Chapter 1418 - Untitled

Chapter 1418 Untitled

The little Qin Mo froze. The softness he felt on the side of his face made him forget to push the little tiger away. His senses were flooded with the smell of milk and candy and his eyes opened wide, as though he wasn’t willing to accept what had happened. But it was unavoidable. His fingers froze.Old Master An was momentarily taken aback when he saw the expression on his grandson but after a while, he couldn’t hold in his laughter. The daring little tiger had kissed his grandson. This was the first time his grandson was kissed by someone. The kisses when he was still a baby didn’t count. For as long as he could remember, Qin Mo had never let himself be kissed.

When they had been in the Courtyard, the little children at his age had all found his grandson to be too mature and wouldn’t engage in such intimate behavior. This was also because his grandson had been particular about cleanliness since young.

Thus, when Old Master An saw the thunderstruck expression on his grandson’s face, he couldn’t help the smile that was spreading across his face.

The little tiger, who had caused such an expression, remained oblivious. She reached her tiger paw forward onto Qin Mo’s ear. “Momo, are your ears red because you are feeling shy from my kiss? You don’t have to be shy; we will still have to sleep together in a while.”

Qin Mo didn’t think much of it initially but when she touched him, he realized they were too close and he reached out to tug onto her tail, his voice cold and steely. “I’m not sleeping with you.”

This little tiger couldn’t distinguish between man and woman and would kiss whoever she saw. Didn’t she know how to be reserved?

Bo Jiu blinked her eyes, not able to comprehend what he meant. Her little face started to fall and even her tiger ears fell downwards. “If you don’t welcome me, I’ll go back to sleep and find you again tomorrow.”

Qin Mo remained silent initially. He saw her carry her little piggy bank and turn towards the snow falling in the dark. Qin Mo turned his head. “I won’t break my promise. Since Grandfather told you to stay, you can stay.”

“Really?” Bo Jiu’s ears perked up and she almost shook her tiger tail. “You promised to sleep with me.”

Once again, Qin Mo told himself it was all because she was still young.

“You’ll sleep on the sofa and I’ll sleep on the bed, we won’t be sleeping together,” Qin Mo corrected the little tiger, who had disrupted his life even though she had only been here for three hours. “Don’t talk nonsense and stay away from me, maintain a one-meter distance.”

“One meter?” Bo Jiu placed her little piggy bank down and gestured while pouting in a daze. “That far? Why? I won’t be able to touch you.”

Qin Mo sighed. His temperament developed even at his young age. “Shouldn’t you take a look at your own behavior before asking me why?”

“Behavior?” Little Bo Jiu didn’t understand and thought for a moment before replying bashfully, “Is it because I’m too strong?”

Qin Mo didn’t wish to continue speaking since it had nothing to do with her strength.

“I see, princesses are all made of water in fairytales. I will use less strength the next time I hug you. After all, I might hurt you again since you are so small and weak.” Bo Jiu was quite serious when she said this and had even reflected on her own behavior in an upset manner.

Unbeknownst to her, Qin Mo only had one thought at this moment: to carry her and throw her out the window. Princesses are all made of water? Small and weak? Him?

Qin Mo reached out, held onto her tiger paw, and inhaled deeply. “You better shut your mouth.”

Bo Jiu was overjoyed. “Okay.”

Because of that one word, Qin Mo couldn’t even continue with the words he had wanted to say. His handsome little face with an angelic temperament suddenly became darker. He was still cold and elegant but now, there was a flame.

The amused Old Master An had been observing them the entire time. He thought that perhaps this trip abroad was a good decision. After all, who could have imagined that his grandson would say so many words and make so many expressions in one day, even becoming stumped because of a child. He kept enduring probably because he felt that the little tiger was still young.

His grandson wouldn’t be too calculative towards those younger than him. But that wasn’t entirely true. After all, when they had been back home, there had been children younger than him but yet, he hadn’t behaved in such a manner.

