Chapter 1415 - Momo, How Much Are You a Pound?

Chapter 1415 Momo, How Much Are You a Pound?

From a while ago, the little guest that had appeared had been staring at him. Qin Mo lowered his eyes from her stare and was met with those black and white eyes. What made him pause was that he was the only one in those eyes. Underneath the shattered light, he saw himself in her eyes.

Her eyes were rather big. That was Qin Mo’s only thought. She didn’t seem like the person who had spoken just now. It seemed like she was pretending to be well behaved. He had never seen anyone pretending to be well behaved in such a manner.

She was staring at him defiantly. Qin Mo was just about to take a step when the little kid turned to his grandfather and called out, “Hello, Grandpa.”

Next, she ran over towards him and pushed the piggy bank in her hands towards him, her tiger tail wagging behind her. “Momo, how much are you a pound? I want to buy you.”

Buy him? How much he was a pound? Qin Mo’s little eyebrows wrinkled uncontrollably. He looked at the smiling face in front of him and took a step back. For some reason, he had a hunch that his nightmare was about to begin.

Mr. Bo laughed, looking mischievous and a little bit evil. “Master Jiu, you’re doing good. I was wondering what you had your eyes on, it turns out that you were after your new friend.”

“Momo is so cute, it’s normal for me to fancy Momo,” Little Bo Jiu said, turning her head over with a serious expression. Her ears moved. “It’s making me a little shy. Momo, can you agree to me? I will be very good to you.”

Cute? When he heard that description, Qin Mo’s little face turned chilly. Did she misunderstand something?

“Cute, haha.” Grandpa An laughed loudly. “This is the first time I’ve heard someone call my Mo cute.”

Little Bo Jiu widened those clear watery eyes. “No one said it before? That’s strange. There must be a lot of people who like a little princess like Momo.”

“Little Princess?” Qin Mo couldn’t help but open his mouth. At that time, he was still small and his voice was not as threatening as it was when he grew up. He even had the child-like voice of a five-year-old. Although he was distant and cold, it wasn’t as formidable.

Grandpa An froze next to him before he laughed louder. Although he always knew his grandson had an outstanding appearance, it was really the first time he was treated as a girl by a little friend.

The man somewhat understood the misunderstanding by his daughter but he laughed evilly. “It seems like our Master Jiu really likes Mo.”

“Very much,” Little Bo Jiu emphasized to show her sincerity, turning to look straight at Qin Mo’s face.