Chapter 1416 - Untitled

1416 Untitled

Qin Mo told himself not to be offended by someone younger than him, he took a deep breath and took a step, prepared to walk towards the dining table. Unexpectedly, the girl with big eyes pounced on him. Qin Mo was caught off guard, his entire body falling onto the ground.

Her tiger paws scratched her head in embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Momo, I didn’t expect you to be so fragile. I’ll control my strength in the future and won’t be this aggressive.”

Who told you about controlling your strength? Besides, fragile? Him? Qin Mo didn’t even want to take in a deep breath this time. She was like a small heater, he wanted to pull her collar and throw her out but yet, he had to keep her young age in mind. Her eyes were so big it made him frustrated.

“Stand up,” he said coldly.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, her tail wagging. “Alright.”

She was very well behaved. Grandpa An, who was on the side, laughed openly. However, he shouldn’t be so enthusiastic because his grandson couldn’t stand enthusiasm. When Grandpa An thought of this, he brought the little tiger to the side. “Come, Jiu, sit down and have some food.”

Mesmerized by the beauty ahead, Bo Jiu had forgotten that she and her father came here to have a meal. She only remembered the purpose of their visit after hearing Grandpa An’s words. Thus, she followed Grandpa An to the seat, her tiger tail wagging behind her.

Her dad had told her that Chinese people grew closer on the dining table. After the meal, Momo would probably be less shy.

Qin Mo watched as the big and round eyes kept glancing over. He first tidied his clothes and then sat on the dining table in accordance with basic etiquette. He thought that once they were done with the meal, he wouldn’t have to see this little tiger that affected his mood.

However, the moment he sat down, the little tiger used her two small hands to carry a chair to his side and sat back down. “Let’s sit closer so that we can share secrets.”

Qin Mo’s face was cold, with an innate arrogance. Like a little prince, he didn’t wish to speak.

Bo Jiu tilted her head. “Momo, did anyone tell you that you are very pretty?”

“You are the first.” He wanted to throw her out with each word she uttered.

Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up. “I have such good tastes.”

Qin Mo smirked while changing his mind. This little tiger deserved a lesson. “Yes, very good taste.” You can’t even distinguish between a girl and a boy. Qin Mo held a knife in his hand and pressed down to cut the steak. The strength he exerted couldn’t be seen at all, looking elegant and polite.

Bo Jiu hadn’t noticed the confusion and drank the water happily.

Mr. Bo, who took everything in, found it interesting. He didn’t intend to expose it. Instead, he picked up the wine glass in his hand and shook it twice. His action revealed a casual elegance, which made him seem like a character out of a movie.

After just one bite of the steak, the phone beside him rang. It was a lullaby – and every time the lullaby started to play, Mr. Bo would be extremely busy. This time was no exception.

But he didn’t seem to be in a hurry. After taking a look, he turned to smile at Grandpa An. “Mr. An, something urgent came up, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of my Master Jiu.”

Grandpa An smiled faintly. “It’s no trouble at all. You go ahead, Jiu can stay here and get to know Mo.”

“Thank you.” The man stood up and wore his trench coat. He reached out a hand and caressed Bo Jiu’s head. When he walked out, even his back view was different from when he had arrived. At this moment, he seemed to melt into the night perfectly and even his eyes that had been lazy, became as sharp as the wind. Not to mention the evil air that came surging out when he lowered his eyes.

Bo Jiu watched him go out, then retracted her gaze, looking unexpectedly faint. It caught Qin Mo off guard. He found that he didn’t like the way the little tiger dropped her ears.

Grandpa An noticed it as well and laughed. “Jiu, you can be at ease. Mo will bring you up to play after dinner.”

“Can I?” The little tiger was energetic again. Her bright eyes turned to look at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo replied with a faint, “Mmh.” He was worried the little tiger would cry if he didn’t agree. Forget it, compared to that, it would be easier to just agree.

“Momo, you’re such a good person.” Bo Jiu reached out her hands, wanting to give him a hug.

Qin Mo frowned. His small face was cold. “You’d better take your tiger claws back. Don’t force me to change my mind.”

Bo Jiu looked at his hand, then turned to look at the little princess sitting next to him, and suddenly realized something. “Momo, I know that in China, male and female shouldn’t be so touchy or passionate but don’t worry, I am also a girl.”

Hehe, you are a girl but I am not, you don’t have to add the word ‘also’. Qin Mo didn’t bother speaking to the little tiger anymore. All he wanted now was to finish his steak and head up to read.

At this hour, the little tiger sitting next to him seemed very self-aware because she didn’t cause any more trouble. Instead, she sat beside him seriously and didn’t need help with cutting the steak. Even though it was a bit hard to cut the steak in the clothes she was wearing, she did not seek help.

Qin Mo grew increasingly frustrated the more he watched and finally reached out for her plate. With a stroke of the knife and fork, he had good dining etiquette even at such a young age.

Bo Jiu paused, she turned towards the little princess that was helping her cut the steak and smiled. Her little princess looked good even while cutting steak. It was completely unlike her.

Qin Mo moved his hands, his voice cold as he said, “Don’t look at me.”

“Oh,” Bo Jiu replied. At first, she really stopped looking at him but later, she couldn’t help but turn towards him. “Momo, if I save a little more money, can you sell yourself to me?”

Qin Mo put the knife and fork down and glanced at her. “You’d better not ask me this again.”

“Is it because there’s too little money?” Bo Jiu shook her piggy bank.

Qin Mo felt that it was childish to argue with an idiot. Thus, he pushed the tray forward and replied lightly, “Mmh”

Unbeknownst to him, she took his perfunctory carelessness to heart.

“Then I’ll save more money.” Bo Jiu didn’t forget to scratch her itchy face with her tiger claws even when she was serious.

Qin Mo glanced at her face. The clean freak in him couldn’t help it, he stretched out his hand and pulled her hair away from her ear, in order to cleanse his own eyes. He told himself that it was just for this day.

Once this day was over, she could forget about appearing on his dinner table again.