Perhaps it was because the little tiger had hugged him too passionately. Even though he had been watching at the side, he too felt it would have been difficult to push away such an embrace.

It seemed like his grandson had encountered a little devil. Fortunately, the little devil was very well behaved. She hugged her little piggy bank and followed behind his grandson. She obliged when he told her not to speak and passed his grandson a cup of water, using her actions to show him she would take care of him.

Don’t ask Old Master An why he felt that way but that was the feeling the little tiger radiated. She was so adorable, he wanted to reach forward and caress her; especially when she looked at his grandson with those huge eyes. If it was him, he would have given in.

His grandson kept his word and indeed made the little tiger keep a distance from him. Next, he turned towards him.

Old Master An chuckled. He knew his grandson was asking him how much longer he was going to watch them. He held onto his dragon head cane and shook his head. “Grandpa has something to do. If you want to eat supper, let the butler cook it for you. There is hot milk and many snacks outside as well.”

“Okay.” Qin Mo was still young, after all, and had an obedient side. He took a step forward and greeted Old Master An, “Grandfather, good night.”

Old Master An wanted to continue watching but he didn’t consider his grandson’s intelligence and decided to let the two of them develop freely. From the looks of his grandson, it seemed like he only wanted to tolerate the little tiger for one night.

Bo Jiu greeted Old Master An goodnight together with Qin Mo. She wasn’t soft and adorable like other girls and seemed ferocious like a tiger.

After Old Master An had left, she carried a cup of milk over and placed it in front of Qin Mo. “I know you weren’t happy when I said you were short just now. Momo, I didn’t do it on purpose. Actually, it isn’t that bad for a girl to be short since you are cute and beautiful. But if you really want to grow taller, you can drink more milk, I can give you my cup as well.”

“It’s not necessary.” Qin Mo didn’t control the strength exerted by his fingers and broke his favorite mimosa.

Bo Jiu lowered her little head and looked down at her toes like a child that didn’t know what to do.

Qin Mo inhaled deeply and after taking the cup of milk, he felt his head start to hurt. Why? He was treated as a girl, and yet, he had to worry that the little tiger would feel hurt if he was too cold. It was probably because she had a deceptive face.

With that in mind, Qin Mo finished his milk and stretched out his hand to pinch her face. He didn’t use much strength because of the unexpected feeling on his fingers. Her face was tender and smooth like egg pudding, too soft for him to really cause hurt.

Qin Mo turned his head and retracted his hand. Forget it, it was just one night anyway.

Bo Jiu watched as the little princess walked into the bathroom. Before leaving, the little princess touched her face. It was definitely because she was so likeable even the little princess couldn’t resist herself.

With that in mind, little Bo Jiu started to plan seriously on how to let the little princess like her even more since it was difficult to bring her back home and raise her. The little princess was not only too prickly but also very shy.

Bo Jiu turned her eyes. Her father had never told her what she should do if the other party was shy.

Qin Mo, who was planning to wash up, was completely oblivious to what the little tiger was thinking about. After he shut the door and looked into the mirror, he could still feel the lingering touch on his hands and the milky scent shrouding over him. It must be because she had hugged him. Qin Mo squeezed the toothpaste, his cold face wiped off all emotions once again.

The little tiger outside started to feel bored from the wait. In addition, she suddenly thought of a good way to quickly enhance the relationship between her and the little princess. She lowered her back and placed her piggy bank onto the sofa. Next, she ran over to the drawer and took out a small towel.

When she saw it, Bo Jiu sighed. The little princess was really very clean, completely unlike her. Her scarf had never been folded so neatly before. It was always thrown around randomly. Because of that, her father would often make her reflect in front of the wall.

In the past, she had thought that her father was deliberately causing her trouble since he would always lose to her in a guessing game and her neighbor William was even more messy than she was. But from the looks of it now, it seemed like she had been too shallow.

