Chapter 1417 - Untitled

1417 Untitled

Bo Jiu still wasn’t sure about the feelings of the little princess she fancied. But since she was willing to help her cut her steak, her little princess should have already accepted her.

It was good news for Bo Jiu because in the past, there had been too many people who were frightened by her roughness. The little princess, on the other hand, didn’t care about that at all.

In reality, Qin Mo was concerned but Little Bo Jiu probably wouldn’t be able to comprehend.

The steak was delicious. It was much better than instant noodles. Bo Jiu wore a small scarf while she ate, giving off a casual elegance that other children didn’t have. Even though it was difficult to cut, when it came to the dining table, she had her etiquette, especially when it came to waiting for the elders.

It was consistent with the etiquette Qin Mo possessed. The two of them waited for Grandpa An to start eating before they began. They also waited for the elder to put down his knife first.

Because of this, Grandpa An was extremely fond of the little tiger seated in front of him. Not to mention the way she ate, her cheeks would bulge up, which made feeding her feel very satisfied, completely unlike his grandson.

Qin Mo looked at the person with the round belly eating and took a sip of water calmly. She was indeed here for a free meal and it was a worthy one indeed. Bo Jiu didn’t know that the little princess had overheard the conversation between her and her father.

When she saw that he had finished his meal, she put down her cutleries as well and hugged onto her little piggy bank as she followed behind him. The little tiger tail was wagging behind her.

Old Master An watched and couldn’t help feeling pleased. His daughter was in the midst of building her career and his son in law was in the army. It was indeed good for his grandson to follow him like this.

Likewise, he was constantly afraid he would lose his childhood. But from the looks of it, there was a little tiger to accompany him in the foreign country. Perhaps, it would loosen him up a little.

Even though his grandson had a reluctant expression, it was better to show reluctance than to say nothing at all. However, the little tiger was rather interesting. Why did she treat his grandson as a girl?

Old Master An laughed at the thought, probably because he was so happy. He asked the butler to open a bottle of red wine even when he went to the study to have a video conference.

On the other side, Little Bo Jiu followed the steps Qin Mo took and followed him upstairs. She took a look at the surroundings and was instantly filled with a sweet joy. “Momo, our windows are facing each other, my room is directly beside yours.”

Qin Mo glanced at her and said, “Don’t mess around with the things. You can eat the snacks on the table and don’t disturb me while I read.”

Under such circumstances and according to Bo Jiu’s personality, he was certain she wouldn’t be able to follow his instructions. He opened a book and after reading for half an hour, he wanted to pour himself a glass of water.

She was still sitting there quietly with her little piggy bank, her eyes huge and the snacks on the table untouched.

After Qin Mo finished drinking the water, he wanted to return to his book but was approached by a small little heater. He paused while flipping the book, his eyes narrowed slightly. When he turned his head to the side, he saw the little tiger with a sleepy expression on her face.

She probably realized she had touched someone because Bo Jiu was suddenly sober and shook her head. “Momo, I’m a little tired, I’ll head back to sleep first and come back to play with you tomorrow.” With that, she jumped off the chair, her steps unsteady.

Qin Mo glanced over and saw that the lights were still switched off. He glanced back at the little tiger’s back view. Then he frowned and said, “Mr. Bo isn’t back yet.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu didn’t understand the meaning behind his words.

Qin Mo picked up the book in his hands. “I’ll get the butler to send you back when the lights are on. There is a small sofa, you can go and lie down for a while.”

“Alright.” Compared to going home to sleep, Bo Jiu would much rather stay here with the little princess. Just now, she had been afraid she would disturb the little princess while she read. But due to her nature, she didn’t sleep and wanted to talk. “Momo, what are you reading?” Bo Jiu inched over.

“Little Prince,” Qin Mo replied briefly. He left her on the sofa only because she was still too young. He had no intentions of befriending her.

Bo Jiu noticed his coldness and indifference. Her tiger tail wagged and started to yawn again.

The second time Qin Mo noticed her head coming close, he frowned. He knew that with the little tiger here, he wouldn’t be able to read.

But right at this moment, his grandfather pushed the door open and walked in. He paused slightly when he saw the scene in front of him. After all, his grandson had never been so intimate with another kid before. He laughed lightly. “Jiu, it’s getting late, why don’t you sleep here tonight?”

Bo Jiu perked up when she heard the question. “Okay.” She would become closer with the little princess after sleeping together. She wouldn’t be like how she was now, constantly cold and indifferent.

Bo Jiu lowered her head to look at her little tiger paws, her overjoyed expression a stark contrast to Qin Mo’s cold stoic look.

Qin Mo wasn’t sure what his grandfather was up to. His grandfather should know he didn’t like it when other children stayed over in their house. He turned but saw that the lights next door still hadn’t been switched on.

A certain little tiger had a strong milky child-like smell. It meant that she was still very young. Even though they were the same age, girls and boys weren’t the same. Girls probably weren’t as strong.

Qin Mo turned over and thought for a moment before suppressing his objection. It was all because of her tender age. He couldn’t just let her carry her little piggy bank back. After all, it was snowing outside and it was empty next door.

It was just one night anyway. Tomorrow, he would tell his grandfather that he didn’t need a little friend.

“I’ll get the butler to clean up a small guest room for our adorable Jiu,” Old Master An said as he turned towards the door.

Bo Jiu shook her head with a serious expression. “”Don’t bother, Grandpa An, I’ll just sleep in the same room as Momo since we are both girls and there is a small sofa here.”

Qin Mo started to frown again, his face turning cold. What did she mean by ‘since we are both girls’? This idiot still hadn’t figured it out?

Old Master An couldn’t suppress his laughter. This was the first time he saw his grandson show so many different expressions in one day. Suddenly, he felt that it was a good idea. His grandson had never slept in the same room as anyone before. Thus, he could give it a try.

“Okay.” Old Master An caressed the little tiger’s head. “Then you can squeeze with Mo.”

Qin Mo hadn’t expected his grandfather to say that. Just as he was about to object, someone hugged his waist. Next, the little tiger smiled, showing her two front teeth. Her tear mole was at the corner of her eyes and she stared at him with wide eyes.

Then, with a smacking sound…