Chapter 1421 - Untitled

Chapter 1421 Untitled

In short, this day had been a nightmare – and the root to all evil was the little tiger. Since she had seen him entirely naked, Qin Mo wasn’t concerned anymore. He took a towel and wrapped it around himself.Because it was too embarrassing, Little Bo Jiu drooped her ears and explained seriously, “Momo, I have never mistaken the gender of anyone else before. It must be because you are so good looking and your name sounds so cute.”

After Qin Mo had something on his body, he was no longer as passive as he had been in the bathtub. He reached over for her hand. With his eyes lowered and his face cold, he wrote on her little hand, exerting a bit of strength.

It was a waste of Young Master Qin’s calligraphy skills. Because after he finished writing, the round eyes of the tiger were at a loss. “Momo, did you just write Chinese characters? There are so many strokes.”

That was when Qin Mo realized that the little tiger wasn’t just an idiot, she was also illiterate. He pulled her over to the study table, reached out for a book randomly and wrote two words.

“Qin Mo!” He pointed his finger on the words, his black hair still dripping wet. “Remember, this is my name. Mo from the phrase lonely dessert.”

“That’s amazing!” Bo Jiu complimented him sincerely. The little princess was indeed a princess, even his words were beautiful. So, this was what the word Mo looked like. She reached out and caressed the word. It had many strokes but fortunately, she had a good memory and could remember most of the strokes in just one look.

Qin Mo watched as the little tiger reached out to caress his name. Unknowingly, he paused slightly before closing the book. “Now you should know the difference between male and female. “Qin Mo reached out and pointed to the little sofa behind her. „So, you sleep there and don’t run out anymore.”

Bo Jiu knows that she was a guest and should listen to the owner. But after hearing what Qin Mo had said, she ran back and threw herself onto the sofa, covering herself with the little blanket and exposing only her eyes.

She had mistaken the intonation of his name. It was Momo. He really was a male. How could there be such a good-looking boy? She had never seen anyone like him before.

But after what had happened, Momo probably wasn’t very fond of her.

As soon as she thought about this, Bo Jiu rubbed her small nose involuntarily. Even her pair of small ears were a little droopy and sloppy.

The little tiger finally stopped causing trouble. Qin Mo wanted to turn off the lights and go to sleep. Under normal circumstances, he should have been lying in bed long ago reading his “Little Prince” at this time. But unfortunately, he saw that the little furry head was still wet.

Qin Mo paused, seemingly in deep thought. Thereafter, he told himself to forget about it, he couldn’t go on like this anymore. He didn’t have that much energy to care about someone else.

With a snap, the lights were turned off. Bo Jiu knew she did wrong and did not make any noise. She simply laid on her little sofa and unknowingly fell asleep.

It was different on the other end for Young Master Qin. It was probably because there was someone else in the room, or because he was thinking of so much, or perhaps because he had just been kissed, hugged, and seen completely.

There were endless ups and downs. As a result, when he closed his eyes, the culprit appeared in his mind. He couldn’t seem to fall asleep.

Qin Mo turned over. Right at that position, all he could see was the little figure gathered up on the sofa. Little tiger cubs looked adorable but yet, they could eat humans. He was probably tired. The more he looked…

His eyes started to drop. Originally, he had thought that he would dream of being alone at the Qin family home, with no one besides the nanny and the Qin aide-de-camp.

After all, everyone at home was busy and it was normal for him to play by himself. Besides, he was overseas now. Unexpectedly, at this night, Qin Mo did not dream. Perhaps his physical strength and energy were exhausted while trying to guard against a certain little tiger but at this night, he slept very soundly.

It was a snowy night with the cold and lonely moon shining bright. From time to time there would be owl calls from outside. This bird species wasn’t common in China. But it existed overseas.

It seemed as though he had entered a magical world. Even the forest outside the window could be seen clearly.

Day break came timely. The sun rays spilled into the room, brightening the room. The white European-style villas had a totally different atmosphere as compared to the domestic ones. This was probably because of the cultural and architectural charm. The streets here were particularly clean as well.

The snow was also covered with a thick layer. It had been snowing all night and hadn’t been cleaned yet. Walking through it would cause cracking noise.

But the snow shovel truck has arrived. The driver wore a furry hat, which was very suitable for the surroundings.

Qin Mo only woke up when he heard the music that came with the snow shovel truck. He stretched out his hand to block the light coming in and tilted his head. There was no one on the small sofa on the left.

Unexpectedly, the little tiger had woken up even earlier than he did. Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. He didn’t want to remember what had happened the night before.

He walked into the bathroom in his little pajamas. When he saw the bathtub while brushing his teeth, his brows wrinkled involuntarily. Sometimes, it wasn’t always good to have a good memory.

He wondered if he should ask grandfather for another room because the moment he stepped into the bathroom, the scene from last evening would appear. But thereafter, Qin Mo thought about it again, and decided it wasn’t necessary. Even if he didn’t want to see the little tiger next door, he would still end up seeing her. As long as he saw her face, he would still remember the scene even if he changed his room.

But there was a point he mentioned before at night. From today onwards, everything would return to normal. Thinking of this, Qin Mo wiped the corners of his mouth with a towel. Even though he was young, he had already been given etiquette lessons.

After washing up, he changed into a suit before walking downstairs. Before going downstairs, Qin Mo was prepared to see the little tiger at the table. After all, he hadn’t forgotten what she had come for the night before. Since she had come for a free meal, it didn’t matter how many meals she took. She probably wouldn’t miss out on breakfast.

What Qin Mo didn’t expect was that this time he made a mistake in his judgment. The little tiger wasn’t at the table. She wasn’t at the snacks area as well.

Only the young housekeeper greeted him. He walked over with a plate after seeing Qin Mo come down. “Young Master, you’re awake? I prepared some sliced bread and mantou, which one would you like to eat?”

Qin Mo glanced to the side again and after confirming that the little tiger wasn’t around, he replied casually, “Sliced bread.”