Chapter 1425 - Untitled

Chapter 1425 Untitled

It was hard not to have a headache. Could this idiot have some safety awareness?Qin Mo opened the window instantly. His voice was still indifferent as he said, “Come down.”

Was he angry? Bo Jiu was still young at that time so she couldn’t understand what the little princess was angry at. Was it because she came too late and disturb his rest?

Thinking about it, it was indeed quite late. Yesterday, she had disturbed him and he hadn’t been able to sleep on time. She had even seen his naked body.

Bo Jiu felt guilty so when she moved, she moved swiftly and agilely. Since he had asked her to come down, she came down. When she came down, she remembered to turn around to take her little keyboard.

This action caused a layer of thin sweat to form on Qin Mo’s forehead. He spoke without thinking, “What are you doing!”

Bo Jiu widened her eyes. Her tiger tail was still sweeping. “I’m taking my little keyboard.” She jumped on the ground and shook the snowflakes off her head. Then she lifted the item in her hand as if she was presenting a treasure to Qin Mo. She was still wearing the small mask so her voice was a little muffled. It sounded a little like a tiger.

When he saw her landing on the ground, Qin Mo finally turned back to normal. He wasn’t afraid that something would happen to her. But she was so young and she was lying on the windowsill all alone. Didn’t she consider the fact that she might fall? Qin Mo’s gaze turned even colder. He didn’t take the little keyboard.

This made Bo Jiu a little awkward. She raised her head and looked at Qin Mo’s little face first. When she lowered her head again, she remembered that not everyone liked uncommon things such as a keyboard. She seemed to have chosen the wrong present.

Bo Jiu felt a little sad as she thought about this – but this sadness didn’t last for long. Almost immediately, Bo Jiu looked up again. Her eyes were still round and bright. “Momo, you don’t like the little keyboard, right? What do you like? I will give it to you the next time I come. I have many toys.”

“I don’t like anything.” Qin Mo turned his head sideways. Then his fingers paused because the little tiger had started coughing for some reason. Although it was very soft and continuous, it caused him to furrow his eyebrows again. His gaze landed on the small mask she was wearing on her face. When he opened his mouth, he appeared a little high and mighty. “Why are you wearing a mask in the middle of the night?”

“This?” Bo Jiu clutched her little keyboard below her elbow so that her hand was freed. She pinched her ears and said, “I caught the flu yesterday. I didn’t want to come over because I was afraid I would spread it to you. But you asked your butler to send food to me. Thus, I feel that I should come and thank you personally. I wore this mask so that I won’t spread my illness to you. Yesterday, I noticed that you have a weak body. You fell when I pounced on you so I can’t let you catch my flu.”

When Qin Mo heard someone muttering, he felt angry at first. After all, no man liked other people calling them weak.

But in that instant, he thought of something else. She had fallen sick yesterday?

Qin Mo had always had a good memory. His imagery was powerful too. For some reason, the image of this little fellow lying on a small sofa without drying her hair appeared in his mind. Had she fallen sick because he hadn’t asked her to get up and dry her hair yesterday?

When Qin Mo thought about this, he started frowning furiously again. Yet, the little tiger didn’t notice anything. She just continued, “Momo, are you going to sleep? I will go back first. I will come and find you again when I recover.”

Bo Jiu took her little keyboard and planned to go back the same way she came after she finished speaking. Unexpectedly, when she raised her leg, the tail behind her back got grabbed by someone. She turned her small frame sideways and saw the cold and indifferent prince’s face.

“Momo?” When Bo Jiu was confused, her eyes turned exceptionally big. Her tiger’s ears lifted up too.

Qin Mo lowered his voice. “Little Bo Jiu, are you an idiot?”

Bo Jiu felt that she needed to explain herself but Qin Mo didn’t give her the chance. He used his strength and lifted this child, who was around the same size as him. Bo Jiu was still a little stunned. However, because of this hug, she didn’t care about the little princess calling her an idiot anymore. She laughed elatedly.

Qin Mo didn’t show her any nice expressions. “Why are you still running around when you’re sick?”

“I didn’t run around today. When I woke up, I felt uncomfortable so I went home first. If not, I would have accompanied you for breakfast,” Bo Jiu answered seriously. After she finished speaking, she coughed uncontrollably.

Qin Mo took a deep breath and stretched out his hand to press the phone beside him. The person who picked up the phone was the butler, who was below. He was surprised that the internal line rang at this time of the day. “Little Young Master?”

“Bring the medical kit.” Qin Mo always made people forget his age when he said things like this.

The golden-haired butler felt his eyelids jumping when he heard this. “Young Master, what happened to you?”

