little girl next door was very lively. Hopefully, she could move his grandson.

A certain someone was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, watching as the little princess outside disappeared. She pulled her little slippers and ran for a while, expertly avoiding the obstacles in the room. She wore a tiger pajama, with tiger claws over her hands.