Chapter 1424 - Untitled

Chapter 1424 Untitled

The banquet had ended and the guest had all left. As the host, Grandpa An had worked for the entire day so he was already very tired.However, he was a businessman so even though it was already nighttime, Grandpa An still had emergency things to settle. For instance, this time it was a sudden international meeting.

Grandpa An was worried that his grandson would feel tired today so he specially informed the people to lower their volume when they were cleaning up the living room. After a banquet, there would be professional people cleaning up the banquet area.

After Qin Mo had sent off the guests, he lifted his hand and pulled his little suit. After entering his room, he changed back into the little prince who didn’t like to speak. Even his side profile was cold and indifferent. His hair was black and soft. It stuck to the back of his ear and he was wearing a white t-shirt. He turned his small body to unbutton his sleeve. The air of elegance exuded from his actions.

He was five years old. It was rare to find a child like him at this age. Using Movie Queen An’s words, her little ice man didn’t seem like a real person sometimes. However, the Qin Mo now was still a little young. For instance, the sigh he made at this instant actually sounded a little cute.

At first, Qin Mo planned to take a bath after taking off his t-shirt. But the second he placed his shirt down, he furrowed his brows and looked out of his floor-to-ceiling window. The abrupt movements caused Qin Mo, who grew up in the military courtyard, to raise his eyebrows slightly. Then coldness appeared on his handsome and elegant little face.

Just as he was about to dial the internal line to ask the bodyguards on level one to come up suddenly the sound of a flower vase breaking was heard – as well as the sound of wind outside.

He also heard someone muttering to herself, “This window is really hard to open. It looks like I need to cut it open. Dad is going to say that I’m naughty again. How frustrating.”

When he heard these sentences, Qin Mo’s brows didn’t relax. Instead, he furrowed them even more violently. Why do you feel frustrated over cutting a window? A normal person wouldn’t even think of cutting a window.

Qin Mo realized that he was starting to breathe deeply again. Then he looked down at the upper half of his body. He wasn’t wearing anything. The temperature on his little face dropped a few more degrees.

Outside the window, Little Bo Jiu, who was swaying her tiger’s tail, was focused on the window in front of her. Her actions seemed as fierce as a tiger but the actual results were unnoticeable. After fiddling for what felt like half a day, Bo Jiu felt that she was too gentle. She pulled her small bag over and was planning to use her tools to open the window.

Little Bo Jiu never thought that she would get discovered. After all, her climbing wall skill was famous in this part of the town.

Although the weather was a little cold today, she still purposely evaded the people on the first level. She had even evaded the camera the An family had placed in the corners with the help of her small frame. Thus, she got a little bold with her actions. The tiger hat was placed on top of her little tiger face. She was very serious.

When Qin Mo opened the curtain, this was the little tiger he saw that climbed in by climbing the wall. She was still wearing a little mask and she was standing there sideways with her small figure. The flower vase was placed at the side. She looked as though she was going to fall off at any moment.

However, she didn’t notice it. Her huge round eyes froze for a moment when she saw Qin Mo. Then she gave a bright smile. The dimples of her face could be seen clearly. “Momo!”

Qin Mo’s head started to hurt again…