Chapter 1423 - Untitled

Chapter 1423 Untitled

Since there was someone there, why didn’t she come over? She didn’t need a free meal today? Or didn’t she smell the fragrance of the food in the air? Based on her instinct of a tiger, she wouldn’t miss such a good chance to get free food.When Qin Mo realized what he was thinking, he furrowed his brows. He must be really bored to think about that little tiger, who liked to hug him. He turned his head and looked at his peers who were eating desserts.

Qin Mo never liked networking. While other young children were playing with one another, he liked to fix the building blocks back to their original shape and explore the basement.

When he had been three years old, he wouldn’t say anything for an entire day. His family members had been worried about him because of this. They had been afraid that he might have autism. It might be because the smarter and more sensitive a child was, the easier they would meet such a situation.

He had only started feeling a lack of affection when he had started to get bored. It was because of the environment he grew up in. Of course, his personality played a part too. Qin Mo was naturally a cold person and he matured at a young age. Thus, he kept to himself.

Grandpa An had noticed this too. That was why he had suggested changing the environment for his grandson. The children overseas should mature at a younger age too so he might be able to find some friends here.

However, when Grandpa An saw his grandson acting polite and displaying a kind of elegance that didn’t fit his age, he knew that the effects of his arrangement weren’t good.

Normally, a banquet with children wouldn’t end too late.

When Qin Mo sent off the guests with his grandpa, the lights opposite his place were still lit up. He said in a clear voice of a child, “Grandpa, why didn’t Uncle Bo come?” The two of them were good friends. If his grandpa held a banquet, Uncle Bo should come.

Grandpa An didn’t expect his grandson to ask this question. He turned and smiled. “Your Uncle Bo isn’t back yet.”

“Isn’t back yet?” Qin Mo frowned slightly.

Grandpa An nodded. “Only Little Bo is at home. However, her mom will come home at night. Your Uncle Bo should be coming with presents tomorrow. He’s someone who’s very different in the day and night.”

Qin Mo listened casually. He glanced at the house again. The little tiger was still so young. Why did they leave her at home alone?

But he didn’t say his thoughts out loud. He found it troublesome because if he said this, his grandpa would send people to fetch that little tiger over or might even do other things.

Qin Mo thought about this and followed Grandpa An back into the house. The difference between the temperature inside the house and outside was huge.

There were still some people who hadn’t left. As the host, Grandpa An specially asked the chef to make Chinese-style supper for the guests. Decks of small bean buns, bowls of century egg lean meat porridge, and glutinous rice balls brought back from China were served. These were good dishes for little children to taste.

Angelina’s blue eyes lit up when she saw the dishes. It made her look very cute. The other young children gathered over too.

The young butler scooped a bowl of glutinous rice balls and passed it to Qin Mo. He looked at the young prince as he took the bowl over. This young child was so noble and elegant he didn’t seem like a real human.

His young master opened his mouth and said calmly, “Take two small buns and fill the thermal box with a bowl of porridge. Send it to the opposite.”

Opposite? The young butler immediately understood and went to carry out the order.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze and started biting the glutinous rice balls bite by bite. He was slow at eating so the young children beside him all looked at him.

Qin Mo didn’t mind. He didn’t explain his actions to the young butler either. Maybe it was because there was only one young child that had the same blood heritage as him here. Thus, he felt like taking care of her.

This situation wouldn’t happen in China. After all, in China, no young children so little would stay at his house. Besides him…

That was right. That little tiger’s situation was similar to his. Both of them stayed alone at home. Even in the night, they were alone.

When Qin Mo finished his first glutinous rice ball, he had already hidden most of the emotions that had appeared in his gaze.

His grandfather was still attending to the guest. He probably wouldn’t take notice of him. That was very good. After all, if his grandpa knew that he asked someone to send food to the little tiger opposite, his grandpa would definitely throw the child to him and make them do things together. This would be huge trouble for him and he was someone who hated troubles.

The snow outside was still falling.

The banquet was about to end but because of the arrival of the Chinese-style supper, it reignited the enthusiasm of many young children. Most of them were complimenting the Chinese food.

The other courtyard beside Qin Mo’s seemed a little quiet in comparison. Bo Jiu was indeed home. She was hugging her little keyboard and drinking medicine with her head in the bowl. Occasionally, she would cough.

It wasn’t serious. She was still wearing the little tiger pajamas and her small face was unusually red. Every time she heard the sound of a car outside her house, she would run to the window to take a look. Her little tail would shake a few times. Then she would scurry back to the sofa.

The phone on the table rang. Bo Jiu didn’t need to look at the phone to know who called. She picked up the call and nodded twice. Then she emphasized, “Mom, I drank my medicine obediently.”