Everything that the little princess had here was folded into four and had an aromatic smell – and she had many books. Little Bo Jiu looked back at herself. She felt as though she was filled with flaws but she still didn’t intend to change.

However, she would have to pay attention to her hygiene in the future. If not, the little princess would toss her out like garbage.

Once little Bo Jiu told that to herself, she went into combat with her tiger pajama. Her father had bought her the pajamas so that she could act cute in front of her mom. The paws, ears, tail, and the entire costume required assistance when worn. Removing it required effort as well and ordinary five-year olds wouldn’t be able to handle it.

But our little tiger, Lord Jiu wasn’t the same. If she couldn’t do it with her hand, she would use a rolling technique. With a bite and a tug with her tiger teeth, she got out of the suit handsomely. She took the small towel and prepared to go to the bathroom to surprise the little princess.

Since they were going to sleep together, it was only natural to shower together. That could greatly increase their level of intimacy as well.

Bo Jiu felt that she was too smart to think of such an idea. Before entering, she did not forget to give herself a manual compliment in the mirror.

The little Young Master Qin Mo had removed his clothes and hadn’t realized what the little tiger was thinking outside. He thought that she had fallen asleep since it was silent for such a long time.

He sat in the little bathtub that grandfather had ordered according to his physique. After he was half lying down, he covered his forehead with a small towel. His black hair was slightly damp, which made his lips seem redder and his teeth whiter. Even his eyes seemed watery.

That explained why the little Bo Jiu had mistaken him as a girl. He had a beautiful appearance and a naturally noble and celestial air around him. At this moment, however, it was obvious he was a boy. He had been well taught ever since young and would depend on himself for everything, executing his tasks decently.

He reached out to take some soap and was just about to put it on his elbows when he heard the door opening. The little tiger – no, that wasn’t right, he shouldn’t say little tiger because that person was no longer wearing the pajamas and had instead wrapped a white towel around herself as she walked over.

Qin Mo suddenly had a foreboding feeling. He watched the little girl, who shouldn’t be appearing here, and frowned.

“Momo, let’s shower together, I’ll help you wash up.” Bo Jiu removed her towel as she spoke. She was wearing tiger print pants, her tiny snow-white body entering the bathtub.

Ever since Qin Mo could remember, he had understood the gender differences. He was smarter than others his age, not to mention psychologically. Being mature didn’t mean he wasn’t still young. He hadn’t been so intimate with anyone before. Now that a certain someone was about to enter, he froze once more. “Don’t come in,” Qin Mo spat out in a hurry.

Bo Jiu looked at his red ears and seemed to suddenly understand what was happening. She spoke thoughtfully, “Momo, you are shy again. Didn’t I tell you that we are both girls? I might be taller and my hair is shorter but I am really a girl. You can look carefully if you don’t believe me.”

“Little Tiger.” Qin Mo watched the legs that came forward instead of restraining herself and regretted his momentary softheartedness.

Bo Jiu was completely unaware and corrected him seriously, “Momo, don’t call me little tiger, I’m Bo Jiu, Bo in Bo Jiu, Jiu in Bo Jiu, it’s a very handsome name.”

Under such circumstances, it was difficult not to remember one’s name. Qin Mo lowered his breath once more, “Little Bo Jiu, come closer if you dare.”

“I’m not going over,” Bo Jiu said obediently. “I’ll just sit next to you but, Momo, if you continue to hide lower, your neck will be drowned and you will drink the dirty water. There are too many white bubbles in the water, it will cause stomach pain if you drink it. In fact, you should not be so reserved. I know you are not used to it since you just came abroad. My dad said that people in our country are very reserved. Actually, I am too.”

Oh? He really couldn’t tell that the person in front of him was reserved!

Fortunately, he had added milk in the tub. If not, she would have seen him entirely. Qin Mo told himself not to bother with an idiot. But they leaned onto each other, her little feet reaching out, touching his feet…