Chapter 1413 - Untitled

1413 Untitled

“Dad,” she called out first.

The man lying on the sofa with a comic book covering his face ignored her.

She ran over, steadied herself, and pulled off the comic book. “Mr. Bo, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” The man yawned, looking lazy and not at all like a man that had already become a father. “Did you break the glass of someone’s house or did you bully another kid into tears? Little Bo Jiu, how many times have I told you, you have to be more serious. From my memory, you should be standing in front of the window and reflecting right now.”

“I was reflecting,” Bo Jiu replied seriously. “But my soul was robbed off.”

The man sighed. His handsome face, alongside his black hair, gave off an unruly feeling. “As if I would believe that.”

“Dad, I think we need to have a good talk,” Bo Jiu said with wide eyes, her little tiger tail sweeping the floor.

The man casually propped up his chin. “Thank God, you finally have the consciousness to have a good talk with me. What do you want to talk about? About the little children you have beaten since you moved here?”

“They are three years older than me and not little anymore. I’m the little child.” Bo Jiu caressed her tiger’s ears. “Talking about it makes me feel shy.”

The man laid back, his long slender legs leaning forward. “Shy? You? Darling, you don’t have a shy bone in you at all. What are you up to now?”

Bo Jiu thought for a while. She pattered over to the side, then pattered back, holding a piggy bank in her hand. “I want to buy something.”

“Why are you telling me about something so trivial?” The man stood up and touched his daughter’s piggy bank with his finger. “Master Jiu, the black card I gave you seems to be inside.” When had his daughter become so lavish?

Bo Jiu had a serious expression. “It’s expensive.” Even though she wasn’t sure how much it cost, it looked expensive. With that in mind, Bo Jiu glanced next door once more. It was a pity that the little princess hadn’t appeared again after entering the house.

The man broke into a smile. Probably because of his good looks and natural mischief, there was a contrast to his beauty despite wearing a white shirt. “You can ask your mother about this. I’m not in charge of the money at home. Don’t forget, your mother is bringing home money now.”

Little Bo Jiu admired her father very much sometimes. He was like a little puppy in front of her mother. But when her mother wasn’t around, he could turn into an entirely different person the next second. Her father had said that this was a little secret between the two of them and that she could not tell her mother. Her mother was responsible for earning money for the family and they were in charge of being adorable.

Little Bo Jiu didn’t have any comments. After all, her father was of age and could still act adorable. Since she was just a five-year-old, wearing a tiger pajama didn’t mean much.

“What time is mom coming home today?” Bo Jiu asked, scratching the itch on her face.

Her father had never been good with kids and when he heard the question, a grudgeful expression fell over his handsome face. “11 pm. She told us to eat by ourselves. Come, Master Jiu, let’s play a game. The loser will cook instant noodles.”

“I’m not playing.” Bo Jiu hugged her wallet. “I’m still obsessed with beauty and can’t help myself. I don’t have the mood to cook noodles.”

The man was puzzled. What had this to do with beauty?