The person on the other side smiled slightly. She wished that she could fly back immediately but she had to settle the issue on her end. Bo Jiu was the one who suggested hanging up. However, after she hung up the call, she hugged her little keyboard again.

She squatted there for a moment. Then she took another piece of bread. At the Bo family, there was always food on the table. Although they hired a long-term maid, they preferred to cook themselves even if they just cooked noodles. But today was an exception because Mr. Bo hadn’t come back and Mrs. Bo was too busy. They could only ask the maid to prepare and settle everything at home.

Bo Jiu didn’t like to let the maid take care of her. Moreover, her father’s secrets were at home. Hence, early in the afternoon, she asked the maid to go back.

She loitered around her room alone and dismantled her little keyboard. She did this all the time so it didn’t give her many feelings. She didn’t know what happened today.

Maybe it was because it was too lively outside. Yet, she was sick and couldn’t leave her house. That was why she really admired those people that could visit the little princess’s house.

Thinking about this, Little Bo Jiu ran to the window and took a look outside again. She coughed softly and pouted. Her ears drooped down too.

When the golden-haired butler pressed the doorbell, this was the little tiger he saw opening the door for him. Although he didn’t understand what had happened to her, he was as enthusiastic as always. “My beautiful lady, what can I do to help you?” The golden-haired butler did a funny expression to brighten up Bo Jiu’s mood. “I think that you will like the things in my hand. It captured many people’s hearts.” He lifted the thermal box up as he spoke.

Bo Jiu took a look at it and her eyes brightened up. “Steamed bean buns.”

“So, this thing is called steamed bean buns.” The golden-hair butler laughed softly. “Young Master asked me to send this to you.”

Young Master? Little princess? Bo Jiu’s strength resumed instantly. Her little tiger tail shook a few times and she replied politely, “Please come in.”

The golden-haired butler took off his hat and followed her in. He placed the thermal box on the table and the two of them chatted for some time before he left.

Bo Jiu looked at the steamed bean buns and the century egg lean meat porridge. She stretched her hand out and pulled her little ears. Before this, she was worried that the little princess would be angry that she had seen his body. From the looks of it now, there was no problem at all.

The little princess was really thoughtful. He even asked the butler to send bean buns. The smile on the edge of Bo Jiu’s lips got bigger and bigger as she thought about this. She was still coughing but it didn’t affect her from devouring the food.

After she finished eating, Bo Jiu thought about it carefully. She needed to thank the little princess personally.

She couldn’t go like this though because it was too conspicuous. She would dress up and go over when the sky was a little darker. The little princess had sent her food so she should give him a return present.

Bo Jiu looked at the little keyboard in her arms. She made her decision. She would give him her favorite toy. Also, she wanted to tell the little princess personally that she would take responsibility for seeing his body. Right, that was what she would do!

Bo Jiu clenched her little fist as she looked at the mirror. For some reason, the smile on the edge of her lips seemed a little naughty.

At this moment, Qin Mo didn’t know that the biggest trouble for sending food over to Bo Jiu wasn’t his Grandpa An asking him about it. Instead, the little tiger, who got fed, was getting restless again.

Qin Mo never took it to heart when someone told him that they liked him. Too many people had said that they liked him but it was just their way of expressing their emotions in a selfish manner.

They wouldn’t care about the other party. They just made their decision on their own.

For instance, in the past, a young girl told him that she liked him. However, he didn’t like her. Then the other party started crying and wailing as if he bullied her. Qin Mo didn’t have any opinions of that young girl but, at the same time, he hoped that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again. There was no significance in doing this and it was extremely boring.

Thus, when the little tiger told him that she liked him, he didn’t take it to heart. Yet, occasionally, probably because the little tiger was too obedient, he would have more patience for her. However, when he looked back and thought about it again, she wasn’t obedient. She was stupid.

Qin Mo accompanied Grandpa An and sent away the last batch of guests. Then he took off his little suit and passed it to the golden-haired butler, who was standing at the side.

The butler lowered his head and reported his work. “Young Master, Miss Jiu ate all the good. She won’t be hungry anymore. Don’t worry about her.”

Qin Mo frowned when he heard this. “When was I worried about her getting hungry?”

The golden-haired butler was stunned for a moment.

Qin Mo’s voice was indifferent. “We are neighbors, so it’s not appropriate if I don’t send some things over while holding such a lively banquet. Also, Uncle Bo is Grandpa’s old friend.”

The butler nodded and acknowledged his young master. He looked at the small back view that was walking up the stairs and wondered if the children in China all matured at such an early age. His aura was a little too strong.

That aside, China was really the land of ceremony and propriety because in his own country, they wouldn’t think of sending food to their neighbors when they were holding gatherings…