Nothing must happen to this young master. The importance Director An placed on this young master was indescribable. This young master had only come here recently. If something happened to him, Director An would definitely fly back to China immediately.

Qin Mo knew what the young butler was thinking from his voice. “It isn’t me. Bring the medical kit up. You don’t have to tell Grandpa about this. Also, bring a flask of hot water.”

Hot water? Most foreigners never understood why Chinese people needed to drink hot water when they got sick.In China, when you had the flu, you needed to drink more hot water. When your stomach wasn’t feeling well, you needed to drink more hot water. And when your menstruation came, you needed to drink more hot water as well.

The golden-haired butler had only interacted with his young master for two days but he basically understood his personality. In addition, Director An had said that no matter what request the young master made, he just needed to follow it.

Hence, the golden-haired butler didn’t trouble Director An even though he was extremely worried. After all, he was having a business meeting.

However, when the golden-haired butler carried the medical kit and walked up the stairs, he suddenly realized something. Young Master had said that he wasn’t injured. Who was it then?

When the golden-haired butler pushed open the door and entered the room, he got his answer. A little tiger had suddenly appeared in the room.

The little tiger was sitting on the sofa with a mask on her face. She looked as though she did something wrong. She was hugging her little keyboard and looking at his young master with a self-reflecting expression. But when she saw him, her tiger eyes brightened. “Hello, we meet again.”

Honestly speaking. the young butler was in a daze. Even his golden hair started floating in the air. What was with this situation? Why was the person staying opposite here?

When he had gone to send her food, she was still in the house opposite. Also, he had been cleaning up the living room all this while. Besides those people whom he had sent off, he didn’t see anyone else entering the house. He didn’t see this little tiger either. She… How did she suddenly appear in his young master’s room?

The young butler’s thoughts were all written on his face. Bo Jiu finally saw a person who displayed all his thoughts on his face. She jumped down from the sofa and wanted to explain clearly to him how she came into the room.

“Little Bo Jiu.” These three words successfully stopped the little tiger from being naughty.

Qin Mo shifted his gaze sideways after calling her and glanced at the young butler, who was standing beside the door.

When the young master looked at him, the young butler felt that his appearance was unnecessary. He didn’t know why he felt this way. No, that wasn’t right. There was something else than being an extra. His young master seemed to be questioning his reason for appearing here. He seemed to be saying that his presence made her feel uncomfortable.

The young butler: … This was probably what the Chinese meant by getting caught in a crossfire.

Indeed, Qin Mo felt that the butler’s appearance affected the little tiger. Her throat was uncomfortable and she kept coughing but she still wanted to open her mouth and be naughty.

Qin Mo took another deep breath when he thought about this. Then he took over the medical kit from the young butler and found the thermometer. He walked towards the young girl with an indifferent expression and said, “Mask.”

Bo Jiu knew that the little princess wanted to take her temperature so she took off her little mask cooperatively and opened her mouth. She sucked the thermometer.

The young butler was enlightened. His young master had asked for the medical kit for Miss Jiu. But there was one point he was really curious about. How had Miss Jiu entered the house?

It was obvious though that his job was just to send the medical kit and the hot water. His young master had already given him a gaze which meant that he should leave. Their language and their race were different but the look in one’s eyes was the same.

When she saw the door closing, Little Bo Jiu still felt a little pity. She hadn’t managed to boast about her heroic actions. This was the first time she had climbed such a high wall. Also, she had wanted to ask the other party what this little princess liked. From the looks of it, she could only find another opportunity to ask Grandpa An.

She was sucking the thermometer so she couldn’t speak. She could only stare at the little princess, who was standing in front of her and picking medicines for her.

Bo Jiu blinked as she continued staring at him. The little princess seemed a little impatient towards her. She could tell from his expression. But he still felt so gentle. No one else treated her so well. He wasn’t afraid of getting sick too and even gave her medicine.

The corners of her lips lifted up uncontrollably when she thought about this. She jumped down from the sofa and circled Qin Mo with her small tiger tail wagging behind.

Qin Mo took out the flu medicine and glanced sideways at the person who was smiling brightly. At that time, Qin Mo had thought, “Does this person only know how to smile?”

In the end, an emotion that all children had appeared in his heart. How envious, her parents must treat her exceptionally well…

Qin Mo’s thoughts stopped abruptly. He knew that he was wrong. Yesterday, when he had seen that the light didn’t lit up, he had known that her parents were like his. They were very busy too.

Qin Mo retracted his emotions and raised one of his hands. His voice was still calm and he was indeed irritated when he said, “Open your mouth.”