Chapter 1420 - Untitled

Chapter 1420 Untitled

“Momo, I’m done, you should be done too.” Little Bo Jiu held onto her towel. “Would you like me to wipe your hair? Then we will go out together.”

Qin Mo took a deep breath, knowing that she would not behave. “No, you can go out first.”

Hearing these words, Bo Jiu looked at his face that was already sweaty from the heat. Qin Mo was extremely good looking at this moment. His thin lips looked like flower petals. He had exquisite doll-like facial features. The black hair was damp and pressed softly behind the ear.

This made Bo Jiu’s heart itchy. She wanted to hug him. No, she had to control herself. It wouldn’t be good to scare the little princess. But the little princess’s state didn’t seem right. She looked as if she was about to get dizzy from the heat.

The intelligent Bo Jiu realized this and took a step forward. Qin Mo also noticed he had been in the bathtub for too long and his breath was becoming unstable. However, he wasn’t so weak that he would faint.

Bo Jiu was concerned about her pet and didn’t share the same views. “Momo, are you feeling breathless now? I felt the same way the last time I went to the snow mountain with my dad to soak in the hot springs. Don’t be afraid, I will carry you out now.”

Carry him out? Carry? It wasn’t possible for Qin Mo to agree.

When Bo Jiu saw the little princess’s expression, she knew she was shy again. This time, she didn’t give her Momo any change to reject her. With a powerful move, she carried the fragile looking Young Master Qin.

With a splash, the water overflowed. In that instant, Qin Mo’s eyes opened wide. He had really underestimated the little tiger’s ability to cause trouble!

Bo Jiu wanted to show off her boyfriend’s prowess. After all, in order to gain the trust of the little princess, she had to straighten her back and carry him out just like she had promised. But the moment she carried Momo, she seemed to have seen something she shouldn’t have.

Mmh, that looked like…

Bo Jiu was confused as she watched the person in her arms. She glanced back at his face before looking back at herself. Right at that moment, she seemed to have realized something. Her little brain was suddenly enlightened.

Another splash was heard as Bo Jiu released him and the two little people returned to the bathtub.

Qin Mo’s face was covered with water. Bo Jiu was soaked as well. It was just that the latter looked quite guilty, her round tiger eyes circled around. “Momo, do you believe it? This is all a misunderstanding, from the very start.”

Qin Mo didn’t wish to speak at all. His little face was cold and indifferent like a little prince.

Bo Jiu raised her right hand and lied unblinkingly, “I didn’t see anything.”

Qin Mo sighed. “Would your hands have slipped if you didn’t see anything?”

That was difficult to explain. Even if the five-year-old little Bo Jiu was filled with horrible ideas, she was too embarrassed to lie after seeing him so entirely. But who knew such a beautiful looking princess was actually a boy? How could she be a male? Bo Jiu was still unconvinced. Thus, her little body leaned over towards him.

When he realized her intentions, Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, his voice heavy with warning. “Little Bo Jiu.”

“I just wanted to confirm it.” Little Bo Jiu caressed the back of her head, looking embarrassed.

You wanted to confirm such things? Qin Mo had taken in countless deep breaths at this point.