Chapter 142 - Attention to All Servers, Block Little Ripple!

Chapter 142: Attention to All Servers, Block Little Ripple!

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The girl who had been talking bullsh*t before was now totally stunned!

Her hand on the mouse was still trembling from the shock.

The news about the team exploded thanks to all the players discussing it.

Everyone was talking about that supreme technique—<Three Thousand Blade Cuts>!

After the silver light had retreated from the screen, all team members were revived automatically.

At this time, Fu Jiu moved her body and typed a string of words: “I have told every single one of you at the beginning of the game to protect yourselves well, don’t let the monster kill you. Even though Spade Z didn’t save anyone, he didn’t lose any HP either. But you, Little Ripple, ran so far to attack the monster. I took the job, so I issue the commands. If I don’t say anything, then DO NOT move! You don’t even know these kinds of basic directions, are you playing Hero for the first freaking time?”

The female player felt like it was little unfair for her to be blamed like this. She still wanted to defend herself, but naturally, she acted cute when she spoke, “I was so afraid that the monster was gonna hurt you guys…”

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow. “Alright, even so, you moved of your own will and lost HP. It’s fine if you lose a little HP, you should just run back to the team. Why were you mocking others like that? Don’t you know that because of your blabbering, we almost lost the game?! Little Ripple, this lord is telling you now, don’t assume that you will still get out of this easily after pouring dirty water on another teammate! From now on, I won’t take jobs from any team Little Ripple is in!”

“Me neither!” After saying that, Feng Shang directly started to spread the news all over the server using his cash.

99 messages in total—the whole screen was bombarded by the same message. That kind of scene was really rare!

<Award You A Slap of Pleasure> published an announcement: “Attention to all servers, I won’t take jobs from any team that has Little Ripple in it from now on!”

The entire game world was shocked at this message!

<Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> never made enemies in games; rather, he wouldn’t specifically block someone like that.

But even more astonishing were those 99 on-screen announcements!

Each announcement cost 100 yuan!

99 announcements in total, that was simply throwing away money!

“WTFFF! So f*cking rich!”

“Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure has always been rich like that, alright?”

“Mr. Nouveau Riche, I just want to tell you, I want to be your friend!”

“Am I the only one who cares about why Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure would send something like this?”

“I know! Inside information! You all saw the all-server First Clear that broke the record, right? Almighty Qin and my Spade Z led everyone to win that, and this Little Ripple didn’t listen to the directions and lost HP. Moreover, she even mocked my Spade Z, saying that he didn’t deserve the title ‘King of Newcomers’? What happened next? My Spade Z released an ultimate attack. Not only did he save all his teammates, he also blew up the whole scene! This slap to her face is a real insult!”

“What? Mocked my Spade Z? Does she think that all of us big Spade fans are fake?”

It was only for a moment, but this message stirred up a flood of a thousand people.

Although Spade Z just joined not long ago, he did grind countless battlefields to dust using supreme techniques, despite coming out as a normal player who didn’t have any training.

Therefore, <Spade Z’s> reputation was concrete and valuable in the world of <Hero>!

Those who played games with Spade Z and those who had watched his live streams all admired Spade Z deeply from the bottom of their hearts.

Once the reason why <Little Ripple> was being blocked was revealed, at least three team leaders jointly voiced out to the server!

“Attention to all servers, never take jobs from teams that have Little Ripple!”